We are more connected than ever before through the internet...yet we have fewer deep, meaningful relationships that truly nourish us. It is becoming unavoidable for us to recalibrate our vibrations so that we can navigate our online and offline relationships with more ease, peace, and care. 

Recalibrating our relationships is a key part of the Crystalline Revolution. Without relationships, we cannot create, manifest, or even experience miracles. All human experiences start with relationships. 

Discovering what it means to be visible and present in the digital world will bring us into alignment with making deep connections online. Honoring our intuition, setting sacred boundaries, and deciding what kinds of relationships we want to have will bring us into alignment in all of our relationships. This goes far beyond just the romantic.

It will take an incredible amount of energy to create new paradigm relationships if you aren’t in a Crystalline state of being. 

During our current connection evolution in the Crystalline Revolution, we are crossing the bridge between the old, wounded paradigm of relationships. We are learning how to have beautiful, empowered relationships instead. 

While we walk this bridge, we are forced to face the world of abuse, manipulation, narcissism, deception, and heartbreak that we are getting out of. This means addressing our own fears of inadequacy, codependency, and victimhood so that we can show up in our full power in all of our relationships. 

Not a single one of us is completely enlightened in our relationships, yet we can look ahead, over the bridge, and see a vision for where we are heading.

You can have so much more! What is required of you is simply getting into harmony with the Crystalline way of connecting. 

Where are you feeling drained in your relationships?

What do you desire to feel in your relationships?

In what relationships do you not feel appreciated?

How can you value yourself and set boundaries in your relationships?

What relationships would you like to release in your life?

What relationships would really light you up to add to your life?

We no longer have to rely on others to make us happy or complete us. 

Each connection you make can be rooted in a desire to connect instead of a fear of being alone. Rooting your relationships in abundance will allow you to shift into relationships that are healing and nourishing. These are the kind of relationships that a goddess chooses — they are non-negotiable in her world.

Anyone who is not willing to do their own work and who is not on an ascension path will prove difficult to be in a relationship with when you are following the Crystalline way. This isn’t about perfection or being judgemental of others, it’s about putting yourself in the company of others who share in your commitment to a higher vision of what is possible for humanity. 

Sharing your authentic, high vibrational self in a relationship is what will make you unlimited in your potential, purpose, and prosperity. 

The Crystalline Revolution is bringing soulmates and twin flames together at a rapid speed, and they are not all romantic connections. Collectively, we are tuning in to who our true soul families are and our relationships are going to naturally ascend as we do this. In communities and soul family groups where the Crystalline Revolution is radiant and thriving, we will also be immersed in sisterhood and brotherhood that lights us up! 

As you embrace the work of the Crystalline Revolution, you’ll notice more serendipity in how you meet people, you’ll feel a kindred spirit connection with more people, and you’ll find that relationships take less effort than they did before. 

Our yin and yang, giving and receiving energies become balanced when we’re centered in our own power and raising ourselves into a Crystalline vibration constantly.

Whether you’re working on your intimate relationship, friendships, or even business relationships, Crystalline ascension is key. Take some time today to journal through the questions I’ve shared here and ask the angels to support you as you gain clarity in how to Revolutionize your relationships into sources of nourishment.

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Can you imagine a world where your work nourishes and recharges you?

In the new age of the Crystalline Revolution, this is exactly what we are creating. 

It is time that we redefine and reimagine the way that we work, so that we can shift from being unfulfilled visionaries to Prosperous Lightworkers. In this new paradigm, Lightwork is any work done that you allow your light to be channeled through. We can no longer accept any other work.

Let your work be LIGHT work.

Are you in?

There are going to be so many global changes in the coming years. I believe these changes in our economies and ecosystems will require each of us to be equipped and empowered with an entrepreneurial mindset, even if we don’t naturally feel like a business owner. 

We can even forget the word ‘business’ because the way that we will be transforming marketing, visibility, and selling in the Crystalline Revolution won’t look anything like the 3D way of doing things. You can get yourself divinely prepared to make these shifts with Crystalline grace. 

