The end of 2020 is near and the mantra of my life has become, “Rest is the work.”

I highly recommend you adopt this one, too.

As we enter December it’s so important to allow ourselves to shift into rest and reflection as we digest the lessons we have learned this year. 

I like to wrap up my year in a two-step process: letting go and then dreaming forward.

If we want to move into a fresh new dimension in 2021, we’ve got to look at our lives under a new light. We’ve got to leave our worries behind us and not just wait for the clock to strike midnight, hoping for a miraculous change. 

If we don’t change and learn from the massive life lessons of this year, then we will keep experiencing those lessons over and over again until we fully understand them. 

2020 was not a year that you could hide from. Anything tucked away into the shadows of life came out and was exposed. Those deep wounds we have covered up came to the surface and revealed themselves. 

It was a terrible experience...and a beautiful experience at the same time — a unique gift that this year has given us. 

Personally and globally structures that govern our world, our minds, and even our emotional bodies have changed. While we’ve been locked down and ‘stuck’ inside with our family members, these changes have faced us head on — there’s simply no place to escape to.

As you have been confined and forced to confront the reality of your own home life, what have you learned? 

Have you realized that you have some issues to face and some drama to heal? Have you used this as a time to deepen your dreams and fall more in love with those close to you?

There’s no right or wrong way to feel about your home, your life, or your relationships right now, this is just an opportunity for you to pause and reflect. 

What are some of the old resentments, victimhood habits, and drama that you will not carry forward into 2021?

Some of us are reevaluating friendships and work relationships too during this time. We are examining who we really miss, what is worth our precious life force energy, and what we want to release or rebuild as we move forward. 

Write down what you are letting go of. If you can burn that paper, watch those things transmute into fertile ashes and imagine them becoming the earth where you will plant your new dreams. 

After this, make a list of the 5 lessons you’ve learned this year that you will carry with you.

Next, take a look at what you really want in your life for 2021.

How has this year opened your eyes? How has it opened your heart?

It’s been a tough and challenging year in so many ways. Clarity has come — whether we enjoyed it or not! These lessons have brought new perspectives and Crystalline clear priorities as we have each found out what is truly important to us.

Here are some questions for you to ask yourself as you imagine your next divine year:

💎What do you want to draw into your life in 2021?
💎What kind of people do you want to have around you? 
💎What kind of work will bring you fulfillment?
💎What kind of financial abundance do you want to flow? 
💎What kind of friends will you invite into your life?
💎What kind of home environment will you create?
💎What are you really passionate about?
💎What do you want to experience in the next 3 months, 6 months, 1 year? 

Start bringing these dreams in, calling them in, visualizing them, praying for them, and becoming them. Embody this higher vibration and draw in your dreams and desires with every fiber of your being. 

I’ve been so busy this year accomplishing so much that I’ve dreamed about. 

It came with a lot of effort, though. The lessons I personally learned in 2020 were about the importance of rejuvenation and self-care. I have remembered the importance of time management in my life and business and found that I have so much more space and energy than I thought I had! 

I’ve also spent tons of time with my boys laughing and having deep, soulful conversations. Our bond is stronger than ever. They are the reason I originally started a business that would allow me to have more time and financial freedom. For this reason, 2020 has been especially rewarding as I can do my Lightwork from home, close to my beloved family. 

Already the energy is getting lighter as the end of 2020 nears. I am excited about the future, and pray that you are, too. 

This has been the year of really allowing our inner goddess to awaken and rise. 

Let’s move forward to another dimension in our evolution together. 

With Grace, 

Anu x 

Hello Gorgeous Goddess!

Watching the holidays grow nearer on your calendar you feel dread become heavy in your body as you wonder…

Will my drunk uncle make comments about my weight and how much I’m eating at Christmas dinner again? 

Will my mother hound me about when I’m going to finally give her grandchildren? 

Will my well-meaning cousin ask me how my divorce is going?

As waves of anxiety rise in your chest and ripple out through your being from these worrisome thoughts, let me remind’re not alone, sister.

