3 steps to making your dreams come true

May 26, 2013



Take some time for yourself this weekend for your dreams. First it is important to figure out what it is that you really want to create!


Write about a chapter about anything you would like to see manifest in the next 2 years or so. You can do this for the next month or 5 years, whatever you feel works best for you at this time.

Relationships/family/friends, love life, health/wellbeing, money, travelling/adventure experiences, career/work, home/interior design, posessions/things, spiritual growth, other

Doing this carefully will bring an awareness to you that will help you manifesting dreams!


Now that you know what your dreams are, choose three of the most important ones for you at this time. When you pick your tops three, create a positive affirmation of each other these dreams. For example, if you are creating more money you could say for example: "I can easily pay all my bills on time", "I have an abundance of money", "I now release all resistance to money". So for each category, choose three affirmations. This brings you to nine affirmations altogether that you can write on post it notes and place them all over your home, use a make up pen to write them on your bathroom mirror, use your iphone reminder bringing these affirmations to your attention throughout the day, and use these affirmations before sleep and in the morning.


In addition to these affirmations give at least 5 minutes a day for your visualization. You can meditate peace first and then do this active visualization part of manifesting when your mind is focused. Now, imagine your dreams as if they have come true. For example, if you are manifesting a new car, imagine what is feels like to sit in that car, feel the driver's wheel in your hands, smell the car, hear the sound system, and imagine the color of the car. See yourself using the car, you taking your kids to school or taking road trips. make it as real as possible. This is the magic which materializes the car for you! if your dream is to have a better connection with the angels, same thing, imagine what is feels like to easily hear them and see the angelic loving beings surrounding you. Connect to this inner knowing that you already can do this. Imagine hearing the messages from your angels. Imagine being highly psychic and telepathic, feeling safe and happy with this new level of awareness. The power of visualization moves mountains. Everything is possible! Just know it, taste it, sense it, feel it, see it!

I am wishing you happy manifesting! Remember that its also important to RECEIVE!! Manifesting isnt really working if we just call things in but don't receive them. Practice receiving and allowing today! When someone says you are beautiful, or smart, or wonderful.. accept it..don't dismiss it..and if someone offers help or gives you a gift, receive it without guilt or need to return the favor immediately. Allow it in and say "Thank you, I appreciate that". This energy of allowing yourself to receive will then show up in every area of your life and dreams begin to manifest beautifully!

Lots of love,

Anu Shi Asta



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