2021 is the year of our greatest abundance…

January 13, 2021

2021 is the year of our greatest abundance…

However, we have to actively allow it to be.

Nothing about this year is going to be automatic, everything must be intentional. 

Think of this year like a megaphone, amplifying whatever we put out into the world. Every word that we speak, every step that we take, every relationship that we build will be that much stronger, more powerful, and more influential. Our energy will ripple out across many planes and dimensions to affect people, culture, and even our entire country. We are manifesting 2021 together.

If we wade around in the muddy waters of 2020’s leftover emotions, drama, and turmoil then we will see that amplified in the New Year.

If we decide to shift our energy, and get the support that we need to keep our vibration high throughout this year, then we will see that amplified in the New Year.  

I suggest you make the shift, get yourself support, and start dreaming.

When so much is happening in the world, I know that dreaming can feel especially greedy and selfish.

But there’s never been a more important time for us to remember to surrender to the goddess within each of us so that we can be guided to our highest good and potential — which is inevitably the same as our dream lives!

We cannot stay in the chaotic vibration of 2020.

We cannot continue delaying and waiting for our dreams to come true.

We cannot settle for good enough when we know we are meant to be great.

Make the choice.

Take a step.

The universe needs to know what direction you intend to head in, otherwise it cannot help you get there. 

Show the universe what you actually want and that you are ready and open to receive it. 

When you do that, everything can begin to fall into place.

Stop and really ask yourself, “What mind-blowing abundance will I allow into my life this year?”

Too often we tighten our grip on what we have, instead of allowing ourselves to dream bigger, want more, and receive more. This is your chance to stretch beyond your comfort zone. 

How good can you really tolerate life getting?

With Grace, 

Anu x 

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