For the last 15 years I haven’t had a job…

And during that time I’ve:

How did I do it?

Through the most magical career on the planet.

One with unlimited potential for wealth, abundance, spiritual growth, and satisfaction. 

I’m talking about my Lightwork!

The life you can create for yourself through Lightwork is truly incredible. While you expand your own conscious wealth, you can be helping others to heal, manifest, and make their own dreams come true. 

From morning to night I live and breathe Lightwork and I can’t imagine a better way to earn an income.

With things in the world changing so rapidly, people are looking for ways to more deeply understand themselves, create inner healing, and improve their lives in the face of uncertainty. There’s never been a better time to be offering sacred services and providing Lightwork as a spiritual entrepreneur. This work is a vehicle for freedom and a channel for joy, love, and light. 

We are creating a new world full of new ways to live and make a living.

How would it feel for you to spend hours at ‘work’ doing something meaningful while making great money? Lightwork is a real profession and anyone — including you — can be very successful with it.

There’s no catch, just your divine calling waiting for you to answer.

Let me tell you about two of my students who both started their Lightwork businesses in one of my programs.

Julia had been dreaming about doing spiritual work, healing, and Lightwork for others for quite some time. Her biggest obstacle was not knowing how she could do it. 

When she came across my Crystalline Lightworker Training, she jumped right in. Not long after she began offering her Lightwork sessions, she landed a position with a TV station to do psychic readings making $250+ per hour for her work! At the same time, she launched her Angel Light Hypnosis and healing workshops.

Now, Julia is loving her Lightwork career.

Henna came to work with me after her 9 to 5 job had drained her of her joy and zest for life. She knew she wanted something different. Initially, Henna and I were doing Angel Light Hypnosis sessions for her personal healing. She started talking about a potential career change and then took a leap of faith and began her Lightwork business after taking my training. 

Today Henna is one of Finland’s leading Lightworkers and she’s having six figure launches one after another. 

Lightwork is a true, lucrative career — not just meditation all day and prayers for the Earth (though those are important, too). If you’re feeling a nudge to learn more, keep your eyes open for my next free workshop that is coming up soon. 

This is possible for you. 

You can become self-sufficient and independent from the corporate world. 

You can EMBODY your job, BE your own boss, and create a simple, sustainable, and sacred business. 

You can ascend into your Lightwork calling, one step at a time.

I believe in you, 


P.S. Join me inside of the Crystalline Goddess Facebook group where you’ll find more inspiration, free trainings, and angelic messages weekly to begin your Lightworker journey.

What comes naturally to you? 

And is that what you do to make a living?

For too many of us, the answer to that last question is a shocked and almost comical, “No way!” 

We think of the skills and gifts that come naturally to us as something we should do as hobbies or side gigs that barely pay. This happens because we live in a world that teaches us that work we love won’t really be profitable and that the responsible thing to do is to get a ‘real’ job that pays well. Then we’re supposed to spend decades doing that job. In our later years we expect to retire and then we can finally fully enjoy life.

The status quo is clocking into work, checking off our task list, and hoping for a promotion somewhere down the road. 

Questioning the status quo isn’t an option...until you realize IT IS an option!

Your gifts and talents don’t have to be reserved for your ‘spare time’ they can blossom into your life’s work! Whether you love to write, dance, sing, speak, garden, or volunteer in your community you have the gift of helping others and that is all that is required to get started in entrepreneurship and Lightwork. 

Lightwork is an extremely profitable profession and is becoming a more recognized career option as our world hurts and yearns for healing. 

Are you destined to be a Lightwork entrepreneur?

In order to shift our collective consciousness around what is possible and profitable with Lightwork, I believe it is crucial that we hear stories of women who have gone before us and had major breakthroughs with their work. 

No matter what, taking your own leap will require courage, but knowing about the real life success of women like my student Iiana can give you the hope, faith, and Goddess fuel to carry you on your way. 

