Wow!! Finally I am on my last day of fasting. Ive been on this Juice Fast for 14 days now and day 11 and 12 were water days only, no juice! Day 11 was easy and I wasnt missing the juice at all but then day 12 I was feeling weak and bored. I think the second water fasting day was a bit much for me, although it went alright, but it wasn’t no where near as enjoyable as the other days have been!

So yesterday, day 13, my spiritual strength and my will power was put to test! But I made it through alright!  I went to the Discovery Science Center in Santa Ana to see a Star Wars exhibition with a dear friend of mine and my two teenage boys! It was a lot of fun and I was most excited to see Princess Leias clothes and R2 D2! I mean who doesn’t just LOVE R2D2??

As soon as we got there everyone was feeling ready for a snack so I sat in the restaurant watching everyone eat! I was feeling alright since I had just had my green juice. It felt strange watching people there eat pizza with thick white crust or not very high quality taco bell tacos. I had no desire eating any of that so it wasnt too much of a temptation there. We spent hours at the Science Center and somehow time just flew by. I was tired from all the people and the noise. During fasting I have felt even more sensitive to the energies of other people but I did shield myself so it wasn’t too bad. Kind of a heavy day though with lots of walking and standing.  As we were driving back home we stopped by at California Pizza Kitchen! Now that was tough! And my friend was asking if Im okay going and all but yes, I was okay going there but, oh.  was I dreaming about their spinach artichoke dip and tricolore salad pizza and the spinach artichoke pizza and just about anything on their menu. I was not craving the deserts at all! Even with all this cravings, I had so strongly made my mind that food can wait, knowing, that food really isn’t going anywhere from this world and that CPK is still going to be there in the future.  So I was very calm watching others eat. But I can tell you that it was a strange feeling. I don’t think I have ever been in a restaurant before not having anything to eat! So I had some chamomile tea while my boys (in the pic) had pizzas! Overall, it was a fantastic day and resisting temptation made me feel good about myself. I can do anything!!! hahah I really loved watching others eat and smelling the good food. Its almost like eating the food physically, that’s why it wasnt too bad resisting. But I had to keep asking, is it good, is it good?? hoping they’d say oh yes!! its really good!! Telepathic eating! YUM!!!


So, this morning I woke up feeling so happy and so joyful!! Its Easter! Its my last day! I’ve accomplished so much fasting 14 days! I am aware there are people who do 30 or 60 day fasts, those really aren’t for me. I loved giving this break for my digestive system and allowing my body to cleanse from the toxins. A couple of days ago, after the water fasting days I felt like my fasting was complete and that I had cleansed what needed to be cleansed. It just felt like that. But of course I kept going for the rest of the two days, its just allowing me a little more time to adjust to the changes coming up in my diet. This morning, I arranged Easter egg hunt for the boys and made them their favorite breakfast food: rice porridge for breakfast.  This was my breakfast today:

Just the juice though!  But tomorrow, I will eat apples too! yay!  So I went to the beach for a walk and talk with my dear friend and it was really nice time. This was a fantastic Easter and I didn’t gain weight by eating all that chocolate! =)

So My plans for the coming week is to start eating really slowly. Tomorrow I will start with the baby food, and move to eating and apple and I bought some grapes too. So just some easily digestible fruit, no veggies yet because they are a bit harder to digest. Tuesday Ill add veggies to my diet and perhaps eat some avocado salad and of course fruits too. Then on wednesday, same thing basically, Ill add some seeds into my salad as well. Thursday Ill start transitioning and Ill probably eat some rice along with the veggies and fruit, maybe some veggies soup. And Friday!!! My favorite, favorite favorite food at my favorite restaurant: THAI FOOD rice and veggies with the most amazing peanut sauce. With raw spring rolls dipped in the peanut sauce. Oh my, that is going to be heaven.  When I eat that, I know I will be so extremely filled with gratitude for food and it will simply feel like heaven on earth. I already always feel like that in that restaurant everytime but it will be more intense this time!

