How to be a crystalline goddess and rock your crown

March 24, 2021

I had a divine chat with my good friend Devon Poer recently and wanted to share this lovely Crystalline sister energy with you!

It wasn’t until a low, low point in my life that I found the angels and my work with Atlantean living — I haven’t always lived this way! 

Devon has been following my work for quite a while, and she did such a wonderful job pulling out a bit more of my story. 

I’m flattered that she called me a “Goddess mystic” and an “angel embodied,” but the truth is, it hasn’t always been this easy for me. My life before I found my own Crystalline path was unrecognizable compared to the life I live today. 

When I was a child, I saw angels and experienced their presence in my life. As you might expect, though, I wasn’t really sure what to do with their power! Children are often very open to the angelic and spiritual realms, but when there’s no one around to guide you in how to receive and channel their easily lose touch with them. 

In our culture, it’s common for children’s fantasies and understanding of magic to be squashed by shame and the need to “grow up.” This is why I’m so deeply passionate about reconnecting my clients to their angels and helping them to raise into a new frequency — we usually don’t have anyone to show us the way!

On this physical plane, we’re all having human experiences, and when I was 20 years old, I lost my father. Years later I found myself married, then a mother, and then divorced. These were huge life shifts that brought the angels into my life again. 

Experiencing single motherhood was a personal and financial low like I had never had before. I knew I had to try something different to change my circumstances. Something that was beyond this world and my own efforts to force change in my life.

I started seeking past life regression and reiki healing. Eventually I started building my relationship with the angels, and they guided me to my past life in Atlantis! It was as if I had found Atlantis within me and remembered the goddess I truly was!

From this place of deep remembrance, I could finally feel my personal power. I felt clarity. I felt a relief from worry. The presence I experienced in that divine place illuminated the truth for me that in my personal life, I was not aligned with my Crystalline self. 

Even though I was working with manifesting, it was always just that - WORK! And it was not working right!

Once you feel your Crystalline frequency, it changes you. 

Even if it’s once. Even if just for a moment. It is forever with you.

When you reconnect with that, your entire life vision changes so that it is your guiding light, and there’s simply no turning back.

The rest of the journey is working with your frequency to align with that, which is what I teach in my Crystalline Goddess Academy. Taking yourself back to the truth of your being, allowing this divine opening, and stepping into the Crystalline frequency is the essence of awakening your own inner goddess. 

Atlantis was based on love and cooperation not competition. Everyone felt aligned with their truth and their passion so everyone had a place of contributing to the society. 

When you are connected to your highest vibration, you will find yourself freely contributing your gifts....and you will have everything. 

The Atlanteans lived in true abundance, and we can, too. 

Our Atlantean memories are coming back to us so that we can move and mobilize ourselves to this higher vibration and rebuild a heaven-on-earth kind of world. We have the opportunity to create this and allow it to last more than just a couple of thousand years. 

The harmony of the divine masculine and divine feminine fell with Atlantis, and it is time for us to lead the way back to this harmony as we reconnect to the Crystalline frequency.

Taking responsibility, regardless of gender, is key. We can each find this place within us and contribute to the rebuilding of a new golden age. It starts with each of us as individuals. We are really changing the world right now; it is not the same as it was 10 or 20 years ago!

Do we really want to be part of this Crystalline Evolution? Or are we going to surrender to fear and remain in the old paradigm?

The time is right for us to awaken! The time is right for YOU to awaken and embody this new frequency!

Join us in the video below to explore your own highest potential and remember your own Crystalline vibration. Once you see this divine part of yourself, there’s no going receive this divine video with reverence for your goddess self!

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