You no longer have to sell your soul or even your time in order to generate the abundance you desire in your life. Healing, music, art, writing, hypnotherapist, angel work, teaching children how to read — anything can be your Lightwork if you feel passionate about it and it contributes to this world. 

When you begin doing your Lightwork, you follow the ancient Atlantean way where each community member brings their gifts and talents to the whole through love, joy, peace, and your own happiness. 

There are three key steps to shifting the way you work: 

Fully Embracing Your Unique Purpose is the first step in healing yourself so that you can support others in their healing. 

We need everyone on the planet to be working in different vocations and parts of life so that positive change can happen everywhere. It won’t be helpful for us to lock ourselves away with other ‘enlightened’ people and pretend that the rest of the world doesn’t exist! We get to influence and impact others just by shining our light and showing them the way. 

When it comes to Upgrading Your Money Frequency, pay attention to where guilt is creeping in around your finances, spending, investments, and getting paid. Money is meant to take guilt out of the equation because there is an agreed upon give and take in every transaction. 

You can practice gratitude for how money simplifies this give and take process. In the age of Golden Atlantis, this energy of gratitude and simplicity is what allowed people to overflow with abundance. As this overflow happened, Atlanteans embodied a limitless life, helped each other out, and became one in their wealth.

Let’s love money and just let it be a part of living a Limitless Crystalline Life! 

Lastly, you get to step into Activating Your Crystalline Manifesting Power. Most of us shy away from this activation because of our upper limit. Your upper limit is just a learned limit, it isn’t permanent! This upper limit tells your body and your spirit how much capacity you have to have and hold energy. 

Usually we hit this upper limit when we make more money, receive more love, or improve our lives/careers in some way. This is when we self sabotage and fall back to our old ways. 

You can raise this upper limit and expand yourself little by little, one goal at a time, to get to your next level. Through this process you’ll Crystallize your mind, body, and soul so that you can maintain happiness and feel comfortable with holding more light in your life. 

Your #Crystalline #Manifesting Power, when it is fully activated, is the ultimate experience of self-sufficiency that brings your work, your money frequency, and your purpose together.

Over the coming weeks, I’ll be sharing more about how the Crystalline Revolution affects every aspect of your life including your relationships, health, and home.

I’d love to hear from you, too — how are you being inspired to apply these Crystalline concepts in your life? How are you joining the Revolution? Let us know in the comments 👇



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Money blocks.

No one wants them...yet everyone has them!

And, they’re tricky to spot. 

I’ve noticed that there are three money blocks that get missed the most often, so today I’m going to pull back the curtain and help become aware of them so you can shift your energy into wealth and abundance.

MONEY BLOCK #1: You hate being sold to.

Why you’re missing this money block: An aversion to sales is baked into our culture. You might hear people talking about ‘sleazy used car salesmen’ or complaining about advertisements on social media. This energy creates a block between you and the energy of selling.

This block looks like judgement, annoyance, and a general negative reaction to someone offering you a product or service for sale.

Usually, we develop this aversion and hate for sales because we’ve experienced pressure to buy or a feeling that we’re being taken advantage of. In these situations we lost our power while being sold something we didn’t really want or need.

We get to reclaim the power of money to connect us with things we do want and need as well as money’s mission to bring people together for good. In other words, the power of sales and selling. 

Not every item you’re offered is one you’ll want to buy. That’s totally okay! You can still see those offers as possibilities and opportunities the universe is putting in your path.

The more possibilities and opportunities you open yourself to and have a positive response to (even if you don’t say yes), the more likely it is that the things you do desire will come your way!

This money block has a ‘flip side’ as well. When you hate other people selling to you...you’ll be extremely hesitant to sell to other people.

You won’t want to sell your talents and gifts to an employer.

You won’t want to sell your brilliant Lightwork services as an entrepreneur.

You won’t want to sell your amazing personality to a potential mate.

It’s all selling energy!

