Guide to the Angelic Realm | Channel of Golden Atlantean Wisdom | Lightworker Success Coach

Empowering Lightworkers on a profound journey into the angelic realm, awakening their inherent goddess power, and catalyzing them to create their
Empire of Light, in the world.

Guide to the Angelic Realm | Channel of Golden Atlantean Wisdom | Lightworker Success Coach

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Hello Beautiful Soul

I am Anu

I am here to empower you to embrace your purpose and live to your fullest potential.

My name is Anu Grace, spiritually known as Anu Shi Asta, a name given to me by Archangel Metatron when it was time to remember my life in the Golden Atlantis and to ascend to my life mission, continuing my soul's mission from the time of Atlantis by helping others achieve their highest potential. I am forever a student and have been blessed to study with great masters in both the physical and spiritual worlds.

Angels are my most profound guides, consistently present in my everyday life. I have channeled a deeply transformational Atlantean healing system, Angel Light Hypnosis™, that offers a full immersion into the angelic realm. This system enables you and your clients to work intimately with angels for healing and transformation. I share this unique modality inside my High Priestess CEO program for Lightworkers.

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My mission is to lead the Crystalline Revolution, which frees us from the heavy, suffering-filled energy of the old era. Together, we create a high-vibrational new golden age, where each of us can live the life of our dreams. This revolution begins at the individual level – by crystallizing our own vibration and creating a connection with angels and our Highest Self.

Lightworkers are at the core of this change. My role is to empower and help them help others and achieve financial freedom, so they can create a magnificent impact on the world. As part of my life's purpose, I also help you live your soul's true purpose, create abundance, and manifest your dreams.

Together, we raise the vibration of the planet and create a new, love-filled era, free from fear and limitations. I invite you to join this Crystalline Revolution – to awaken yourself to your highest potential and be part of this groundbreaking change. Together, we can create a world where each of us thrives and lives a full, meaningful life.

Join the Crystalline Revolution now and be part of this powerful journey towards a new, radiant reality!


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