Its been a very positive experience.. Ill end the day with a colon cleanse and a nice long hot bath! I lost about 15 lbs altogether during these 14 days! I expect some of it to come back naturally but most of it will stay off and I will continue eating light raw vegan food, with some cooked food of course too because I love cooked food also. As long as its healthy and I eat with gratitude my body will love it too!!

Angel Blessings!!


Hello everyone, 

I havent written my blog in a couple of days now because I dont really feel there has been too much to say. Everything is going great and I not eating is bothering me less and less everyday. I’m feeling great and have lots of energy. I do feel like if I had eaten something my energy level would be higher, but I’m still able to do everything I need to do and I have honestly been working looong days! I’ve worked with clients, worked on my Angel Light Newsletter and the Finnish equivalent and been writing many pages for my upcoming book about Creating Heaven on Earth. The book is entirely in Finnish language but perhaps later I will have it translated and will have it available for you all. It is going to be AMAZING!! I’m sharing so much about manifesting, ascension, love relationships and how to connect with Angels and Ascended Masters and so much more!  Also in the past could of days I created a new Angel workshop! So if you are interested in Angels then email me and Ill give you more info and please do sign up for my newsletter at, you will get a FREE 30 min Angel meditation journey!  The purpose of this blog is not to advertise! However, I’m so passionate about my work I cant wait to share what I create with everyone so I cant help myself but to advertise just a little=) I always create this much, its not about the fasting, although I do feel more focused now.


Today, day 11 I decided to have a water fasting day instead of having the green juice. Its 5pm now and this day is going great. In fact, I feel better today than I felt yesterday. I like the feeling of not worrying about what I have to eat next and did I remember to drink my juice today. I feel more free today so I think Ill have another water fasting day tomorrow. I read somewhere that having a few water fasting days within the juice fast intensifies the cleansing and is a good idea so Im going for it!! I want to be all clean, and fresh new born Anu!

I have started cleaning my refrigerator and my food shelves. I haven’t thrown out much, everything looks okay there but I am making things more organized and have a little more room for some new ingredients like carob and cacao powder! I am craving for coconut carob dessert balls! I will make them after my fasting!  I went to the grocery store today to buy food for my boys. I had no problems with seeing food around. I didn’t feel overly obsessed looking at yummy foods anymore and it felt simply natural buying as if it was any normal day! I’m actually quite surprised how I’m feeling. Yet, I don’t feel like I want to continue more than 14 days, i am looking forward to eating again. I have made a detailed list of what exactly I will be eating on day 1, day 2 and so on. Ill share that later with you. I know ending the fast right has been an issue for me before. I remember once I was on a 10 day fast few years ago. I was craving for food much more than I do now then. I dreamed of having baguette with cheese, tomatoes, lettuce and cucumber and butter of course!  So on day 10 I couldn’t resist anymore and bought one! And I thought Id just taste a tiny piece. But I ate the whole thing! It was like one third of an entire baguette so you can imagine how my stomach must have felt! This time, Ill start with fruit only the first day and go from there! I love my body and I want to be gentle and loving to it after its done such an amazing cleansing job to help me feel better during the fast.

I am sensing my body more. I am more present to my bodily functions. When I was lying down on my bed last night my stomach felt really skinny and all that and I could feel the heartbeat on my stomach so clearly. I had my hands on my tummy and let golden light fill my body and entire being and I was experiencing a very beautiful moment in my physical self realization. wow.. I am a physical being!!   I have this body, these organs, this skin to protect me.. I think its easier to realize that we are pure spirit and light and sometimes the physical aspect is not acknowledged as much. What a loving body I have, it is allowing me to do so much on this physical plane. I can walk, I can dance, I can eat, I can sing, I can touch, I can feel ….so much. I feel so much gratitude and have a 100% trust that this fasting is right for me and so I dont experience side effects much at all.. Im in the flow! I wish everyone who is fasting could enjoy it as much!

Angel Blessings!


