Money blocks.

No one wants them...yet everyone has them!

And, they’re tricky to spot. 

I’ve noticed that there are three money blocks that get missed the most often, so today I’m going to pull back the curtain and help become aware of them so you can shift your energy into wealth and abundance.

MONEY BLOCK #1: You hate being sold to.

Why you’re missing this money block: An aversion to sales is baked into our culture. You might hear people talking about ‘sleazy used car salesmen’ or complaining about advertisements on social media. This energy creates a block between you and the energy of selling.

This block looks like judgement, annoyance, and a general negative reaction to someone offering you a product or service for sale.

Usually, we develop this aversion and hate for sales because we’ve experienced pressure to buy or a feeling that we’re being taken advantage of. In these situations we lost our power while being sold something we didn’t really want or need.

We get to reclaim the power of money to connect us with things we do want and need as well as money’s mission to bring people together for good. In other words, the power of sales and selling. 

Not every item you’re offered is one you’ll want to buy. That’s totally okay! You can still see those offers as possibilities and opportunities the universe is putting in your path.

The more possibilities and opportunities you open yourself to and have a positive response to (even if you don’t say yes), the more likely it is that the things you do desire will come your way!

This money block has a ‘flip side’ as well. When you hate other people selling to’ll be extremely hesitant to sell to other people.

You won’t want to sell your talents and gifts to an employer.

You won’t want to sell your brilliant Lightwork services as an entrepreneur.

You won’t want to sell your amazing personality to a potential mate.

It’s all selling energy!

I have decided to LOVE being sold to.

I love buying courses that help me. I love buying beautiful clothes. I love spending money on the things that I need. 

Money is a divine entity, a guide, and something beautiful to bless your life. Let it leave you and come back to you through the exchange of being sold to and selling yourself as well. 

MONEY BLOCK #2: You say, “I can’t afford it,” a lot!

Why you’re missing this money block: This is a money block that seems factual. If you don’t have the money available the moment you have a desire or see something you want...then you simply can’t afford it, right? 

Not so!

Goddess, money is timeless. Just because you don’t have the cash in your wallet or bank account right now doesn’t mean that you can’t create that money and come back another time. 

You can afford it!

When you affirm this, you stop the scarcity cycle that ‘not affording’ gets you caught up in! 

The more you affirm you can afford, the more you will be able to afford. 

This is a process that requires faith, magical manifestation, and determined intention. When you can’t see exactly how you’ll buy the blouse, the house, or the vacation, remember that money is an unlimited and spiritual resource here on earth. Tap into this frequency when it comes to handling your money.

You may not be able to buy that thing today…

And may not be able to afford it tomorrow either…

But when you aren’t falling into the, “I can’t afford it,” trap all of the time, you’ll be able to afford it soon enough.

I decided to eliminate this phrase from my vocabulary. I am either choosing to buy something or choosing not to buy it and that is that.

MONEY BLOCK #3: You’re afraid to be greedy, so you resist receiving MORE.

Why you’re missing this money block: We are taught to be humble and thankful for having enough. While gratitude is a practice I promote enthusiastically, it is important that you don’t use it to shame yourself for wanting more.

The nature of the universe is expansion, and this is not the same thing as greed.

It is a divine code within us to want more life, not just more ‘stuff.’

It’s a sacred desire to want to learn more, to become more of ourselves, and to shine our light more abundantly. Our souls want more, they want to reach higher. True luxury is about this spaciousness and abundance...not greed and materialism. 

When we resist this expansion, we enter a state of suffering and encounter difficult challenges. Everything seems to be going wrong. Obstacles in our path become overwhelming.

When we fully allow this expansion, we see the truth:

Money is a massive ascension tool.

Money is divine.

Money is a force for good.

Money is more than just cash or numbers in our bank account.

Money is a frequency and energy.

Money is here to change the world for the better.

Money wants to help your soul expand into who you are destined to be in this life.

The negative judgements about money must be released.

The blocks must be gently, lovingly obliterated.

Anytime there’s money involved in your thoughts, catch them. Examine them. Release them. Choose a new way.

Shifting out of these sneaky blocks starts with awareness...and ends with more abundance than you can imagine in every moment.

Many blessings,


Hello Gorgeous Lightworker!

With the constantly changing economy, stay at home orders, and brick and mortar businesses struggling, it’s undeniable that we aren’t going back to ‘normal.’ 

The fact is, the new normal is what it is. There’s no going back. And we don’t know what normal is going to be in the future!

You might be wondering, where on earth does that leave us then?!

