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Step into your highest potential and transform your life by embodying crystalline vibration with Transformational Teacher Anu Grace. Inspired by the Legend of Golden Atlantis, a high vibrational heaven on earth society, the Crystalline Goddess Podcast uses this period of high vibrational living as a blueprint to raising your vibration, manifesting your desires, using crystal healing, and so much more. Get weekly tips, interviews, and experiences relating to shedding old paradigm thinking and embracing your Goddess Power. It’s time for you to tap into your divine creatrix and create the life you’ve always wanted!

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I AM Expo in Finland

Beautiful moments of my book signing and presentation at I AM Expo Finland 2017 captured on camera. Can you feel the love?

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Anu Shi Asta Presents: Tim Whild / Atlantean Activation

In this open heart to heart interview with Hay House author Tim Whild, both Tim and Anu share powerful Atlantean memories to inspire you. You will learn about ancient Golden Atlantis and go through an exercise to align your 12 Atlantean ascension chakras. This is episode #14 Heaven on Earth with Anu Shi Asta.

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Follow the signs – 444

In this video Anu is telling about the signs from the universe. The universe is constantly giving your signs and showing you what to do. Tune into the wisdom from the universe by noticing the signs you are receiving. What number 444 means? And what is the purpose in this sign? And how to interpret these signs by yourself?

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Anu Shi Asta presents: Krista Raisa / Starseed Survival Guide

In this episode of Heaven on Earth Anu interviews Krista Raisa who is the author of Starseed Survival Guide and The Orion Council. In this episode talks about starseeds, souls that have incarnated here on planet Earth to rise the vibration and to help us transfer into 5th dimension. Starseed often struggle with the heavier energies on this planet and are highly sensitive. She talks about the struggles of coming out from the "starseed closet" [...]

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Overcome Negative Thinking

Anu talks about negative thinking how most of our thoughts are negative and how we can begin to turn that around by becoming aware of the thoughts.

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Big Sur Magic

Happy New Year 2016! Found this amazing spot in the redwood forest at Pfeiffer park with waterfall. Simply magical place! This was recorded on the Dec 28th, 2015. Blessings!

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Heaven on Earth forecast Dec 14th thru 20th

Heaven on Earth forecast Dec 14th to 20th It's time to make a decision. Don't hold back anymore, just follow your intuition and make the change. Let Angels inspire you with this. Several things are going on at the same time in your life right now, but angels are confirming that you are alright and are finding balance with everything. Your energy level may be lower than usual so angels ask that you accept help from them [...]

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Angels vs. Pleiadians

Angels vs. Pleiadians - How to tell a difference and how to communicate with them? Marita from Finland asked a question about communicating with starbeings and angels. She feels a deep connections with them both and wants to learn more. So her question goes: "HOW CAN I TELL A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A MESSAGE FROM A PLEIADIAN AND AN ANGEL? WHICH ONES SHOULD I TALK TO AND HOW TO GET A DEEPER CONNECTION WITH THEM?" Great [...]

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Heaven on Earth forecast Dec 7th thru 13th

Heaven on Earth weekly Forecast Dec 7th - 13th, 2015 by Anu Shi Asta The energies are raising and you are called to build your dreams on a more solid foundation. you are being supported by the Universe and there is a sense of karmic balance that is happening in your life at this time. Take the steps you are called to take and stand firm believing in your creation. You have worked hard to get [...]

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