Heaven on Earth forecast Dec 14th to 20th

It's time to make a decision. Don't hold back anymore, just follow your intuition and make the change. Let Angels inspire you with this. Several things are going on at the same time in your life right now, but angels are confirming that you are alright and are finding balance with everything. Your energy level may be lower than usual so angels ask that you accept help from them and other people. You don't have to do everything by yourself. Angels are reminding you also, that you are a powerful being of light and your focus needs to be on the things that make you shine brighter!

Things are moving forward quickly now and you are beginning to see results of your labor. Luck is on your side so be open to receive! Archangel Michael is with you also asking you to shield yourself from fear or doubt that has been holding you back. Shielding also helps you stay in your own power as you now move forward at a great speed. If things move too fast for you, make sure to take time to meditate. Angels are suggesting loving kindness meditation. Close your eyes and say in your mind things like "May I be well and happy" "May I be healthy" "May I be prosperous". Then think of someone else and do the same for them "May ___ be happy and healthy" May ____ be loved and supported" etc This meditation will give you a lot of clarity, wisdom and new energy.

Towards the end of the week angels are showing miracles unfolding. Be open to receiving and have a mindset of expecting wonderful things to happen to you and your loved ones. Its also time to calm down and balance your energies. If you have been busy this week, then make sure to rest. Balance is the key of the weekend. Angels remind you also that if you feel overwhelmed or need help. Make sure to ask! Angels need your permission and they are waiting for it. They can't wait to help you. May you be blessed!




Angels vs. Pleiadians - How to tell a difference and how to communicate with them?

Marita from Finland asked a question about communicating with starbeings and angels. She feels a deep connections with them both and wants to learn more. So her question goes:


Great question. When I first started talking to my angels on a daily basis back in the early 2000 I didn't really know it was angels I talked to. Looking back with the knowledge I have now I know it wasn't always angels I communicated with because I didn't state things always clearly. At times I even felt strange and heavier energy around me. As if I accidentally had attracted some curious souls from lower planes. I did not like that at all.

You can learn from my beginning mistakes and take my advice:

When you want to start a communication with light beings whether they are angels of starbeings:

1) Make sure you declare to the Universe that you only want to communicate with Beings from the Light. This is important because you have the free will to choose who is around you and in your space. Be clear that you only talk to beings that help serve your highest purpose. Now make sure that you are also straight with yourself about this. If you are interested in horror movies and feel curious or overly fearful about dark forces you may attract that energy. Like attracts like. So just be clear. I have taught this to so many of my clients who was unsure at first with great success. We have always been able to establish a clear connection.

2) Angels and Pleiadians are both loving beings and they both want to genuinely help and are significantly higher vibration than you are. My main consultants are Angels of course, because they are even higher beings, so until you no longer feel hesitant, I suggest talking to your angels only and then expanding to Pleiadians. Pleiadians are angelic beautiful beings but with a physical body. Like Atlanteans they have mastered physic abilities and found the divine essence of love and oneness within themselves. This gives them a unique perspective on how physical beings like you and me can raise our vibration and create a heaven on earth. They have found a way to permanently exist in 5th dimension, the heaven on earth state of being and will help you do the same. Yet, I would absolutely call upon my angels to give me guidance on soul purpose of higher spiritual consulting. Angels are also comforting and so wonderful to have around. Angels will always be there by yourself while you need to specifically call upon Pleiadians to consult you.

3) How you recognize Pleiadian from an Angel energetically? Just ask! Are you an angel? Are you a pleiadian? And listen to the message and trust the message that comes to you. If you feel fear or doubt, cut connection right away. Only trust messages when you feel at peace or positive about receiving them. Perhaps your heart opens with joy or you find yourself smiling because you know intuitively that you just received a message from loving and supportive beings. Both of them will give you a loving and high vibrational feeling.