Iina joined the Crystalling Lightwork Training with me about eight months ago. Her old business was closing and she was ready for something new, exciting, and full of purpose. We worked together for about a month and a half before Iina launched her Lightwork business. 

Immediately, she started booking clients and was consistently booked out two weeks in advance! She had really opened up a portal to her soul clients. 

Following the strategy and guidance that I had taught her, she hit $12K months and has sustained that level of revenue for a few months now. She’s well on her way to her first six figure year with her healing sessions, workshops, and crystal sales. She gets to do work that is meaningful to her while offering joy, hope, and healing to others.

Not only can this be a lucrative career for you, too, it can happen fast!

Deciding to make your dreams come true by doing your Lightwork in the world means that you can do what Iina did. 

We’re all going through some level of ascension right now.

We all need the clarity and support that Lightworkers bring.

We are all ready to make sense of this changing world.

If you’re curious and hear at least a whisper of a calling to pursue Lightwork, join me inside of the Crystalline Goddess facebook group. On Monday at 2pm PST I’ll be sharing angelic messages, pulling oracle cards, and sharing more about how to decide if Lightwork is your path to sacred purpose. 

Can’t wait to see you there!


As we head into the second quarter of 2021, so much magic is in the air!

The scent of spring is in the wind and new births are beginning. This is a divine time to pause and take stock of your year so far. 

Tune in and ask yourself these two questions:

Where is my vibration at right now?

What higher version of myself am I being called into at this moment?

As the flowers bloom and the grass becomes radiant and green, we all feel the stirrings of life and nourishment under our feet, pouring into us from Earth. Because of this powerful stirring of energy, many of us are being called deeper into our spiritual gifts and Lightwork super powers. 

Feeling this calling also means that we are being drawn to raise our vibrations so that we can more confidently hold the power of our Lightwork!

The most important thing to have during this spring season is CLARITY on where you are right now and where you’re headed. THIS is what will support you in knowing the exact next step to take in your journey, so let’s talk about the three stages of Lightwork...and how you can determine where you’re at on your path.

(Now, if you’re NOT a budding entrepreneur — no worries! Stay tuned on the blog for more goddess life goodies or read on. I’m sure you’ll find some gold nuggets of wisdom and inspiration here for your Crystalline ascension, too.)


During the awakening stage you’re searching, seeking, and knocking on anything that even looks like a door you could open! In this stage, you feel the calling and know that now is the time for you to step up and start fulfilling your life purpose. Even with the world feeling unstable, there is power rising from within you and a sense that you can do something to help and heal others.


During the crystalline stage you become more strategic about your purpose and Lightwork. At this time, you’re undergoing rapid transformation and beginning to see evidence of the angels, your spiritual team, and/or your intuitive superpowers in your everyday life. You’ll begin looking at how you can truly secure your life financially and live a more meaningful existence when you’re in the crystalline stage of your Lightwork.


Once you reach the High Priestess stage, you’ll have anchored in what you truly value so that you can turn your energy towards creating radical freedom in your life and with your work. The last year has shown us how deeply we value our freedoms and what happens when they become limited or restricted in some way. This is a perfect time and opportunity to fully step into work that you love that is lucrative and allows you to make money basically out of thin air, or rather, out of your soul!

Curious which stage of your Lightwork you’re at and what’s coming up next on your path? 

Take the Crystalling Lightworker quiz and in just a few minutes you’ll have absolute clarity on exactly that → CLICK HERE

When you work for someone else, they hold the reins and control things from the outside. When you create your own business — your soul business — you become the creator or creatrix of it all!

If you want a business that will just pour out from your heart…

And you’ve been wondering what you can do to make a difference in the world…

It doesn’t matter if you have the skills yet.

It doesn’t matter if you feel uncertain or insecure. 

All that matters is that you’re willing to dip your toes in, see where you stand, and see what your next step could be. 
Click here to take the 2 minute Lightworker quiz now!

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