Angels vs. Pleiadians - How to tell a difference and how to communicate with them?

Marita from Finland asked a question about communicating with starbeings and angels. She feels a deep connections with them both and wants to learn more. So her question goes:


Great question. When I first started talking to my angels on a daily basis back in the early 2000 I didn't really know it was angels I talked to. Looking back with the knowledge I have now I know it wasn't always angels I communicated with because I didn't state things always clearly. At times I even felt strange and heavier energy around me. As if I accidentally had attracted some curious souls from lower planes. I did not like that at all.

You can learn from my beginning mistakes and take my advice:

When you want to start a communication with light beings whether they are angels of starbeings:

1) Make sure you declare to the Universe that you only want to communicate with Beings from the Light. This is important because you have the free will to choose who is around you and in your space. Be clear that you only talk to beings that help serve your highest purpose. Now make sure that you are also straight with yourself about this. If you are interested in horror movies and feel curious or overly fearful about dark forces you may attract that energy. Like attracts like. So just be clear. I have taught this to so many of my clients who was unsure at first with great success. We have always been able to establish a clear connection.

2) Angels and Pleiadians are both loving beings and they both want to genuinely help and are significantly higher vibration than you are. My main consultants are Angels of course, because they are even higher beings, so until you no longer feel hesitant, I suggest talking to your angels only and then expanding to Pleiadians. Pleiadians are angelic beautiful beings but with a physical body. Like Atlanteans they have mastered physic abilities and found the divine essence of love and oneness within themselves. This gives them a unique perspective on how physical beings like you and me can raise our vibration and create a heaven on earth. They have found a way to permanently exist in 5th dimension, the heaven on earth state of being and will help you do the same. Yet, I would absolutely call upon my angels to give me guidance on soul purpose of higher spiritual consulting. Angels are also comforting and so wonderful to have around. Angels will always be there by yourself while you need to specifically call upon Pleiadians to consult you.

3) How you recognize Pleiadian from an Angel energetically? Just ask! Are you an angel? Are you a pleiadian? And listen to the message and trust the message that comes to you. If you feel fear or doubt, cut connection right away. Only trust messages when you feel at peace or positive about receiving them. Perhaps your heart opens with joy or you find yourself smiling because you know intuitively that you just received a message from loving and supportive beings. Both of them will give you a loving and high vibrational feeling.

4) Also I often feel Pleiadian energy quite aquatic and Atlantean. Angels told me a long time ago that some of my Atlantean past lives were in fact from the Pleiades instead of Earth. They appear to have long white hair and blue eyes, carrying a beautiful turquoise blue aura. They are also called Nordic aliens with a scandinavian look. I also feel they have a native american quality which comes through as Earth and spirit wisdom, I have witnessed Pleiadians visit native americans in past life regressions and so perhaps much or the native wisdom comes from the Pleiadians. Angels may give you happy tears and tell you how loved and supported you are, while Pleiadians may inspire you to clean up the planet and take action to heal yourself and the world more.

5) Angels will always always always make you feel unconditionally loved and supported! We all have angels around us. Pleiadians come to those you call upon them. And they LOVE to help us. Pleiadians are very angelic also so have fun connecting with your beloved friends.

I will share more about connecting with Angels and Pleiadians and will also answer more question on HEAVEN ON EARTH this Monday 11amPST Just click to listen FREE at

Hello everyone,

I have been traveling around Finland the past few weeks giving workshops in different cities as well as spending time with my family! Its really wonderful to be here and Im having such a fantastic time. While I am here I am also still doing my weekly radio show, however its not live but Im doing podcasts until I return. This weeks show is about twin flames




I wanted to do this show on Twin Souls because its something so many people are talking about and thinking about!

It may seem like a new thing, but the knowledge of twin flames is hardly anything new. In the ancient civilization called Atlantis, many twin flames were united and lived many life times simply enjoying the highest form physical human experience in the Golden Age. Also Plato, the great Greek philosopher who lived in Athens about 300-400 before Christ, also talked about twin flames. He said something like this:

And when one of them meets with his other half, the actual half of himself, the pair are lost in an amazement of love and friendship and intimacy and one will not be out of the other’s sight even for a moment.”

Twin Souls are one soul divided into masculine and feminine energies, but each of them are whole, complete Beings.

We have certainly known about twin flames for a long time and people have been desperately seeking their twin flame in all relationships. Everytime the relationship falls apart we are disappointed in the other person feeling betrayed they werent what we wanted them to be. The truth is that most humans have not been ready for a succesfull union with our twins until now. All of us arent ready for the now either but more people are now than ever before! Twins have been physically separated for thousands of years, allthough there are expections of course and some twins have been together since the fall of Atlantis as well. Most people who wanted to stay with their twin had to go to other planets where vibration was higher. But many of us Atlantean souls chose to stay here to help us raise our frequnecy again, knowing that we can once again unite with our twins here on Earth and continue our spiritual growth on this planet and help the universe expand. The point is.. our vibration hasnt been high enough, but now as we are ascending our vibration is becoming ready to meet our twin in this lifetime.

Personally I have been seeing my twin flame in my meditations for the past ten years now. At first I didn’t know he was my twin, I hadn’t heard about twin souls then, but he kept telling me that we grow together and we are the same, I always felt a unique connection with my twin whom I used to call Christopher. We shared a beautiful life together in Atlantis and I can’t wait to meet him in person again!

