“I have something very, very special for you.” 

The mysterious shopkeeper disappeared into a back room.

Moments later she emerged with a small black box. As she opened it, I felt a warm vortex of energy radiating from what was inside of it and instantly felt connected...

I was on a trip to Scotland for an angel training with Diana Cooper. It was one of the very first major investments I’d made in my spiritual growth journey. Only months before, I had learned about my three past lives and begun seeking Reiki and other healing modalities.

This was my first encounter with crystals. 

That flawless, two point quartz crystal went everywhere with me — to retreats in Egypt, into meditation, everywhere in my purse. As soon as I learned about the power of my heart center in manifesting, that magical crystal found a new home...in my bra!

As the vibration of my healing heart amplified through the crystal, my manifestations became more powerful than ever before. 


My beloved crystal slipped out of my bra one day...and shattered.

I was devastated.

No matter how I tried to tuck and secure my crystals comfortably near my heart, they would eventually end up on the floor in shards or — yikes! — even in the toilet at the gym when I’d forgotten they were there!

With the help of my crystals, I moved from Finland to the United States, found my twin flame, and started a very lucrative and fulfilling lightwork career. I didn’t want to give up on carrying them, yet I was going to go broke regularly replacing all of my damaged stones!

Gladiolus and Clear and Smoky Quartz on White Table

Do you wear crystals in your bra, too? 

I’m sure you can relate, regular bras are certain crystal death just waiting to happen!

As I talked with my clients and friends about their crystal-wearing habits I received a divinely inspired idea to solve this problem once and for all. I started to dream of the perfect bralette that would allow myself and other goddesses to confidently wear their precious crystals in their most potent energetic center. 

Now that the Crystalline Grace clothing line is beginning to materialize and manifest…

I’d love your help.

If you’re a goddess who wears crystals in your bra — or who would love to, but you haven’t been brave enough to sacrifice them should they fall out — you’re invited to become a part of the Crystalline Grace line launch.

Every item in the Crystalline Grace line, from the bralette to items we will be launching later on, will have my signature Crystalline Vortex Pocket integrated into it. This clothing line will not be like the mass produced fast-fashion we’ve become so accustomed to. Crystalline Grace pieces will give you the power to create an individual Crystalline Forcefield around you to magnetize your dreams in the physical plane. 

This clothing will not just make a fashion statement — it will make a frequency statement to the universe. 

By activating the goddess energy with this Crystalline Vortex Pocket you’ll be able to keep crystals close to your body so that you can intentionally amplify specific frequencies and vibrations in your field.

For instance…

If you were going on a date or visiting a love
→ you’d tuck a rose quartz in your bralette.

If you were looking to manifest abundance from a particular meeting
→ you’d place a citrine crystal in your Vortex Pocket.

If you needed a bit more clarity in a situation
→ you’d want a clear quartz crystal held near to your body. 

If you needed support in communication challenges
→ you’d want to use larimar.

If creativity and motivation was what you wanted
→ you’d bring a carnelian along for the day, close at your side.

And if you wanted to gain wisdom from an experience
→ amethyst would be the crystal for you. 

Divine goddess, if you resonate with the Crystalline Grace vision, I want to invite you to be a part of this movement and breakthrough in Crystalline technology for women. 

An intimate group of Crystalline Goddesses, just 5-10, will be selected to join. You’ll be involved in deeply developing this bra and clothing line — this is NOT a paid program. This IS an opportunity for you to be a part of a groundbreaking shift in women’s wear.  

Click here to let my team know you’re interested and we will personally get back to you with more information!


HUNA PRAYER is a powereful ancient Hawaiian tool for manifesting your dreams!

Here is how you can create your own:


Get comfortable, light a candle, meditate to quiet your mind and imagine a fountain or waterfall pouring water/mana/life force energy into your body. This will magnetize you for the prayer.


Call on the angels or beings of light you want to work with and say something like:

"Beloved Presence of God, I call upon you, My Higher Self, My Angels, Archangels, spirit guides, gods and goddesses of love and light and the ascended masters, and all of the Huna masters of this and every age."


Begin with the actual prayer:

“I ask and pray with all of my heart and mind and spirit and power for..." you can ask for healing/an abundance of money/soulmate... etc.. Make this part of the prayer as long or short as you want. But focus only on one area of life at one time. Dont try to manifest a new job and new relationship at the same time.