I have decided to LOVE being sold to.

I love buying courses that help me. I love buying beautiful clothes. I love spending money on the things that I need. 

Money is a divine entity, a guide, and something beautiful to bless your life. Let it leave you and come back to you through the exchange of being sold to and selling yourself as well. 

MONEY BLOCK #2: You say, “I can’t afford it,” a lot!

Why you’re missing this money block: This is a money block that seems factual. If you don’t have the money available the moment you have a desire or see something you want...then you simply can’t afford it, right? 

Not so!

Goddess, money is timeless. Just because you don’t have the cash in your wallet or bank account right now doesn’t mean that you can’t create that money and come back another time. 

You can afford it!

When you affirm this, you stop the scarcity cycle that ‘not affording’ gets you caught up in! 

The more you affirm you can afford, the more you will be able to afford. 

This is a process that requires faith, magical manifestation, and determined intention. When you can’t see exactly how you’ll buy the blouse, the house, or the vacation, remember that money is an unlimited and spiritual resource here on earth. Tap into this frequency when it comes to handling your money.

You may not be able to buy that thing today…

And may not be able to afford it tomorrow either…

But when you aren’t falling into the, “I can’t afford it,” trap all of the time, you’ll be able to afford it soon enough.

I decided to eliminate this phrase from my vocabulary. I am either choosing to buy something or choosing not to buy it and that is that.

MONEY BLOCK #3: You’re afraid to be greedy, so you resist receiving MORE.

Why you’re missing this money block: We are taught to be humble and thankful for having enough. While gratitude is a practice I promote enthusiastically, it is important that you don’t use it to shame yourself for wanting more.

The nature of the universe is expansion, and this is not the same thing as greed.

It is a divine code within us to want more life, not just more ‘stuff.’

It’s a sacred desire to want to learn more, to become more of ourselves, and to shine our light more abundantly. Our souls want more, they want to reach higher. True luxury is about this spaciousness and abundance...not greed and materialism. 

When we resist this expansion, we enter a state of suffering and encounter difficult challenges. Everything seems to be going wrong. Obstacles in our path become overwhelming.

When we fully allow this expansion, we see the truth:

Money is a massive ascension tool.

Money is divine.

Money is a force for good.

Money is more than just cash or numbers in our bank account.

Money is a frequency and energy.

Money is here to change the world for the better.

Money wants to help your soul expand into who you are destined to be in this life.

The negative judgements about money must be released.

The blocks must be gently, lovingly obliterated.

Anytime there’s money involved in your thoughts, catch them. Examine them. Release them. Choose a new way.

Shifting out of these sneaky blocks starts with awareness...and ends with more abundance than you can imagine in every moment.

Many blessings,


Your personal forcefield is real. 

The space around you ripples with your frequency — emotionally, energetically, and physically. It can actually be measured.

Whatever vibration you emit, becomes your manifestation.

Put another way…

Manifestation is physical evidence of your existing vibration. 

This is why your personal forcefield is so important: when your vibration is higher, your dreams and your desires materialize in the physical plane with so much more ease. Because crystals hold vibrations longer than our bodies do, they can be powerful tools in maintaining the frequencies we want to manifest in our lives.

When I started to wear crystals on my body, I found that my forcefield was deeply nourished and became stronger, clearer, and more magnetic. This was while my life force energy was at an all time low. 

My job was draining and I was a single mom of two small boys going through an awful divorce. There was never enough money, time, or sleep in my life, yet something about the crystals I wore recharged me, grounded me, and kept me going.

The trouble was...I couldn’t keep those crystals close for long!

If you’ve ever tried wearing crystals in your bra, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Not only are your average bras and tops made with unethical production methods they also end up in landfills after a short lifespan. There’s nothing sacred, magical, or uplifting about them. You put them on and you throw them away with very little thought.

What would it feel like to adorn yourself with Crystalline clothing?

How would your goddess life flow if you could wear your crystals in the midst of modern life — at the gym, in your sleep, at work — all without worrying about them falling out and shattering?