Hi everyone,

I’m getting quite used to this fasting now. today my stomach has been growling again for some reason which is very odd. But it doesnt really bother me that much, its not like I want to eat something. In fact, I feel fine without it and intend to keep going a little longer than 10 days. So Yesterday I decided that I will do 4 more days to complete the fast. I mean why not? I feel great, I have lots of energy, my mood is great although a little more emotional than usual, and Im looking better! (I lost 9 pounds so far)

Yesterday My dear dear friend Lizzy (her website: ShineAwayHealing ), who is an amazing Theta healer and also a radio show host like me came over to visit and we traded healing. First I gave her a beautiful Angel Light Hypnosis session and she felt transformed after that. We were both in tears and I felt so blessed to have witnessed such a beautiful moment with her and the angels. Then she gave me a Theta Healing session. We trade often but this time, the experience was even more amazing and even more clear than before. This fasting is really taking things to a whole new level and I LOVE IT! I feel so alive! Of course I always do, but its more intense now! So the session was very long and there were many stages so Im not going to get into any of the details but I expereinced a major release as my chakras cleansing. As soon as I opened my eyes I said to Lizzy that I I felt like my Moon just started! I had had absolutely no symptoms before and was not really expecting it to happen anyway. But I felt like my sacral was moving fast and we did a lot of sacral chakra related cleansing in the healing session. Anyway today that has been causing a little bit of issues in my body and maybe that’s the reason my stomach started growling again, maybe. I feel present, I feel happy and serene though. It’s all good.

I’ve taken walks and learned more about raw foods. I try not to be consumed by thinking about food now though. However, since my intention during this fasting was to figure out my diet and now that I have kind of figured that out, I think it supports my new lifestyle in the future. I want to have a clear mind with no hesitation once I stop my fast. I don’t want to do a raw food diet, I want to add raw food long term and bring more rainbow colors into my everyday life! I love Rainbow Food, its so healing for the chakras! I have done a show about Atlantean Rainbow food Diet if you’d like to listen. Its not about fasting or or changing to raw food but it will definitely give you some great ideas about food also so here is the link to the show archive:

I so completely recommend fasting if your situation allows that. I love it and remember its not like I love to be hungry, I LOVE food, but this feels like another way of loving food too!! And most importantly loving myself <3



Hello amazing beings,

Day 5 

Yesterday, on day 5 I simply forgot and didn’t have a lot of time to write my blog so I’m going to start by how my day 5 was like on Juice Fast. First of all, I woke up feel just fine and as I started making my morning juice I thought Id try juicing the apples separately just to get a little variety. I had an orange in the frigde too so I juiced two apples and an orange. I dont know what I was thinking but I just put the whole orange in the juicer and so the drink was very bitter. It wasnt too bad but it wasnt the nice variety I had hoped.

More Past Lives….

I worked with some clients in the morning, did a regression therapy session via Skype that really hit home for me too, like they often do in a wonderful way. My client went to a past life as a Native American man. The young Indian man helped the medicine man and was his apprentice.  She felt really strong and good in the beautiful strong body with long black hair. There were many spiritual lessons learned. It was a very fascinating life.  I remembered my past life as a young Native American man also where I remember having this gorgeous body!! hahah I know it sounds funny but I was HOT! lol I was going on some kind of a quest to find myself. So my mom gave me some dried meat or something to go and I took my horse and rode to the desert. I found a creek where I left my horse and continue on foot and climbed on a on a mountain on at least a very high rock not sure. So I went to sit by the egde and I kind of meditated I guess.. I just sat there for hours. I watched the Sun go down it looked beautiful. And then I saw an Eagle fly right over me and I felt so incredibly good about that. There are no words. Almost like an enlightenment. I was so ONE with everything, the sand, rocks, the Eagle, the setting SUN, the smell of the dry air. That story continues but that is the part of the regression I thought about today. What a moment in time! 

