12radio Dolphins - The Angels of the Blue

November 23, 2015

Aloha Beautiful Soul,

Have you felt grumpy after looking at a dolphin? I didn't think so...

One thing I have noticed after years of traveling to Hawaii and facilitating workshops and Dolphin swim retreats is that people always smile and experience a wonderful, childlike excitement when a pod of dolphins swims towards us. They carry a healing vibration that transcends all worries and fears in that moment. People also often describe there is a telepathic communication happening, giving thoughts, ideas, images or emotions that are somehow helpful to their current life situation.

They are the Angels of the blue..

Dolphins are highly evolved dolphins living all over the planet and in spirit, they wish to teach us about love and our oneness. They are working with us whether you are physically near a dolphin or simply think about them. These higher beings have a message to us and they want us to listen.

This Monday I have a guest, Jeanne Russell DolphinTouch.org, on Heaven on Earth whom I met while I was in Hawaii in March. She lives on the island of Kauai, the island I feel is a true heaven on earth paradise unlike any other place I have seen.
I am always called to go back there and hope that one of these day you can join me there as well. Everything is in higher vibration there, even dolphins have reached at amazing frequency.

Jeanne, will help you connect with the dolphin energy during the show through a beautiful guided meditation.

Tune in to learn more about dolphin consciousness and how you can telepathically communicate with dolphins wherever you are.

Listen live at www.12radio.com Monday 11amPT, November 23rd.
Join us in the chatroom at www.fb.com/groups/12radio
Listen to Heaven on Earth archived episodes here




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