A Day Before

March 26, 2012

Tomorrow morning (today actually since its past midnight=)) Ill start my Juice Fast. The past week has been extremely busy and exhausting even, so this morning I did a  wonderful Angel Teleseminar and then I just decided to take a BREAK!  I even cancelled meeting with my friends, because I felt I just needed some time at home and with my boys.  I made more soup, went hunting for some organic veggies for my juice, cleaned the house with my boys and then took it easy! Doesn’t sound too relaxing , cleaning and all that but I can relax best in a clean home and the past week household work was neglected because of my extra super busy work schedule!

It was raining heavily today but I went shopping, at Trader Joes. I was very surprised they didnt have any organic Kale!  I then tried the Stater Bros next door, since it said in their website they have a great selection of organic veggies.. Well, they had a nice selection of red organic apples, but thats about it!  So on the way home I made one more stop at Albertsons but didnt get lucky getting organc kale for tomorrows juice there either. However, because of that extra stop I did receive a beautiful gift from the universe: Double Rainbow!!  I took a picture of it but the picture doesnt do justice to it at all. It was actually very vibrant and full of color and you could clearly seen them both! Gorgeous!!  In the picture its hard to see the second one to the right.

So, I didn’t get organic kale today, but everything else is organic, which is nice! Ill just ask the Angels to bless the juice and cleanse it from any possible toxins and energize it with all the heavenly goodies! Later Ill find a Farmers market when I need some more veggies later in the week!

Ive been clearly heavenly guided to do this fasting the whole time. When I put the items for a calorie count in my iphone for the veggiesoup day it turned out 888cals and the green juice is 444!  Thats pretty amazing Id say!! AND, today the beautiful double rainbow! What do you think about that??? The Universe must want me to give this Juice Fasting my love and energy.  And most importantly I need this time to spend time focusing on me, taking warm baths, readings, meditating.  Ive even recorded some new meditations for myself for the week so Im excited to try them out too!

Today I had some juice and more of that yummy veggie soup. I also had some plums that are a great natural laxative. I have my colon cleanse bag ready for the morning!  I’m actually very excited about tomorrow and feel so much better after spending the evening with my boys playing  The Muppets Monopoly for a few hours byt the fire!! Now Im ready for tomorrow!!

I’ve never blogged before, so this is a new experience for me! Feedback, comments and thoughts would be great!

Thank you!!

Love and Light!


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