Heaven on Earth Forecast Jan 12th thru 19th

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Angels want to acknowledge who you truly are and every act of kindness you have done recently. They look into your heart your inner beauty has not gone unnoticed. Also your positive thinking has lead you to this wonderful moment where it is your turn to receive. There is a divine gift that is being offered to you now. It's a true blessing and you so deserve it. Know that every positive thought and word [...]

Heaven on Earth forecast with Angels Jan 5th – 11th

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Heaven on Earth forecast - Angel Reading for Jan 5th thru 11th Angels want you to know that you have been working so hard on your healing and your transformation and you have prayed for help form the Universe and the Angels. The year begins with a flow of signs that your prayers have been heard. This will come in a way that is most helpful to you, not always in the form you requested [...]

Heaven on Earth forecast Dec 15th thru 21st

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Heaven on Earth forecast for this week Getting ready for the holidays can be exhausting, as we run around buying gifts for our loved ones, baking cookies and decorating the home. Archangel Raphael, the healing angel is asking you to slow down and take a few deep breaths. As you inhale, imagine breathing in healing light from the Universe and as you exhale, release all your worries. Give yourself this moment to relax and connect with [...]

Heaven on Earth forecast Dec 8th through 14th

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Advice from the Angels and the Ancients on How to live your best life this week: Christmas time is a magical time and ideally we spend it with our loved ones with laughter and joy in our hearts. But angels understand that this isn’t always so living life on Earth. You may have lost a loved one this year or in the recent years and christmas time may bring up memories of that person. Know [...]

Heaven on Earth forecast – Nov 17th thru 23rd

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Advice from the Angels and the Ancients on How to live your best life this week: So that you can truly live fully and authentically, you need to embrace all that you are. Your purpose in life is to tap into your very own power of creativity and use that to create something from your soul. The more you realize who you truly are and begin using your god given ability to create the more peace [...]

Heaven on Earth reading Nov 3rd thru Nov 9th

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Heaven on Earth forecast for this week Nov 3rd-Nov 9th Advice form the angels and the ancients on how to live your best life this week Angels are encouraging you to continue following the path that you have been felt guided to recently. This has been a time when this path has been testing you and you may have expereinced challenges along the way that have made you doubt youself. However, this is not the [...]

Heaven on Earth State of Mind this week

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Sept 29th thru Oct 5th 2014 How to reach/maintain your Heaven on Earth state of mind this week: Your angels are asking you acknowledge all the wonderful growth you have experienced in the past few weeks even not to mention if you look back at the few past years.. See the transformation in your thoughts, emotions, and in your entire life. This period of growth continues now and it is time to go even deeper [...]

New Moon Cycle Mermaid Message

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New Moon message from the Enchanting Mermaids   May 9th, 2o13:   NEW MOON CARD So the card I picked from the beautiful Mermaid oracle deck for this New Moon cycle is THE UNSEEN ”It says that too much is hidden from you”. I love this because New Moon is generally a great time to start new projects and so on and so it is... however this message seems to show us that we may [...]

Manifesting Abundance with Anu!

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Manifesting tip of the day: What does abundance mean to you? What do you really dream about? Meditate on what you truly wish to manifest into your life right now. Let go of all the dreams that are not really your dreams, such as "I want to win the lottery". Your dream may be something completely else, yet you may be giving your energy to dreams that don't come from within your heart and drain [...]

Stewart Pearce and the Angels of Atlantis on HEAVEN ON EARTH Jan 10th, 2013

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INTRODUCING A VERY SPECIAL GUEST ON HEAVEN ON EARTH  Join Anu Shi Asta this special thursday as Stewart Pearce and the Angels of Atlantis join us on 12Radio. Who are the Angels of Atlantis and what do they really want us to know right now? These two very important questions and many more will be answered this thursday 12pmPST LISTEN TO THIS SHOW IN THE ARCHIVES NOW! CLICK HERE           [...]