4) Also I often feel Pleiadian energy quite aquatic and Atlantean. Angels told me a long time ago that some of my Atlantean past lives were in fact from the Pleiades instead of Earth. They appear to have long white hair and blue eyes, carrying a beautiful turquoise blue aura. They are also called Nordic aliens with a scandinavian look. I also feel they have a native american quality which comes through as Earth and spirit wisdom, I have witnessed Pleiadians visit native americans in past life regressions and so perhaps much or the native wisdom comes from the Pleiadians. Angels may give you happy tears and tell you how loved and supported you are, while Pleiadians may inspire you to clean up the planet and take action to heal yourself and the world more.

5) Angels will always always always make you feel unconditionally loved and supported! We all have angels around us. Pleiadians come to those you call upon them. And they LOVE to help us. Pleiadians are very angelic also so have fun connecting with your beloved friends.

I will share more about connecting with Angels and Pleiadians and will also answer more question on HEAVEN ON EARTH this Monday 11amPST Just click to listen FREE at www.12radio.com



Heaven on Earth weekly Forecast Dec 7th - 13th, 2015
by Anu Shi Asta

The energies are raising and you are called to build your dreams on a more solid foundation. you are being supported by the Universe and there is a sense of karmic balance that is happening in your life at this time. Take the steps you are called to take and stand firm believing in your creation. You have worked hard to get to this moment and it's time to enjoy some rewards. You are being reminded that you can't always breath out and keep giving to others, you need to breath in and receive as well. And vice versa.
This is the karmic balance of this time. Allow yourself to receive. There is great healing available.

Middle of the week is focusing more on releasing and letting new light in. Take a look at your life and see what you are holding onto that isn't serving you anymore. Surrender to the flow of change and dont be afraid to let things slip away when they are not meant to be there for you to hold onto. Take a moment to pause and reflect. Take a step back and try to see the big picture. It will help you to see what needs to be released. Try another point of view and approach to things, surrender to change.

At the end of the weekend relationships are important. There might be an opportunity for new love or to learn more about an existing relationship. This may or may not be romantic. All relationships are here to teach us something valuable about ourselves. Let yourself experience a deep spiritual connection with someone so that you can see yourself looking back at you through their eyes or actions.Every relationship is valuable and you have an opportunity to learn more about yourself so that you can love yourself more deeply. Give room for dreams also. Look at your dreams, believe in them and know that you deserve them. See if the relationships you have support your dreams or not. Let the mirroring be clear.


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Heaven on Earth Forecast Nov 23rd to 29th

Angels are encouraging you to look into your soul ask yourself if you are living your truth. It may seem easier to live according to the expectations of other people and go along with everybody else's beliefs.  But if they are not your beliefs they will not fully resonate with you, and when you live a life out of resonance with your true self you attract things that don't make you happy. There is a new blessed change available for you but you need to stand your ground and have faith in yourself. Do what feels right to you. Listen to your heart an trust what you hear. What is right for another may not be right for you, so know that your true power and happiness comes from your inner wisdom.

This week pay attention to the people in your life. There is someone who wants to help you. Be open to confiding in a trusted friend or a counselor. You need to release some old feelings and talking to someone can be extremely helpful for this. Angels are always willing to listen and you can write your angel a letter to let them hear your troubles. Be kind and gentle with yourself and honor those feelings of sadness or loneliness inside of you. Allow your feelings to have space to breath and come out so they can be released. Know that you are not alone.

Have faith in your beliefs and know that your dreams are coming true! Don't give up, just continue on this course and even if you experience some setbacks it's okay, because you are moving forward. Stay positive and follow your guidance. There is so much help around in form of people and divine support. Someone from your past may show up in your life as well to help you release attachments to the past. Just do whats right for you and channel the inner warrior of light to trust your heart.

Thank you for reading this week's message. Comments and questions below. <3

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Anu Shi Asta

Aloha Beautiful Soul,

Have you felt grumpy after looking at a dolphin? I didn't think so...

One thing I have noticed after years of traveling to Hawaii and facilitating workshops and Dolphin swim retreats is that people always smile and experience a wonderful, childlike excitement when a pod of dolphins swims towards us. They carry a healing vibration that transcends all worries and fears in that moment. People also often describe there is a telepathic communication happening, giving thoughts, ideas, images or emotions that are somehow helpful to their current life situation.

They are the Angels of the blue..