Creating our own, New Earth!

I’m seeing an even deeper change happening right now that is taking us into New Earth paradigms. Not just in where we work, but in how we work and make money. 

This is a total transformation of our point of view.

Right now, our dominant paradigm is that:

Hard Work You Suffer Through = Money That Makes You Happy

The new paradigm we are moving into is:

Work That Makes You Happy = Money That ALSO Makes You Happy 

In the old paradigm of making money, we would go to an office job and put in our time in exchange for a paycheck. We traded our time hustling and grinding at work for dollars. 

In the old paradigm we would think, “At least I’m going to get money that I can spend how I want.”

It was all about working for someone else who had ‘made it’ in business. We learn this old paradigm from a young age when our parents ask us to do something for an ‘allowance.’ 

In the new paradigm of making money, your soul is in charge. You’re actually not earning money, you’re not creating a business, you’re not doing work. You are doing what you love and expressing yourself. This, in turn, creates a source of income. 

In the new paradigm, you get to be happy while you do the work AND while you invest and spend your money in more loving, abundant, and meaningful ways. 

In the new paradigm we think, “I get to spend my time AND my money how I want!” This is a sacred marriage and union of giving and experiencing joy while being paid for it. It’s a win win paradigm!

Whatever excites you and brings you joy, pleasure, and motivation will put you in the creative space of the new paradigm. Even if you don’t consider yourself ‘creative’ and love little tasks, you get to do those kinds of things, too! It’s all about the energy behind your work.

Not only do you get to bathe in this fulfillment of your dream life in the new paradigm, you also get to do work that creates ripples of light, joy, and happiness in the world. This is what I consider Lightwork.

I believe that we are all Lightworkers of some kind, here to generously give our gifts, and help other people. For me, that looks like working with the angels, creating high vibrational spaces where women awaken to their divine gifts, and dedicating myself to channeling Crystalline energy and wisdom.

I sometimes could it get any better than this?!

Since you’re reading this post from me, I’m willing to bet you’re also a Lightworker.

That you’ve felt a pull to more meaningful, joyful, fulfilling work.

And even if you’ve gotten a small business simply feel that there is more impact you could be making in the world. 

It is an incredible feeling to activate and fully step into expressing your Lightwork gifts and there has never been a better time to really explore this as a career. If we want security, we’ve got to find it in ourselves. Now is the best time to start thinking about how to create this (if you haven’t already).

What would it feel like to do your spiritual work? What would it feel like to give your gifts in a way full of light, deep meaning, and generosity?

I really want to help you make the transition into the new paradigm, into the sacred triad of Lightwork: helping others, making great money, and doing work that you love!

So, how do you get started?

If you haven’t already, I highly recommend taking my FREE Lightworker Archetype Quiz where you’ll find out how to take your next step and thrive in your Lightwork!

Whatever economic ups and downs are happening, you can have all that you need.

Lightwork will take you deep into your soul and just like the creatures deep in the ocean, you’ll feel peace even when there’s a storm. 

With Grace,

Anu x

P.S. Here are those links again:

Click here to take the Lightworker Quiz

Hello Gorgeous Goddess!

I’ve just wrapped up my Divine Money Manifesting class with my Golden Goddesses in the Crystalline Lightworker Training. My cells are still vibrating in this abundant frequency and I wanted to send this transmission to you today, too! 

So many of us have old paradigms that create unnecessary money drama in our lives. It’s time to take an honest look at how they’re holding you back. 

Your conditioned thoughts from the past reinforce a 3rd dimensional way of relating to money. When you think that it isn’t spiritual for us to have money, hold the belief that money is the source of all evil, and even repeat cliche phrases like “money doesn’t grow on trees” you practice relating to money in a way that is filled with lack and scarcity. 

It is my sheer JOY to let you in on this secret...there is a MUCH more free and divine way of experiencing the flow of money. The good news is that the flow does NOT start with your boss or your starts with YOU, and you are the one person you can shift, change, and open up to truly divine abundance. 

Take just 12 minutes today and soak every cell of your being in this energetic transmission with me, love! Join me in this video [or keep reading below] as I talk about exactly how to activate your own divine money frequency. 

Past paradigms and programming of your thoughts will have you believe that money is something earthy and unspiritual. Have you been taught that money is all about greed and getting ahead in the world? Have you seen money used politically and violently in the world? 

Let’s dig into this old, limiting paradigm and create a new perspective. 

Acknowledging that money has been such a source of suffering in your life is the first step. There have been times in almost everyone’s life where there wasn’t enough money for the basic necessities of life or where we felt manipulated by our need for money. 