There is a manifestation goddess inside of every woman and certainly inside of you.

She deserves to be draped in the finest clothing while her frequency amplifies into the world. You have the power to create the life of your dreams with ease and grace. And I am committed to creating whatever it takes to help you do that.

Right now…

...what I’m creating is the Crystalling Grace clothing line. 

The first item to debut in this line will be the Crystalline Grace bralette that will allow you to tuck crystals close to your heart so that they stay put! Think of it as a way to expand and extend your goddess superpowers, a way to turn up the volume on your inner voice, and a way to supercharge your vibration. 

I am looking for 5-10 women who would like to contribute to the development of this bralette.

The VIP group experience you’ll receive if you say YES to this opportunity will include: 

There’s no cost to join the group. 

Just email us to this email and let me and my team know that you’d like to apply to join us for this revolutionary innovation in wearable Crystalline technology. 

In my upcoming Crystalline Oracle deck, there’s a card called sacred beauty and I’d like to leave you with a bit of her wisdom today:

Your radiant inner goddess wants to shine through all your insecurities and perfectly imperfect imperfections. Take care of your body, smile, do your hair and dress up to reveal your divine beauty and charm. You are beautiful. 

No matter where you are in life, you deserve to feel radiant, gorgeous, and like a goddess walking the earth. Whether you’re young or older, just gave birth, are a fitness model, or have a ‘mom bod’... just by being a woman you have earned the right to feel empowered, sexy, and even seductive in a way that feels natural for you. This is the mission of the Crystalline Grace line.

Remember: crystals are your allies, little angels that constantly support and help you achieve your dreams. 

Keep them close. 



P.S. If you missed my crystal origin story from last week’s blog just click here to read.

“I have something very, very special for you.” 

The mysterious shopkeeper disappeared into a back room.

Moments later she emerged with a small black box. As she opened it, I felt a warm vortex of energy radiating from what was inside of it and instantly felt connected...

I was on a trip to Scotland for an angel training with Diana Cooper. It was one of the very first major investments I’d made in my spiritual growth journey. Only months before, I had learned about my three past lives and begun seeking Reiki and other healing modalities.

This was my first encounter with crystals. 

That flawless, two point quartz crystal went everywhere with me — to retreats in Egypt, into meditation, everywhere in my purse. As soon as I learned about the power of my heart center in manifesting, that magical crystal found a new home...in my bra!

As the vibration of my healing heart amplified through the crystal, my manifestations became more powerful than ever before. 


My beloved crystal slipped out of my bra one day...and shattered.

I was devastated.

No matter how I tried to tuck and secure my crystals comfortably near my heart, they would eventually end up on the floor in shards or — yikes! — even in the toilet at the gym when I’d forgotten they were there!

With the help of my crystals, I moved from Finland to the United States, found my twin flame, and started a very lucrative and fulfilling lightwork career. I didn’t want to give up on carrying them, yet I was going to go broke regularly replacing all of my damaged stones!

Gladiolus and Clear and Smoky Quartz on White Table

Do you wear crystals in your bra, too? 

I’m sure you can relate, regular bras are certain crystal death just waiting to happen!

As I talked with my clients and friends about their crystal-wearing habits I received a divinely inspired idea to solve this problem once and for all. I started to dream of the perfect bralette that would allow myself and other goddesses to confidently wear their precious crystals in their most potent energetic center. 

Now that the Crystalline Grace clothing line is beginning to materialize and manifest…

I’d love your help.

If you’re a goddess who wears crystals in your bra — or who would love to, but you haven’t been brave enough to sacrifice them should they fall out — you’re invited to become a part of the Crystalline Grace line launch.

Every item in the Crystalline Grace line, from the bralette to items we will be launching later on, will have my signature Crystalline Vortex Pocket integrated into it. This clothing line will not be like the mass produced fast-fashion we’ve become so accustomed to. Crystalline Grace pieces will give you the power to create an individual Crystalline Forcefield around you to magnetize your dreams in the physical plane. 