Veggie shopping

After working in the morning I did the rest of my juice Bunch of Kale, 4 stalks of celery, half a lemon, piece of ginger, one cucumber (it was a half cucumber only that day..) . That juice tasted a little bitter also because it didn’t have the sweetness of the apple. So it wasn’t a good idea. But the juice was still great I had no problems of enjoying it. I went to the Moonlight Beach in Encinitas with my dear friend Lizzy for a long walk. I didnt have as much energy as I usually do but we still probably walked an hour altogether although I did want to just sit and watch the ocean too.  Had a wonderful time! We went to the WholeFoods store later and I got the rest of the veggies for the next 5 days of my fasting. The Kale I got and the cucumbers were HUGE compared to veggies Trader Joes had. So my amount of daily juice will rise from about 500ml to perhaps 600ml=) yay!!!

Later in the evening I felt like watching a movie and something fun with my two teenage boys!! And we were watching Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure !! I love that movie, I’ve seen it many times and I still laugh so much!  Ive always been a fan of Keanu Reeves too he is just so cute=) Matrix was amazing when I first saw it! So I was watching a comedy smelling the pop corn. But to my surprise its really not hard to resist eating during fasting. But its been nice thinking about food a lot.

Cleansing and Detoxing

So..before sleep I took a shower and I had done my colon cleanse earlier. I’ve noticed that my skin is peeling and looks my more now because its detoxing shedding old skin. It doesn’t bother me but its not as smooth and shiny=) I brush my skin in the shower. I’ve heard that dry brushing is better but I don’t know, I like brushing in the shower more and its a lot warmer there too! I haven’t had any other issues with my skin, breakouts or anything like that. I feel hunger constantly a little bit but I’m not sure if its physical or just emotional and it doesn’t bother me much, I’m getting used to that too. My breath might smell bad, I taste detox in my mouth a little bit and my tongue is collecting more white on top which is normal during fasting as well.

Day 6

Did a lot of work today, did a reading, and did some recording. I recorded a meditation journey and a part of an online class.  Enjoyed my Green juice today. But I notice I have to remind myself to drink water and drink juice because Im so used to not consuming much.

Deep thoughts about food and spirituality

So, I was thinking about food… and how we people kind of feel more complete when we eat. I am going about  my days   very well without food… everything else is the same in my days, basically, except that I don’t eat. I do help my boys prepare food. We did lasagna, kids favorite today! It smells good but is way too heavy for me to even dream about eating.  I dream about rainbow food mostly. Colorful veggies and fruit!  But realizing that I feel like FOOD IS MISSING is actually quite a deep feeling if you start looking at it from a more spiritual perspective. Of course the physical body supposedly requires food to keep going, however our Light Body doesn’t, when ascended.  So not being ascended right now, just yet=), makes me feel addicted to food. I was thinking about how there was a time in my life when I thought a man could complete me. So I desperately wanted to fall in love and have a man to complete me, make me happy. Until I realized that no one can make me happy other than me. Happiness comes from the inside. Feeling complete comes from the inside. But what about food. Now an Ascended Master Paramahansa Yogananda said while he was near ascension still in his physical incarnation, something that food is the last thing that is keeping him grounded in the physical body.  He felt that food is the last thing of the addictions and the least harmful to the world (on a conscious food diet of course, cruelty+animal free).  So I guess what I am kind of trying to say is that we always look for things to make us feel more alive, and more complete. We often look for them in other people, or life circumstances instead of within. But what about food? Food is really another thing exactly like that, isnt it? I mean there are yogis and aboriginals that live without food and water for years and still exist in physical body. Its really mind over matter.  What happens to people when they die and go to the other side and realize they cant eat anymore, or eating doesn’t feel the same way as it did here on the heavier more physical plane of existence. I have no intention of not enjoying the pleasures of eating. That is why Im still here and not ascended…hahah Oh Im sure there are more reasons, of course I have a lot of light work to do and some personal things to work on still too=) But food…keeps me loving Earth Plane Existence, a lot!! =) As long as it is pure, clean, vibrant, organic and full of color and taste!! Im not going completely raw at all.. but I will increase the amount of salads or smoothies in my daily diet!