How would it feel to enter the new year refreshed instead of burnt out on the holiday drama?

Today I have three steps to share with you that will help you manage drama with your family during the holidays.  

STEP #1: The most toxic expectation you can hold during the holidays and how to release it

STEP #2: How to keep your energetic space clear when your family throws insults at you

STEP #3: How you’re giving up your power before the festivities even begin

You may love your family members and cherish parts of being with them for holidays while still fearing the chaos that dysfunctional family members bring into your time together. 

When we’re around people who don’t embody the kind of light and consciousness that we’ve worked so hard to cultivate in ourselves, we start to feel like we don’t belong, and childhood wounds of not being enough can resurface with a vengeance. 

You may be praying that your family will magically change or be different this year, but the truth is that really, you can’t change your family. 

Thankfully, you do have the power to change your experience of the holidays with your family, even if they are not the most light filled, loving people on the planet. 

STEP #1: Release the expectation that your family will change.

When you let go of the expectation that your family will miraculously change, you allow yourself to accept them as they are and love them exactly where they are in their lives. 

Remember that we all have our own path to follow, and they are on their own journey. Do not give up hope that your family is capable of growth and awakening, instead relax into trusting that they are where they are in their life for a specific reason. 

Shift from expectation of change into the assumption that your family members mean well and are doing their best with what they have. When you have compassion and release expectations, you become present and unattached.

STEP #2: Set your energetic boundaries.

Accepting your family members as they are does not mean taking on all of the emotional baggage that they have. It is not your fault that your family members have issues. 

When you take on their baggage, it often results in lashing out at them which tangles you into the drama, too. Do not take it personally when they want to rope you into their drama, and create a clear energetic boundary with them. 

By keeping your center in abundance and your Crystalline frequency, you’ll keep yourself from taking on their comments as truth. There is nothing wrong with you, and what your family believes about you does not have to become what you believe about yourself!

Remember that it is every individual person’s responsibility to rise up, ascend, and change when they are ready. It is not your responsibility to make this happen for them. 

You are wonderful, beautiful, and ENOUGH just as you are. 

STEP #3: Allow yourself to choose when and how you will participate.

Sometimes we forget that we can say YES to the holidays in our own way. Just because your family spends an entire week or weekend together, doesn’t mean that you have to participate in the entire gathering. 

You still have the power to choose how much time you spend with your family.

Instead of feeling that you have to either be with your family for the entire gathering or not go at all, consciously choose the amount of time that you can handle and enjoy with your family. 

Maybe you’ll decide to go just for a meal and then come home or go to a hotel where you can have your own space. Maybe you’ll want to go early in the day to avoid the later evening because you know everyone will be drinking all day, and the drama happens at night!

How you spend your time is your CHOICE!


Whenever you anticipate drama or dysfunction in your life, remember that you can call in support! If you can have a support person in your home or family with you, this is fantastic! However, I also want to remind you that you can find a sister to support you in the Crystalline Goddess Facebook community, as well!

Join us here!

Know who you are, be in your goddess energy, put on your (invisible) crown, and sink into your own energy of bliss this holiday season, gorgeous!

Hello Beautiful Soul!

Gyms offering discounted memberships, every goal planner under the sun, and weight loss deals galore...are your social media feeds bombarded with news years resolution ads, too? 

The new year is fast approaching, and it’s so easy to fall into the trap of impulse buys and new year’s resolutions when everyone’s selling you solutions to make 2019 better than 2018. 

As I’m sure you know, though, new year’s resolutions almost never last or create real change. Why? Because the inner work needed for transformation doesn’t magically happen from external action.

Today I have an opportunity for you to skyrocket your vibration and allow in the 2019 that the universe truly wants you to experience. 

No gimmicks, no sale, no temptations here!

In fact, you can use these tips *any* time during the year to hit ‘RESTART’ and bring a fresh perspective to the next day, week, month, or year!

