Tap into your divine creatrix to unleash golden abundance,
exquisite love and sacred Crystalline living.



Welcome divine woman,

It’s time for you to come home to your power and awaken the fifth dimensional goddess within. This is the golden age of
the divine feminine and masculine Crystalline rebirth.

You have a choice right now to rise into your sacred and divine potential or to be dragged down into the realm of struggle.

My work is a sacred invitation for you to come home to your highest truth, as you rewire your pain and your DNA and shift from carbon base to Crystalline cellular structure to reinvent yourself and your life at a deeper level. My goal as a visionary teacher is to help you expand and reconnect to the power of your creatrix so that you may rise up to your highest potential as a true Goddess and we may create a global movement of love and healing.

Hay House Radio, 12 Radio, MTV3, VoiceTV in Europe and many other leading media outlets.

I’ve also been honored to work with many celebrities, including Diana Cooper and the Princess of Norway.

I am the creatrix of Crystalline Goddess™ Academy, and the Angel Light Hypnosis™ High Priestess healing modality,
and designer for upcoming Crystalline Goddess™ lingerie and apparel collection.

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Much Love,

“Continue spreading
your Beautiful
Light, Anu”

– Princess of Norway Märtha Louise

Client Love

Anu Grace is a divine and brilliant channel
and guide. She has helped me envision and
live a life beyond my dreams, and it just
continues to get better every day. Our
sessions are fun and light – but they also
carry weight and depth. She helps me see
clearly and to keep my highest spiritual
potential aligned with my human potential. I
see direct benefits from each session, and I
am blessed to also call Anu my friend. I highly
recommend a session with her!

– Jamie Wollrab – Director, actor, producer

Simply amazing! Anu helped me develop a
greater understanding of my own spiritual
journey and life purpose, giving me the
courage to do what I love. I love how I now
feel the angels present in my everyday life! I
feel cleansed spiritually and even my
physical health has improved as a result of
working with Anu. I feel so blessed to have
discovered my life purpose. Anu has a
loving presence and her wealth of wisdom is
extraordinary. I am grateful for this
life-changing course!

– Kirsi Heinonen

The course was enchanting and captivating
from the very beginning! Anu is truly a
wonderful teacher. She was so supportive
throughout the course and helped me believe
in myself. She holds amazing space for her
students and made everything feel so
special. Course materials, teachings and
meditations were absolutely perfect. I
experienced life-changing and unforgettable
moments with other course members. I now
trust my angels completely and feel so
confident and positive about my life. Anu is a
perfect teacher, a real Angel of Earth.

– Tiina Tulikki Suopelto

Working with Anu was so delicious and out of this world! I
met my divine angels and traveled an incredible journey to a
higher realm. It was pure magic and opened up my vision of
abundance. Her soothing voice and loving energy was
sublime. Such an epic, special experience that I will treasure

– Lucy Shahjahan

Anu, what can I say… Simply wonderful and warm! Anu is an
absolutely brilliant teacher. She does this work truly from
the heart, and it shows in everything she does. She is a
wonderful and motivational teacher. You can sense her love
and warmth miles away!

– Ingrid Arna

Client love at I AM Expo in Finland


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Step into your highest potential and transform your life by embodying crystalline vibration with Transformational Teacher Anu Grace. Inspired by the Legend of Golden Atlantis, a high vibrational heaven on earth society, the Crystalline Goddess Podcast uses this period of high vibrational living as a blueprint to raising your vibration, manifesting your desires, using crystal healing, and so much more. Get weekly tips, interviews, and experiences relating to shedding old paradigm thinking and embracing your Goddess Power. It’s time for you to tap into your divine creatix and create the life you’ve always wanted!

More Love…

Thank you for having us on the Heaven on
Earth show, Anu!
It was wonderful to share our experiences in
such a receptive environment.
The angels are a blessing for those who
embrace them in their lives and
we are all blessed to be some of those people.
Continue spreading your Light.

– Princess of Norway Märtha Louise and Elisabeth Nordeng

Anu has a simple, original and natural way
of expression in multidimensional levels.
Anu has a special and unique gift that is
connected with the deep capacity to
speak in terms of spiritual, emotional,
rational and practical way at same time, in
a very balanced way and softly reflects
and shares Purity, sense of Oneness, Joy,
Light and Love in a clear, profound and
huge dimension.

– Hugo Bidarra – Astrologer

With her gentle style and heart opened
presence, Anu blew many of our listeners
away with her “You ARE a King or Queen”.
Without arrogance or shame, Anu laid out
her logic – completely void of New Age
bromides and fantasy thought.

– Mark S. Husson
– Founder of 12Radio/12Listen, Hay
House Author of Love Scopes