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Episode 43 | 4 Crystals for New Moon Magic

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New Moon is a powerful time for dreaming big and starting new projects. Anu will share about how crystals can help you achieve your goals and dreams faster and what those four very special new moon crystals are that are just waiting to work with you this week! Get access to FREE crystalline training at 

Episode 42 | Sacred Love Union (part 2)

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In this continuing conversation on the topic of twin flames we cover the signs and signals to watch for that will help you to know if you’ve met your twin flame, or just sparked a yummy romance. Not every love is a twin flame and even the feeling that someone ‘completes’ you isn’t necessarily an indicator that you’re entering a sacred union. In fact, in this episode you’ll learn how a twin flame [...]

Episode 41 | Crack the Code On Twin Flames

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Old paradigm relationships are on their way out! Divine women and men are craving real growth more than ever before and no longer looking to just open old wounds over and over again with their partners. Today we’re talking about cracking the code to a relationship that is a twin flame co-creation in the new crystalline vibration and 5th dimensional paradigm. If you are not only ready to find your divine partner but [...]

Episode 40 | Invest in Your Vibration

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I’m sure you’ve said, “I can’t afford it” more times than you can count. The truth is, when it comes to what is required to raise your vibration, you can afford exactly what you need. In today’s episode I’m sharing a story with you about my son and his life changing allergic reactions called idiopathic urticaria. Recently, his health condition drastically shifted when we decided to invest in his vibration. Join me to [...]

Episode 39 | Why Your Vibration Matters!

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You might know that you need to reach a higher vibration...but why does it really matter? And how do you actually get there? I know it can be overwhelming! In this episode I’ve put together the most potent questions you can ask yourself to reveal where you are at vibrationally and what is currently creating your reality. Then, I walk you through a crystalline visualization and meditation to invoke a higher vibration within [...]

Episode 38 | Sacred Masculine Manifestation with Tim Whild

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Instant manifestation is available to us at this sacred time on the planet and my guest today, Tim Whild is here to share with you exactly how to tap into this inevitable and unstoppable 5D shift. Tim is the co-author of The Archangel Guide to Ascension and The Archangel Guide to Enlightenment and Mastery with a guest from our summer series on the show, Diana Cooper. This is such a divine sacred masculine [...]

Episode 37 | Finding Your Inner Psychic with Jamie Dawn

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In this episode, Jamie Dawn, an expert astrologer, life coach, radio host, and staff director of Nine Gate’s Esoteric Program, joins us to dive into the topic of revolutionizing your spiritual path. Jamie believes that life should be experienced through the lens of your heart and in this interview we explore what that looks like on earth at this time. You won’t want to miss Jamie’s report on the energy of our recent [...]

Episode 36 | Who Am I To Be A Lightworker?

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Lightworkers in hiding...I see you! So many magical beings are hiding behind their own insecurities, worries, and fears about doing their healing work on the planet. It’s certainly a struggle in the beginning when it comes to getting paid for something that is so mysterious! Today I wanted to address the most common fears and questions I get about doing lightwork (and doing it for a living). Whether you’re an entrepreneur or just [...]

Episode 35 | Pleiadian Light Activation in 5D with Christine Day

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Christine Day, author of Pleiadian Principles for Living, is an internationally renowned spiritual teacher, healer, and channel. Pleiadians are highly evolved star beings that are here to help us align with the fifth dimensional energies while opening our hearts so that we can let go of our fears and enter into the new dawn. Christine connection to the Pleiadians came through intense transformation from deep darkness into sublime light. I know you’ll love [...]