I am feeling great without food too and love this opportunity to take distance from eating but still think and smell the food. I think I smell food better now. I bet I will taste food much better too in about 4 days when Ill start with organic peach baby food!=) 

Thank you for reading!!  Love and Light!!


Today has been a GREAT day! I have felt a little bit of hunger but Im getting used to the feeling more and its not bothering me anymore. There has been no nausea no dizziness or anything like that today! I have had a lot of energy and been in fantastic spirit too!  I had a great time in the morning broadcasting my show ATLANTEAN ANGELS – Magic of Manifesting and talking to so many listeners and doing some free mini readings and overall this has been a day of connecting with people and I LOVE CONNECTING! It feels so wonderful being able to bring a little bit of joy and happiness into someone’s life. So many angels all around today!! Of course Angels are all around everyday but somehow today I’ve felt like celebrating, internally, by feeling expansive gratitude and love! Whether I eat food or not I get those kind of emotions all the time but Im glad Im feeling this way today because of my fasting!

I notice that I need to keep reminding myself to drink my juice and drink my water because Im not feeling thirst either. Its strange..I did make some chamomile tea today with a little bit of lemon and just a tiny bit of agave nectar. When I put the agave nectar on my tea I thought I maybe should check it out if that’s encouraged during fasting. I know that its okay to put maybe a teaspoon of honey in tea daily if needed. I have raw agave. I did a little search an found a video and explained its not good for you although all health food stores encourage using it as a sweetener!  I found this video that said its NOT good for you. I drank my tea anyway..=) However, watching that video lead me to suddenly spend hours on youtube. I never do that!! But I was so intrigued. I also wasn’t supposed to think about food today or start planning my new diet just yet but I couldn’t resist. If you are interested in raw recipes then this is your youtube channel: I wrote down so many amazing recipes like raw cacao dessert balls and how to make yummy kale chips! Oh, I so need a dehydrator! I need to manifest one right now! “A FANTASTIC DEHYDRATOR IS HERE FOR ME NOW!!” “I AM A MAGNET FOR AN EXCALIBUR DEHYDRATOR” “I AM SO EXCITED NOW THAT I HAVE MY DEHYDRATOR AND CAN MAKE HEALTHY RAW YUMMY FOODS TO MAINTAIN OPTIMAL HEALTH!” =))) I should say the same about a new more powerful blender. Mine is getting old, but it works!

Im so excited to start making all kinds of good raw foods. many of the recipes don’t require a dehydrator though which is great so I wont have to worry if I don’t have that immediately. I also downloaded a starter kit full of great raw recipes from her site:  I’m not going to go fully Raw. I love baked food too much but I would like to be more raw that I have been.. but maybe about 75%? We’ll see how that goes when I get to the planning part!

I have a lot of energy today as you can see/read! Fasting is going well and there is 6 more days to go. Had my juice today as usual and a colon cleanse with lukewarm filtered water. All is well!

I love you all!! Many Blessings! Good luck with fasting if you are doing it too!!


btw: I dont edit my texts or check them for errors.. I just post it AS IS! =) hope thats okay with you!! <3

Ok, The past two days went pretty well on my fast and then this morning I woke up feel so nauseous and dizzy! I started reading through other peoples blogs and watching you tube videos while still laying on my bed. I couldn’t get up from bed. Finally I did after drinking half liter of water. I made my juice for the day and after drinking it I started feeling better but still I looked like I had fever and was very weak. It surprised me completely! Luckily it only lasted morning and after I did colon cleanse I felt much better! I went for an hour walk with my son, gently hiked a beautiful trail!

After 2pm or so I havent felt hungry or nausea or dizziness. I have had full energy and really felt amazing again!! I even played with the idea of doing more than 10 day fast! lol

I was recording also my show Atlantean Angels and it will be available at–manifesting-abundance  from tomorrow morning 10amPST.  The show is about MAGIC OF MANIFESTING! I guide also a powerful manifesting meditation there so if you are into making your dreams come true, which Im sure you are, we all are!!! =))) so tune in.