Then say:

I am willing to accept miracles in the deliverance of this prayer. I thank you all, and know that this will be done in accordance with the laws of Spirit, and in harmony with my own soul. Amama.”



Now, say these words aloud one time:

My beloved subconscious mind, please take this thought form prayer, with all the vital force needed for it to manifest in its highest possible form, and deliver it to God.


Wait for a few seconds and feel the prayer magnetized and ready to be taken to God, Universe or up to Heavens. You can visualize the prayer coming out of your crown chakra and with the help of your angels takes to the highest place in the Light.


Now, the prayer has been taken to God and you can trust it is heard and answered. Visualize a rain of blessing falling down on you and say out loud one time:

"Lord, Let the Rain of Blessings Fall"

You can finish the prayer by saying "So be it, it is done."

WONDERFUL! Keep doing these 6 steps everyday, the same time if possible, for the next 28 days and see miracles unfold! <3

Hello everyone,

I had a great show today!! I had a very special guest on my show Heaven on Earth on www.12Radio.com today as the amazing Psychic Katt joined me for the hour! Psychic Katt is truly an inspirational person her energy is very magnetic and fascinating so her presence on my show really felt good! Last week she was on Marks Power Peek Hour on HayHouse radio,  and now she was my guest. Very honored to have her. So we talked about psychic development and also gave some tips for the listeners on how to follow the inner guidance and see the signs from the Spirit. We also had great callers and I always LOVE to talk to people, so that was nice!

After the show I went to get a facial treatment! Its been so long since I have really given myself anything like that. Im usually so caught up with my work and creating something new like writing a book or planning a new show or working with clients. And don’t get me wrong. My work is the best in the world. I would do it for free if I had absolutely no need for an income!) =) Right now the trade of time and money works best. however, my point is that I put in so many hours to my work because it feels so important to me. I love all the people I work with and I love working with the angels. Everyday is different and always inspirational. But I did go out and give myself a treat today and i feel great! I should probably do that more often! I took the evening off and spent it with my two teenage sons watching three final episodes of Stargate SG1 season 10. We love that series! But, its 1.37am and here i am back feeling inspired, writing my blog!! =)

I had an amazing moment in my car today driving back home from downtown San Diego. I was there in the traffic and felt the busy and impatient thoughts of people. Suddenly my awareness expanded right there in the middle of the traffic and I just felt so much gratitude and love. I started tearing up from simply feeling so blessed to share that moment with all those people.. I felt so much compassion and love for everyone and everything. It was really something.. I thanked God for being the Creation that we all are.. and I was just crying…lol what a blissful moment there… Ive actually had several of those in the past few days.. one exactly like that just couple of days ago at the beach where I also started crying because I loved everyone and everything so much! Feeling such intense, overwhelming, beautiful sense of gratitude for being! Life is so beautiful.. so precious…sighs… I love you my dear reader, I want you to know that.

On Tuesday, next week I will fly off to Europe to spend the entire summer there, we won’t be back until August. More specifically I am spending the summer in Finland. I grew up in Finland and my family lives there so I am very excited to go back to see the people I love so much. I haven’t been there for 3 years so its been too long. Luckily my mother and my brothers have visited me here in California over the years though! So this trip is not only for meeting family, I will also be doing several Angel Workshops around the country and a Past Life Regression Healer Certification class also in Oulu. There’s so many things I need to do… making sure I have the course materials and informing everyone about the courses and so many organizational things to prepare.

My new book CREATING HEAVEN ON EARTH is also close to being ready and Ive already gotten lots of pre-orders for the book. Im very happy about that. This is the Finnish version but I will definitely keep you updated once I will start working with an editor here in the US to bring the book to you! I believe its a wonderful book and I will share stories from the book and wisdom here in my blog as well in the future. I wanted to give you a sort of an update on where this blog will be going. I haven’t really been writing recently because of all my time has really gone to launching my new Radio show, my new book AND the Finland journey!

Thank you for reading and unfortunately it looks like you cant leave comments. I have tried everything and have no idea how to do it so please let me know how to do that. I have all the settings “enabled” so its a big mystery =) Also, please make sure you come to my FB page and click like! I share daily affirmations there and offer opportunities for free readings and thats how you and I can communicate better! www.facebook.com/anushiasta

Angel Blessings!