This clothing will not just make a fashion statement — it will make a frequency statement to the universe. 

By activating the goddess energy with this Crystalline Vortex Pocket you’ll be able to keep crystals close to your body so that you can intentionally amplify specific frequencies and vibrations in your field.

For instance…

If you were going on a date or visiting a love
→ you’d tuck a rose quartz in your bralette.

If you were looking to manifest abundance from a particular meeting
→ you’d place a citrine crystal in your Vortex Pocket.

If you needed a bit more clarity in a situation
→ you’d want a clear quartz crystal held near to your body. 

If you needed support in communication challenges
→ you’d want to use larimar.

If creativity and motivation was what you wanted
→ you’d bring a carnelian along for the day, close at your side.

And if you wanted to gain wisdom from an experience
→ amethyst would be the crystal for you. 

Divine goddess, if you resonate with the Crystalline Grace vision, I want to invite you to be a part of this movement and breakthrough in Crystalline technology for women. 

An intimate group of Crystalline Goddesses, just 5-10, will be selected to join. You’ll be involved in deeply developing this bra and clothing line — this is NOT a paid program. This IS an opportunity for you to be a part of a groundbreaking shift in women’s wear.  

Click here to let my team know you’re interested and we will personally get back to you with more information!

Manifestation is not a mystery. 

No matter how many spiritual teachers or guru’s you’ve heard speak on the subject that have made you think it is something impractical, intangible, or out of your reach...it simply isn’t. 

The process of manifestation is a spiritual science, a magic you can literally see happening before your very eyes.

I want to break manifestation down for you today so that you can really understand how accessible the magic of manifestation is to you. It’s time to release the misunderstandings you may have, allow those insecurities to melt away, and embrace the truth of manifestation. 

No matter what you’re desiring right now — money, more clients in your business, a new love, a new home — hold that in mind as you continue reading. 

Manifestation is physical evidence of existing vibration.

And the latin roots of the word manifestation confirm this as manifestation literally means to bring something forth into your hand. The modern definition of manifestation is to make something visible or perceptive in an outward expression.

You see, there has to be an outward expression...of what’s already happening within.

Manifestation is all about something becoming clear, opening up, and coming into focus from a place where it was unclear, closed off, or obscured in some way. Where is this place that manifestations come from? It’s your inner microcosm.

You can see, feel, and experience your inner microcosm in meditation or in everyday moments when you focus on your future reality. This is where we create our desired external world first, before it is visible and tangible.

Over the years I’ve learned a lot about quantum physics and how it relates to this inner microcosm and our outer world. There’s one phenomenon I find especially fascinating called the observer effect. 

To understand this effect and apply it to your manifestation practice, you first need to know that there are two distinct states of matter. One is the particle state. This state is one of material matter, something you can see in an electron microscope. 

The second is the wave state. This state is one of pure potentiality, it is energy that is invisible even under the best microscopes. It would be more accurate to say that what we see in our lives and under the microscopes are particles affected by waves, we don’t actually see the waves themselves. I know this is a bit technical, but stay with me as it’s worth gaining this wisdom!

The observer effect occurs when scientists look at particles through a microscope. The only particles that are visible are the ones within their field of vision, while the others remain unmaterialized. 

This is why when you aren’t focused in your manifestation practice, you don’t see your manifestations coming into existence! You’ve got to bring what you desire into your field of vision and focus every fiber of your being on them. When you become crystal clear in this way, you become accountable to your own alignment. 

You can stop settling for the occasional little lucky trick from the universe.

You can shift your energy and choose to perpetuate magic in the quantum realms.

You can create a future vision that is so believable it appears in your external reality.

Begin to practice gratitude now for the money that is coming your way, the love that is coming your way, and the dreams that are coming true. Elevate the vibration of your thoughts to match those wave electrons so that they move literal particles of matter in your external world.