Ok, Ive had a long day but I just wanted to write this update here! So overall, third day as expected, challenging but fasting is getting better and better everyday! <3

Love you all!! Blessings!


I must admit that today I have felt hungry!! I made dinner for my boys and I was a little mesmerized looking at them eat the rice and curry sauce beautifully mixed with some veggies *sigh*!  But its only day 2!!  I’m very determined so I’m not anywhere near having giving up thought but the food does look great! Today I’m craving for Thai food, rice and veggies from my favorite Thai restaurant!!

I still have a cup of my juice left! So I should say “I have an abundance of tasty and  fulfilling veggie juice to drink now”  Feeling better already! I haven’t any headaches or other symptoms luckily, just feeling hungry.  That should pass after tomorrow.

My Past Life Regression today

I was regressed today to Atlantis to a life where I was a High Priestess in a Temple in one of the islands.  At first I arrived with some kind of an aircraft to a meadow on top of a mountain where the temple was. There were 12 Priests all who wore white robes and had very long white straight hair. They all looked the same almost! I wore a purple gown with a hood and a belt. My shoes were full of glittering crystals. I was feeling like we were in a hurry and had to only focus on work. There were two men also greeting us at the door, they were more decorated with crystals than the men arrived with. We went to the most sacred part of the temple, the walls were covered with huge crystals. The energy was magnificent. The men in white robes and white long hair created a circle and sat on the ground in lotus position and held each others hands to form a closed ring. I stood in the middle of the circle and I prayed and invoked all kinds of forces of Light from the Universe, Angels, Archangels, galactic masters, ascended beings, GOD! I demanded help for the Atlantean people. I prayed from all of my heart and soul that Atlanteans be saved. But the message I received was “surrender”. I realized there was nothing that could have been done to save Atlantis anymore.  I felt guilty for nothing having done more to help. I did all I could of course. My job had been to oversea the people in the island. I helped make sure the weather was beautiful and it rained when it needed. All this in collaboration and complete respect for Gaia.  The fall happened more quickly that I had expected. I had heard that some people are descending but I didn’t realize how fast it was happening and felt that perhaps I didn’t react fast enough. The guidance from the Angels however was very clear: I needed to forgive myself and send light to all the souls and also to realize that I am not in charge or in control of other peoples choices. It is a choice of each individual whether they want to ascend or descend.  I couldn’t have done anything. It only took a couple of hundred years for everything to fall apart. I went to Egypt along with a lot of other people who realized whats going on before the very end. (I was over 400 years old).  I learned from this experience that I had taken on guilt and responsibility of this event, the Fall of Atlantis even though it was not my fault. This guilt and worry for the Altantean people also led me to descension but now  I let the guilt go completely! I set myself free!  I saw that the people who lost their light or became more dim in Atlantis are starting to wake up and we are soon, in a couple hundred years or so, getting back to where Atlantis was and better! 

I learned a lot about myself today and this made sense in so many ways about this life!

Blessings!! I love you all!!


I had interesting dreams last night and I feel like the entire time I was either learning and teaching manifesting or energyhealing. The dreams were very vidid and real! I woke up to my morning affirmation wake up thing that I have made for myself. It goes something like this:  Good morning Life! Good morning new day! I feel so grateful waking up to this beautiful morning!“… it goes on about how wonderful this day is going to be and listening to a message for the day from the angels and of course clearing and shielding! =) I realized I have forgotten to add grounding to it so I try to remember that each day! Since I didnt have any clients this morning, its my day off!!! I stayed in bed until noon! I did a manifesting meditation that I also did and so my day really started off beautifully!

So this is what I “ate” today! Juiced of course! 

So, I made my morning juice, drank some of the delicious mean green juice and started working on my new compost and somethings in the garden! This day was such a beautiful sunny day too!! Ive felt very happy and relaxed most of the day. I havent felt hungry much, maybe just a little! Overall Ive been feeling great today! I am realizing though that Im going to be 10 days without my pop corn. Thats the only thing I was craving for today when I was watching Star Trek TNG on netflix. Im a  Trekker, and Im proud of it! =)

I did the colon cleanse routine in the morning and before that I had some flax seed that had been soaking with plums overnight. I didnt eat any plums today or anything.. just the flax seed that act also as laxative. I dont like to drink the glauber salt with water, Ive tried that in other fasts years ago but the taste of salt is just too much for me! Flax seed and plums are more gentle for the first day kick off!