Anu Shi Asta



I just wanted to share this photo with you guys! This was taken on Saturday, June 1st, by an amazing photographer Kimberly Nicole here is here website for more information: http://www.lavishlark.com/


Hello Amazing Being!

Wow, I have no idea where to start really! 2012 has been both challenging and absolutely amazing so far. Its truly been bringing new opportunities abundantly and yet, forced me to look at things that no longer serve a Higher purpose. Now more than ever I am witnessing every single day how our thoughts truly create our reality and in these magical 2012 energies this happens almost instantly. This can of course be challenging for us people who have gotten used to believing we are getting away with negative thinking in the past. But this is no longer the case. More and more we begin to see the almost immediate manifestation of our thoughts and this really allows us to become more aware of our power to change our world and becoming more of who we truly are. It is time to reach for the stars! Time to start believing in dreams and creating a magnificent life, a Heaven on Earth! Thought by thought, step by step this becomes possible for us all. Solar Eclipse opens up powerful energies for us this Sunday and this is the perfect time to check your vision board and make sure your thoughts are positive and that you DREAM BIG! Buckle up your seat belt because we are flying high!

I am so excited to tell you about the changes in my life! I recently have had the wonderful opportunity to join the amazing 12Family! I am a 12Listen Advisor on this HayHouse endorsed prestigious 12Listen site founded by Mark Husson. Mark is the Author of LoveScopes and Hay House show host. Also, I am bringing you a whole new magical Radio Show called HEAVEN ON EARTH, premiering June 7th, AND I offer wonderful and very offerdable Angel Light Hypnosis series classes at 12Academy. The next one is this Sunday and together we will get to know your Angels! Please take a moment to visit my website for more information about this and other services.

But really, dear friend, this Sunday is truly magical! This astrological mega event occurs 4.47pm Pacific time. I will there at 12Listen all morning PST to help you with whatever questions you may have for your Angels! I look forward to talking with you! I am wishing you the BEST SOLAR ECLIPSE EVER! Watch your thoughts, expect the unexpected, focus on love and enjoy the ride!

I love and appreciate you! Angel Blessings!

Anu Shi Asta

Written: May 20th, 2012

Hello Amazing Beings,

My name is Anu Shi Asta. I am an Author of a book called Journey to the World of Angels (published in Finland, coming up in English soon!=)), a Spiritual Teacher and Healer, a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Regression Therapist, Reiki Master, Artist of spiritually themed oil&acrylic paintings, and a Radio showhost of Angels of Atlantis.  I am also a Mother of two teenage boys!

I AM an Mermaid & Angel Soul, and sooo much more.  Ive been around for a while! =) I love Atlantis and have had several lifetimes there. This is why I know a new Golden Age is possible. All we need to do is shift our focus to LOVE and open our minds to pure energy and new science. We have what it takes.

I am so grateful and happy that you have come to my blog site.  I hope my blogs can inspire you in many ways as I will be sharing my magical life experiences as well as tips for Manifesting, communicating with Angels and Co-creating a new Golden Age.

I believe in miracles and in magic. My life is constantly filled with magical synchronistic events and I work with the Angels everyday. I would love to share this with you because the Angels have changed my life. Over a decade ago, I got divorced and my new life started! Ive always been spiritual but my new freedom truly opened a new world. I started seeking Angel communication, asking people how its done and finding courage to open my heart to true happiness and freedom! I am still working on the total freedom part (or Id be Ascended already..lol)  but I feel that I have come to a place where I fully trust the guidance of my Angels and the Universe. They have never failed me. Its actually quite incredible how beautifully it works.

I love to create!! I create paintings, I create books, radioshow, and most importantly: my life! I am a creator of my own experience and I am doing the best I can to smile more, love more, meditate peace and forgive easily. I think Im doing alright! <3

I am originally from Finland. I was actually born in Sweden and grew up in Finland, and moved to the United States about five years ago. I even lived in Poland for over 2 years. I consider myself a world citizen really. I love this Planet! I love all the different culture and different kind of people. I love Mother Earth, our beloved Gaia, and do what I can to take care of her. RECYCLE!! =))

I hope you will enjoy reading my blogs! My intention is to do a weekly blog! I have never blogged before so bear with me as I am still learned what blogging is all about!!

Many Blessings and Much Love!

Anu Shi Asta

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