These four foundational tips will make a powerful difference in shiting your 2019 out of the hyper-goal focused overworking and burnout cycle. Manifesting your most glorious year should be fun and light!

NEW YEAR TIP #1: Get crystal clear on what you want to see happen in 2019.

Imagine yourself sitting here, reading this email in December of 2019. Feel into the vibration of having completed a lucious, divine year full of abundance. 

Now ask yourself:

What did I accomplish that made 2019 so amazing?

What dreams did I have that are now a reality?

Is 2019 a year for…

💎A new relationship?
💎A new business?
💎A new home?
💎New material things?
💎More spiritual goddess power?
💎Spiritual ascension?
💎Taking your power back?

When you gain clarity on these questions, you can focus your energy on your dreams and use other manifesting tools to really fuel your manifestations. 

There’s no right or wrong to manifest what you desire, goddess. Let yourself be really honest about what you want!

NEW YEAR TIP #2: Dive into the emotion of your manifestations. 

The nuances of how it feels to be abundant, in love, and fulfilled are different for everyone! Just knowing the details of your vision or being able to name your dream aren’t enough.

The most potent way for you to manifest in 2019 is to take the clarity of what you want into an emotional vibration.

How do you feel when you have that new home, when you’re with your beloved, when you’re doing healing work with new clients, when your income is increasing?

What is the emotion of the dreams you want to bring into reality?

What is the emotional frequency of what you’re wanting to create? 

What does it feel like in your body when you imagine having what you desire? 

Tapping into the emotion is what allows your dreams to manifest in a way that truly resonates with you. 

Without emotional manifesting, you’ll tend to get hung up on very specific outcomes such as, “I want a relationship!” but then when the relationship shows up it won’t inspire you to feel loved, cherished, and deeply respected in your goddess power! 

With emotional manifesting, you receive what you want and more. Your creations become accurate based on how you want to feel with them in your life.

When you start manifesting in this way and understand that you are manifesting an emotion and a vibration not people or things, it will be a game changer for you! Vibrational manifesting is the Crystalline way. 

Your mind, heart, and soul are awakening to a wisdom you didn’t even know existed and this frequency will guide you into a very powerful year. 

NEW YEAR TIP #3: Put your vision and emotion into words. 

I want to let you in on the secret to why affirmations often don’t work.  

Most affirmations are just words...usually words that you’ve picked up from someone else’s inspirational post on Instagram or a set of oracle cards you keep on hand.

The problem with adopting these affirmations as a part of your manifestation practice is that they don’t sound or feel like you. The writers of these affirmations don’t know your specific dreams!

Create your own affirmations and tweak the ones you’re currently using to be as energetically clear as possible. Make sure that your affirmations evoke your emotions and arouse the sensations in your body that feel good to you. 

Don’t use affirmations that are just meaningless words on a page!

When you’ve landed on your authentic manifestation affirmations, repeat them to reprogram your subconsciousness to that frequency. This is such a powerful shift to give you a quantum leap into your new reality. 

NEW YEAR TIP #4: Give gratitude...even if your manifestation isn’t here yet!

Just a little spark of gratitude can light a fire of abundance that spreads quickly!

When you focus on things in this present moment that make you happy and make life richer and more fulfilling right now, you create a vibration that says, “I am abundant! Yes! More please! I’m open to receive!”

You don’t have to wait for your dreams to come true.

You don’t have to wait for external things to trigger your gratitude.

You can look at your life right now and start to give thanks for the blessings that already exist in your reality. 

The more you pay attention to them, the more they will grow!

You can even practice gratitude for things that haven’t physically manifested for you yet

Give thanks for the soulmate that you know is coming into your life!

Give thanks for how your income is increasing and flowing in with abundance!

Give thanks for the healing that is occuring in your life and more that is already on the way!

Following these four tips will help you maintain a more positive and joyful vibration in your life where things fall into place effortlessly and with divine ease.

You deserve to live your best life in 2019! Here’s to your most magical, dream-filled year yet, goddess!

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