I suggest you don’t get distracted by tiny breadcrumbs of success — those tiny manifestations that give you a dopamine hit and then leave you doubting whether more is really possible. You’ll find those little surprises along the way to your most aligned life, anyway. Instead, keep your vision and vibration set high. 

From visions of pure potentiality, you can birth your dreams into the world. 

It happens in your DNA constantly. Those cellular instructions create waves of vibration and those waves move matter together and pull it apart to create the processes in your body. 

In the same beautiful way your inner visions and intentions become reality in the external world. When you actively participate in this creation, you shift into a full understanding of the power within you. You can really tap into your power by bringing your focus and intention to your biggest and brightest dreams. 

You may have tried doing this before with something like the 555 method where you write an affirmation 55 times for 5 days in a row to manifest something. While this and other methods can be great tools the necessary changes really happen at a deeper internal level, within your inner microcosm. 

Manifesting like a Crystalline Goddess isn’t a crash diet. You can’t just activate your manifesting power once in a while and expect incredible results. This is something you can’t just do once in a while, manifestation must become a daily habit and a consistent choice 

This is a lifestyle. 

When you are fully immersed in this Crystalline lifestyle, you can keep adding your desires into the mixing pot of your microcosm. This vibrant vibration is one that will collapse time, space, and matter.

If you want this for decades to come…

If you want your life to continuously and efforlessly unfold…

If you want to experience the wonderful life you know you were meant to live…

The best way to do that is by going within, raising your quantum frequency, and joining with other goddesses who are vibrating in that same vortex.

No more limitations.

No more lack.

No more taking the back seat in life. 

You get the front row seat to watch your dream life become reality. 

Come on over and join my free Facebook community today and find those sister goddesses who are doing this Crystalline inner work in their lives today, we’d love to have you. 

In the last year we have all learned the value of connection. As the pandemic isolated us from each other, we began to see just how crucial community, conversations, and relationships are in our lives.

Creating and maintaining bonds online can be a challenge, though.

With social media tools like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok content is a one-way street. Even with the ability to leave comments, it’s just not the same as face to face interaction or live chats.

That’s why I’ve been so excited to dive into a new way to connect with colleagues, friends, and my followers on a new social media platform that’s unlike any other. 

Out of my Crystalline Goddess oracle deck this week comes the card Crystalline Connections. The wisdom this card shares with us is that our connections are ascending. It is time for us to realize that what we see in others is a reflection of what is already within ourselves. Cultivating love and forgiveness will bring out the highest potential in our relationships.

This is exactly what I believe is possible on this new conversational social media platform. I’m talking about Clubhouse.

Last year, this app was for iPhone users only. Recently, Clubhouse was launched for all Android users as well.

With Clubhouse, we can have intimate two-way conversations and build a much deeper connection with each other. Simply the vibrational power of our voices joining is sure to create a high-vibrational vortex where magic can manifest!

I’ll be hosting a Clubhouse room every Monday that you can join in on, simply follow me on Clubhouse here.

My Crystalline Clubhouse rooms will be hosted immediately after I finish pulling oracle cards for you all inside of the Crystalline Goddess Facebook group. This way, we can keep the conversation flowing and go even deeper into the topics of the day.

Join me on Monday at:

2:00pm PST → FACEBOOK Crystalline Goddess Oracle Readings LIVE

2:30pm PST → CLUBHOUSE Crystalline Connection & Conversation Room 

Here’s what I’m looking forward to on this new platform:

Need an invite to join Clubhouse? 

Hop on over to the Crystalline Goddess Facebook group and post to ask if someone has an invite to spare. Each person gets several invites to give away when they join, so it’s usually not hard to find someone willing to share!

I’m so excited to have this opportunity to hear from you and learn more about how I can help you on your Crystalline journey. We need each other now more than ever. 

See — or rather hear — you soon!


P.S. What would you like to have a conversation about on Clubhouse with me? Comment below and let me know!

For the last 15 years I haven’t had a job…

And during that time I’ve:

How did I do it?

Through the most magical career on the planet.