To prepare ourselves for the reunion, we need to undersrtand the burden the thoughts patterns we have about relationships between lovers.. we have taught ourselves to believe the strangest things about love. We have taught ourselves falsely of course that love has something to do with jealousy, abandonment, rejection, betrayal, pain…. but of course, that is not love.. that is our ego acting, talking.. Old fashioned relationships, so called karmic relationships often are full of these traits and end up in even physical, mental of verbal violence. That is of course not love. As long as we keep seeking happiness from the other persona and dont realize that love exists within us, or in fact that we are LOVE, we keep attracting more and more lessons of love until we are ready for an ascended relationship.

But when we finally do meet each other, it will be unlike anything we have experience before in this lifetime and in a LONG time! If you are also interested in meeting your Twin, I am giving a guided meditation in my show THU 12PM and hopefully you can’t join me and do the meditation with me.

Heaven on Earth THU 12PM, changing the way we listen to the world! 

Lots of LOVE!!!

Anu Shi Asta

Ok, The past two days went pretty well on my fast and then this morning I woke up feel so nauseous and dizzy! I started reading through other peoples blogs and watching you tube videos while still laying on my bed. I couldn’t get up from bed. Finally I did after drinking half liter of water. I made my juice for the day and after drinking it I started feeling better but still I looked like I had fever and was very weak. It surprised me completely! Luckily it only lasted morning and after I did colon cleanse I felt much better! I went for an hour walk with my son, gently hiked a beautiful trail!

After 2pm or so I havent felt hungry or nausea or dizziness. I have had full energy and really felt amazing again!! I even played with the idea of doing more than 10 day fast! lol

I was recording also my show Atlantean Angels and it will be available at–manifesting-abundance  from tomorrow morning 10amPST.  The show is about MAGIC OF MANIFESTING! I guide also a powerful manifesting meditation there so if you are into making your dreams come true, which Im sure you are, we all are!!! =))) so tune in.

Ok, Ive had a long day but I just wanted to write this update here! So overall, third day as expected, challenging but fasting is getting better and better everyday! <3

Love you all!! Blessings!


This year has been a very strange experience for me. It in fact, started already last year but has become more and more intense this year. First of all I want to tell you that I LOVE FOOD. I have always been like a true Italian at heart: I love red wine with some good pesto pasta.  In October, all of a sudden after having a glass of wine the night before, I woke up feeling sick. I couldn’t believe I had a hang over from one single glass of wine. But I did and I had the strangest feeling coming from within saying wine is no longer good for my body and I just needed to let it go. I’ve had cravings for red wine every now and then since October, especially when I walk by an Italian restaurant and see people enjoying romantic time together over a glass of wine. But other than that the transition has felt very good and natural for me and I’ve had no intentions of having even a sip of wine. The idea is beautiful and romantic but the thought of actually tasting wine makes me feel sick. Very strange indeed.

So, my body no longer likes wine, but little did I know this started a big process in me and suddenly I am not liking hardly anything. Now, I’m an Angel teacher and a healer and work with clients from all over the world daily.  I have been seeking change in my life style for years now, step by step cleansing more and more.  Years ago, after an experience in an Egyptian pyramid (I talk about my Egypt adventure in my show  ”Secrets of Ancient Egypt” , you can listen to it here: ) which finally lead me to stop eating any kind of meat. I had been on and off vegetarian before then but that was big life and death type of grand moment in my life.

Now this year I have been experiencing boredom in my existing diet. I am a mother of two teenage boys and I watch them eat pizza and pasta all the time. Although we all have a vegetarian diet, their needs and cravings are very different from mine. I haven’t really thought about that before and I have been eating same foods with them on a daily basis. Recently, I have noticed every day that I simply can’t eat the normal “homefood” anymore. The only thing I am really craving now is Thai food! Veggies and rice with some yummy peanut sauce!! Healthy and Light!  But, I have been eating lots of Ezekiel bread though because I have been a bread junkie all my life. Sometimes I live on that bread a whole day alone because I dont know what to eat. Yet I am becoming bored of that too.  I am having some sort of food crisis and I need time to think about what my body wants! I can’t simply look at recommendations on what is good for the body and what is not. I feel like I am a personal expert of food, I have been fasting, dieting so many times in my life that I know whats good for me and what is not, from a general healthy point of view. Now I need to figure out what is it that my body wants???

I have been getting the card “cleanse and detoxify” from Doreen Virtues Daily guidance from your angels cards and I have been wondering what that is all about. But now I realized this is it! This is exactly what it means! So I am listening to the guidance from my angels and I will do a 5-day juice fasting.  In the past I used to fast all the time, every year. Usually I fasted five to seven days but once I did 14 days and that was the best experience. Each time I received wonderful insight on what my body wants. Its really a very spiritual experience for me and a “mind of matter” experience that leads to freedom. In this case freedom from consuming food. Taking a break from eating and listening to what the silence in my body will tell me. I look forward to it, although it has been 5 years since my last fasting so I am slightly nervous about the success of this project. However, I will be fasting for as many days as needed whether it be 1 or 7. I acutally wanted to do a full week, seven days, but the angel cards insisted five days is enough at this time.  And I listen..

I will be writing this blog, while fasting, sharing my thoughts and experiences as well as giving information on exactly what I am drinking in case you get inspired to do the same! I am not a nutritionist or a doctor and you should consult a medical professional before fasting if you have any doubts about your health. I am simply sharing my own personal story here through the blog!

My FASTING is scheduled to start Monday 19th, 2012. Im having a busy weekend coming up so we’ll see if that will be the final starting day but next week is where my intention is at this time!! I will also keep a videoblog that Ill share with you here as well. Any thoughts or experiences you have to share here with me will be wonderful and Id love to hear from you!!

Angel Blessings,

Anu Shi Asta

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