Dolphins are highly evolved dolphins living all over the planet and in spirit, they wish to teach us about love and our oneness. They are working with us whether you are physically near a dolphin or simply think about them. These higher beings have a message to us and they want us to listen.

This Monday I have a guest, Jeanne Russell DolphinTouch.org, on Heaven on Earth whom I met while I was in Hawaii in March. She lives on the island of Kauai, the island I feel is a true heaven on earth paradise unlike any other place I have seen.
I am always called to go back there and hope that one of these day you can join me there as well. Everything is in higher vibration there, even dolphins have reached at amazing frequency.

Jeanne, will help you connect with the dolphin energy during the show through a beautiful guided meditation.

Tune in to learn more about dolphin consciousness and how you can telepathically communicate with dolphins wherever you are.

Listen live at www.12radio.com Monday 11amPT, November 23rd.
Join us in the chatroom at www.fb.com/groups/12radio
Listen to Heaven on Earth archived episodes here





This week is starting with a highly reflective energy that draws you into spending time alone in meditation and relaxing. You have worked hard an accomplished so much and now its time for a little pause. Acknowledge everything you have done before taking action steps to move forward. It is also important to reflect on what is happening here and now. Being present in this very moment and to appreciate all that you are and all that you have experienced in life. This will help you get a great push towards your dreams in the near future.

Relationships are mirroring our true selves. Pay attention to the relationships you have at this time and think about what they tell you about who you are and what you need to work on. If you are struggling in a relationship right now check in to see how you feel about yourself. You are a precious being and it is important for you to learn to love yourself. Ask yourself, how you can show love to yourself at this time? What does your body need?

Angels are encouraging you to release old attachments to people and situations that have hurt you in the past. Allow yourself to heal through forgiveness and letting go. Goddess Quan Yin can help you learn about compassion and helps you soften your heart to yourself and for everyone in your life. Ask her to help you heal a situation or a relationship. Forgiving your someone who has hurt you doesn't mean you are condoning their actions, instead you simply free yourself from being the prisoner of your past. Love is the answer. Be open to give and receive the highest love of all.


Heaven on Earth Weekly Message Nov 9th through 15th, 2015

Angels are asking you to have faith in your dreams and not to give up. Sometimes it's hard to keep going when you don't see immediate results but this is not the time to quit. Archangel Michael is here to help you have courage to live your dream. Listen to your inner guidance and be keep moving forward. Don't be afraid to make a mistake, or to be different. AA Michael is asking you to stand up for what you know in your soul you deserve. Angels are working side by side with you to make your dreams come true.

There is also an inner calling from your twin flame… your twin flame may or may not be incarnated here on Earth at the same time. But the love knows no limits. Your twin is sending you love and light like an angel asking you to look into the divinity within you, the eternal flame that lives inside of you. Know that you are an eternal being, a child of God that is whole. You don't need your twin or anyone to complete you because you are already complete. Your is here to remind you of that and to help you reclaim your wholeness. Stand firm and allow yourself to feel empowered.

You might find yourself living in the past this week as memories come to your mind of places, experiences or people from the past. There may also be a person who is thinking of you warmly, sending you love. It may be someone who has passed saying all is well, or an old lover or a friend sending you love and light. Learn from the past and send love and light to all the people you have met and then release. it's time to look forward and celebrate the relationships you have right now.


Beach Meditation in Carlsbad, CA

MEET YOUR ANGELS - Journey to the World of Angels

Wednesday July 8th, 2015 starting at 7pm

Enjoy a beautiful guided meditation at sunset with your angels. You will be guided through meditation journey to the world of angels where your guardian angels will get a chance to introduce themselves to you, give you guidance and healing light.

Love donation $20.

We will be pulling cards during the meet up for everyone but if you are interested in a private reading I will be available for psychic advice after the meet up to answer your questions about any area of your life, love, health, career, money, past lives, spiritual growth etc. (10min reading $20, then extra $5 for each additional 5mins).

RVSP at Meetup Group: http://www.meetup.com/Creating-Heaven-on-Earth/

The event will be cancelled if it rains


Blume des Lebens -  Energetisierung, Heilige Geometrie


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