One with unlimited potential for wealth, abundance, spiritual growth, and satisfaction. 

I’m talking about my Lightwork!

The life you can create for yourself through Lightwork is truly incredible. While you expand your own conscious wealth, you can be helping others to heal, manifest, and make their own dreams come true. 

From morning to night I live and breathe Lightwork and I can’t imagine a better way to earn an income.

With things in the world changing so rapidly, people are looking for ways to more deeply understand themselves, create inner healing, and improve their lives in the face of uncertainty. There’s never been a better time to be offering sacred services and providing Lightwork as a spiritual entrepreneur. This work is a vehicle for freedom and a channel for joy, love, and light. 

We are creating a new world full of new ways to live and make a living.

How would it feel for you to spend hours at ‘work’ doing something meaningful while making great money? Lightwork is a real profession and anyone — including you — can be very successful with it.

There’s no catch, just your divine calling waiting for you to answer.

Let me tell you about two of my students who both started their Lightwork businesses in one of my programs.

Julia had been dreaming about doing spiritual work, healing, and Lightwork for others for quite some time. Her biggest obstacle was not knowing how she could do it. 

When she came across my Crystalline Lightworker Training, she jumped right in. Not long after she began offering her Lightwork sessions, she landed a position with a TV station to do psychic readings making $250+ per hour for her work! At the same time, she launched her Angel Light Hypnosis and healing workshops.

Now, Julia is loving her Lightwork career.

Henna came to work with me after her 9 to 5 job had drained her of her joy and zest for life. She knew she wanted something different. Initially, Henna and I were doing Angel Light Hypnosis sessions for her personal healing. She started talking about a potential career change and then took a leap of faith and began her Lightwork business after taking my training. 

Today Henna is one of Finland’s leading Lightworkers and she’s having six figure launches one after another. 

Lightwork is a true, lucrative career — not just meditation all day and prayers for the Earth (though those are important, too). If you’re feeling a nudge to learn more, keep your eyes open for my next free workshop that is coming up soon. 

This is possible for you. 

You can become self-sufficient and independent from the corporate world. 

You can EMBODY your job, BE your own boss, and create a simple, sustainable, and sacred business. 

You can ascend into your Lightwork calling, one step at a time.

I believe in you, 


P.S. Join me inside of the Crystalline Goddess Facebook group where you’ll find more inspiration, free trainings, and angelic messages weekly to begin your Lightworker journey.

What comes naturally to you? 

And is that what you do to make a living?

For too many of us, the answer to that last question is a shocked and almost comical, “No way!” 

We think of the skills and gifts that come naturally to us as something we should do as hobbies or side gigs that barely pay. This happens because we live in a world that teaches us that work we love won’t really be profitable and that the responsible thing to do is to get a ‘real’ job that pays well. Then we’re supposed to spend decades doing that job. In our later years we expect to retire and then we can finally fully enjoy life.

The status quo is clocking into work, checking off our task list, and hoping for a promotion somewhere down the road. 

Questioning the status quo isn’t an option...until you realize IT IS an option!

Your gifts and talents don’t have to be reserved for your ‘spare time’ they can blossom into your life’s work! Whether you love to write, dance, sing, speak, garden, or volunteer in your community you have the gift of helping others and that is all that is required to get started in entrepreneurship and Lightwork. 

Lightwork is an extremely profitable profession and is becoming a more recognized career option as our world hurts and yearns for healing. 

Are you destined to be a Lightwork entrepreneur?

In order to shift our collective consciousness around what is possible and profitable with Lightwork, I believe it is crucial that we hear stories of women who have gone before us and had major breakthroughs with their work. 

No matter what, taking your own leap will require courage, but knowing about the real life success of women like my student Iiana can give you the hope, faith, and Goddess fuel to carry you on your way. 

Iina joined the Crystalling Lightwork Training with me about eight months ago. Her old business was closing and she was ready for something new, exciting, and full of purpose. We worked together for about a month and a half before Iina launched her Lightwork business. 