If you hang on to the scarcity thoughts that you experienced in those times of struggle with money, you will find yourself constantly worrying about money. These struggles lead to guilt about making money from making people happy and doing spiritually prosperous work in the world! With that energy in your body and energy field you will stop the flow of money in your life — you are not in oneness with the universe!

The universe and all of the angels want you to prosper and be rich! 

It’s important for you to really know that money doesn’t have the power to make you happy. The vibration of happiness comes from choice and doing the inner work...but being poor and in scarcity certainly has a direct correlation with feeling miserable and fearful about life!

Take a moment to really start to look at your vibration around money. Ask yourself these questions:

What is money, really?

Where do I believe money comes from?

The perspective I have adopted around money is that money absolutely IS divine. Money is a divine tool for us to live rich, healthy lives while we have this physical experience on Earth. 

We are ascending and becoming crystalline! 

This means that we can truly embody the NEW money frequency where money actually comes from within!

When you allow this divine abundant energy to come into existence and into your cells it will activate your DNA with light, and every cell will be able to drink up this new energy!

As this transformation starts within you, right now, money in the collective consciousness also has a transformation and ascension!

In the 5th dimension I see money as a divine, crystalline, golden sparkle of energy.

Every time I pay my bills or purchase something I see this prosperous shimmering energy around the paper bills, check, or electronic payment. I see the divine energy coming down into me and through me from source, from the divine, and flowing through me to this other person or place that is providing something of value to me. 

When you allow money to come from inside of you, from divine source, you become one with that energy. Whenever you think about it, whenever money comes to you, whenever money goes out from you, it is pure and divine.

The truth about money is that what you earn doesn’t come from your boss or from your clients. Money comes from divine source, and you are the vessel and the channel for that money — if you allow yourself to be.

Allow the universe to take care of you so that you can be of service to others. 

Letting this shift occur will open you up to exploring your creative side. From this new frequency you can stop worrying about having to work SO hard for the money you make. The cycle of having to earn from struggle is a scarcity paradigm that no longer exists when you fully embody that you are the source of money. 

As we do this work collectively to raise our frequency we’ll find that we connect with higher levels of thinking. This will set us free!

Ultimately, this shift has nothing to do with the physical money. Right now, money is just neutral.

In ancient Atlantis, there was a harmony of giving and receiving in trade that tuned everyone in to the flow of exchange. Their gold and silver was not about taking, lacking, or anyone being valued above another person because of the amount of ‘money’ they had. 

As we rise above money in this ancient Atlantean way, we can really allow ourselves to grow financially. 

You can now ascend beyond your current situation and imagine that the money you desire is already there. If you hate money, if you think it’s bad, then it’s going to run away and fast!

Bless your money and be thankful that it is already here!

Bathe in that beautiful crystalline frequency. Imagine being in the golden vibration of money as a divine tool. Your money is already on the way.

2021 is the year of our greatest abundance…

However, we have to actively allow it to be.

Nothing about this year is going to be automatic, everything must be intentional. 

Think of this year like a megaphone, amplifying whatever we put out into the world. Every word that we speak, every step that we take, every relationship that we build will be that much stronger, more powerful, and more influential. Our energy will ripple out across many planes and dimensions to affect people, culture, and even our entire country. We are manifesting 2021 together.

If we wade around in the muddy waters of 2020’s leftover emotions, drama, and turmoil then we will see that amplified in the New Year.

If we decide to shift our energy, and get the support that we need to keep our vibration high throughout this year, then we will see that amplified in the New Year.  

I suggest you make the shift, get yourself support, and start dreaming.

When so much is happening in the world, I know that dreaming can feel especially greedy and selfish.

But there’s never been a more important time for us to remember to surrender to the goddess within each of us so that we can be guided to our highest good and potential — which is inevitably the same as our dream lives!

We cannot stay in the chaotic vibration of 2020.

We cannot continue delaying and waiting for our dreams to come true.

We cannot settle for good enough when we know we are meant to be great.

Make the choice.

Take a step.

The universe needs to know what direction you intend to head in, otherwise it cannot help you get there. 

Show the universe what you actually want and that you are ready and open to receive it. 

When you do that, everything can begin to fall into place.

Stop and really ask yourself, “What mind-blowing abundance will I allow into my life this year?”

Too often we tighten our grip on what we have, instead of allowing ourselves to dream bigger, want more, and receive more. This is your chance to stretch beyond your comfort zone. 

How good can you really tolerate life getting?

With Grace, 

Anu x 

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