I spent hours today painting with oils. Im working on a big painting of hawaiian type of scenery.

So overall Day One has been fantastic! I wish all the fasting days would be this fun!

My stomach hasnt growled even once!!

Love and Light!!


Tomorrow morning (today actually since its past midnight=)) Ill start my Juice Fast. The past week has been extremely busy and exhausting even, so this morning I did a  wonderful Angel Teleseminar and then I just decided to take a BREAK!  I even cancelled meeting with my friends, because I felt I just needed some time at home and with my boys.  I made more soup, went hunting for some organic veggies for my juice, cleaned the house with my boys and then took it easy! Doesn’t sound too relaxing , cleaning and all that but I can relax best in a clean home and the past week household work was neglected because of my extra super busy work schedule!

It was raining heavily today but I went shopping, at Trader Joes. I was very surprised they didnt have any organic Kale!  I then tried the Stater Bros next door, since it said in their website they have a great selection of organic veggies.. Well, they had a nice selection of red organic apples, but thats about it!  So on the way home I made one more stop at Albertsons but didnt get lucky getting organc kale for tomorrows juice there either. However, because of that extra stop I did receive a beautiful gift from the universe: Double Rainbow!!  I took a picture of it but the picture doesnt do justice to it at all. It was actually very vibrant and full of color and you could clearly seen them both! Gorgeous!!  In the picture its hard to see the second one to the right.

So, I didn’t get organic kale today, but everything else is organic, which is nice! Ill just ask the Angels to bless the juice and cleanse it from any possible toxins and energize it with all the heavenly goodies! Later Ill find a Farmers market when I need some more veggies later in the week!

Ive been clearly heavenly guided to do this fasting the whole time. When I put the items for a calorie count in my iphone for the veggiesoup day it turned out 888cals and the green juice is 444!  Thats pretty amazing Id say!! AND, today the beautiful double rainbow! What do you think about that??? The Universe must want me to give this Juice Fasting my love and energy.  And most importantly I need this time to spend time focusing on me, taking warm baths, readings, meditating.  Ive even recorded some new meditations for myself for the week so Im excited to try them out too!

Today I had some juice and more of that yummy veggie soup. I also had some plums that are a great natural laxative. I have my colon cleanse bag ready for the morning!  I’m actually very excited about tomorrow and feel so much better after spending the evening with my boys playing  The Muppets Monopoly for a few hours byt the fire!! Now Im ready for tomorrow!!

I’ve never blogged before, so this is a new experience for me! Feedback, comments and thoughts would be great!

Thank you!!

Love and Light!



I’m finally getting started with the fasting! Well..This weekend Saturday and Sunday Im taking the gentle transition to juice fasting.  Ive had such a busy week and a busy day today also and that may be part of the reasons but Im feeling a bit of a headache. It might be partly because my body is used to eating something more solid like bread!! Cant believe I’m already experiencing fasting symptoms!!  lol

So during the transition days Im having carrot juice for breakfast then  veggie soup for lunch and dinner and I also had green juice in the evening.  The soup is really delicious and very simple to make. Everything organic of course:


Potatoes, green onion, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, parsley, celery and vegetable broth. The organic veggie broth was so delicious I really didnt add any other other spices there at all and it was yummy!!

Tomorrow I intend to go to Trader Joes or something to get the veggies for my fasting which begins on MONDAY!! I kind of feel like fasting already.. Im wondering how Ill feel when I dont get to eat the soup!! Just the green juice! Well…. I guess just drinking lots of water! Today I didn’t drink enough water.  1,5 liters of water sounds good!!

Let me know if you are fasting as well or any questions and comments!

Love and Light to you all!!


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