Immediately, she started booking clients and was consistently booked out two weeks in advance! She had really opened up a portal to her soul clients. 

Following the strategy and guidance that I had taught her, she hit $12K months and has sustained that level of revenue for a few months now. She’s well on her way to her first six figure year with her healing sessions, workshops, and crystal sales. She gets to do work that is meaningful to her while offering joy, hope, and healing to others.

Not only can this be a lucrative career for you, too, it can happen fast!

Deciding to make your dreams come true by doing your Lightwork in the world means that you can do what Iina did. 

We’re all going through some level of ascension right now.

We all need the clarity and support that Lightworkers bring.

We are all ready to make sense of this changing world.

If you’re curious and hear at least a whisper of a calling to pursue Lightwork, join me inside of the Crystalline Goddess facebook group. On Monday at 2pm PST I’ll be sharing angelic messages, pulling oracle cards, and sharing more about how to decide if Lightwork is your path to sacred purpose. 

Can’t wait to see you there!


If you’re trying to ‘tough it out’ with a low vibration...you’re probably feeling pretty exhausted right about now.

And today, I want to talk about a few simple ways you can start to raise your vibration without any fancy rituals. Specifically, I want to show you how to tend to the health and wellbeing of your vibration.

Because the truth is, many people can raise their vibration extremely high…

Yet not so many people can maintain it.

I have learned over the years that a sustainable, healthy, grounded vibration is the most authentic way to have a high vibration.

That means I never:

My vibration is simply my number one priority because without it, I cannot be a vibrational match for the things I desire in my life.

What does it mean to be a ‘vibrational match’ for something? It means that you are awake, aware, and looking for opportunities that are coming to you. It also means that your energy is in alignment with having the thing you desire. 

When your vibration is not a match for what you want to manifest, you will miss signs, messages, and doors that are opening for you. It will be as if they don’t exist. That means you’ll feel like nothing is working and like you are struggling to manifest when, in reality, what you desire is trying to find you and you simply cannot connect with it!

The spiritual laws of manifesting are always turned ‘on’ in the universe. So whether you’re finding things to be easy or challenging, you are still working with manifesting energy!  

This is great news as it reveals that you aren’t outside of manifesting, that it isn’t reserved for anyone special, and that you can tap into it right now. 

a branch of tree with paper dollar money growing on it

We are all masters of manifesting. 

Just notice how the ego wants to interject in this process. Ego wants to cling to the past. Approximately 95% of our thoughts are repetitive ones, which means our subconscious just runs on autopilot most of the time. You can see how your mind feeds your ego’s fears and anxieties and keeps you out of being fully aware of your thoughts, fully embodying your feelings, and sustainably raising your vibration. 

Here are 4 powerful truths that will help you to set your ego at ease and boost the health and wellbeing of your vibration:

  1. Stop depending on a few affirmations to change everything. Affirmations will only act like a bandaid on a deeper wound until you go within, dig down into your fears and what is really going on for you in this moment, and change that inner dialogue. 
  1. Focus on creating a spiritually-based life. For me, this means starting every day with a ritual that connects me to a higher-power and my higher-purpose. This doesn’t have to be complicated. The goal is to continually increase your ability to believe in what is unseen and trust that you are divinely guided.
  1. Nourish your body with meditation, sleep, and good food. Too often we forget that simple things like hydration and nutrition have such a profound effect on our vibration. Every single thing you put into your body or come into contact with in your life will create a resonance in your field. When you are intentional about nourishing yourself, that resonance will be expansive, golden, and life-giving.
  1. Ask yourself the big, scary questions and bravely answer them. What is your purpose? What are you here for? Why do you keep going in life? What do you love to do? Don’t avoid these questions, even if you’re afraid that answering them will reveal how out of alignment you are with your truth!

The most powerful manifestations come from within, so go within and allow them to be birthed through you. Allow your thoughts, feelings, and the vibration you hold to spill from your heart and soul into your life.



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