Create Your Ultimate Dream Life and

Turn Your Passion Into a Prosperous Business


My name is Anu Grace. I’m a Crystalline Life & Biz Mentor and an International Best Selling Author.

I used to be a struggling single mom, suffering from anxiety and a serious poverty mentality,
but through past life regression, I discovered the Golden Atlantis, an ancient Heaven on Earth society, and it changed my life.
I started using this period of high vibrational living as a blue print to raising my vibration and manifesting a
joyful, rich and fulfilling life & business.
It is now YOUR TIME to awaken into a Crystalline Goddess and create the life you’ve always dreamed of…

 To make this happen you need a Divine Transformation! What got you here, won’t get you there.

Are you ready to shed the old paradigm of scarcity and struggle and start living the life of your dreams?

My work is a sacred invitation for you to come home to your highest truth, as you rewire you crystallize your life and activate your soul mission.

If you are ready to reinvent yourself and your life at a deeper level I am here to help you.

You have two options depending where you are in your journey..

I’m here to help you if..


Unleash your Goddess power and get in the flow of manifesting dreams in unstoppable flow..


Turn your life purpose and passion into a prosperous 6-figure business by first discovering your lightworker type..

It’s time to…

Let’s Do this! You have my support, the Angels and a community of divine women!

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– Princess of Norway Märtha Louise

Anu Grace is a divine and brilliant channel
and guide. She has helped me envision and
live a life beyond my dreams, and it just
continues to get better every day. Our
sessions are fun and light – but they also
carry weight and depth. She helps me see
clearly and to keep my highest spiritual
potential aligned with my human potential. I
see direct benefits from each session, and I
am blessed to also call Anu my friend. I highly
recommend a session with her!

– Jamie Wollrab – Men’s embodiment coach, actor, producer

I used to have a soul draining corporate career and I dreamed about being able to do spiritual work that was aligned with my true values.  I was pregnant with my first child and my husband was unemployed but I thought I’d go crazy if I had to stay at this job. I had no choice but to listen to my inner calling despite the fear.

I took Anu’s Lightworker trainings and she helped me transform my life. Anything she creates, I want to be a part of it! It’s that powerful!

I started with one on one ALH sessions then shifted to having consistent 150K launches!

– Henna Saloranta, Transformational teacher

I’m in a flow of abundance!! I feel like an energetic millionaire! It feels like I’m flying first class with a glass of champagne! After starting working with Anu I have launched my dream business and feeling incredible! I even manifested is the love of my life! I am so grateful that everything is happening right here and now! I can give and receive unconditional love and have the love of the Universe mirrored back from my beloved 100x. My life has completely transformed in a magical way! 

– Marina Belinda, Divine Lightworker

Working with Anu was so delicious and out of this world! I
met my divine angels and traveled an incredible journey to a
higher realm. It was pure magic and opened up my vision of
abundance. Her soothing voice and loving energy was
sublime. Such an epic, special experience that I will treasure

– Lucy Shahjahan

Working with Anu has completely blown my mind.

I am just getting started with my Lightwork business but I already have clients lined up and more are being handed on a silver platter.

I am living in a flow of purpose, trust and feeling rich on the inside.

I know and feel I can do absolutely anything my heart desires

– Lisia Reinila

Thank you for having us on the Heaven on
Earth show, Anu!
It was wonderful to share our experiences in
such a receptive environment.
The angels are a blessing for those who
embrace them in their lives and
we are all blessed to be some of those people.
Continue spreading your Beautiful Light.

– Princess of Norway Märtha Louise 

Anu has a simple, original and natural way
of expression in multidimensional levels.
Anu has a special and unique gift that is
connected with the deep capacity to
speak in terms of spiritual, emotional,
rational and practical way at same time, in
a very balanced way and softly reflects
and shares Purity, sense of Oneness, Joy,
Light and Love in a clear, profound and
huge dimension.

– Hugo Bidarra – Divine Astrologer 

With her gentle style and heart opened
presence, Anu blew many of our listeners
away with her “You ARE a King or Queen”.
Without arrogance or shame, Anu laid out
her logic – completely void of New Age
bromides and fantasy thought.

– Mark S. Husson
– Founder of 12Radio/12Listen, Hay
House Author of Love Scopes