I must admit that today I have felt hungry!! I made dinner for my boys and I was a little mesmerized looking at them eat the rice and curry sauce beautifully mixed with some veggies *sigh*!  But its only day 2!!  I’m very determined so I’m not anywhere near having giving up thought but the food does look great! Today I’m craving for Thai food, rice and veggies from my favorite Thai restaurant!!

I still have a cup of my juice left! So I should say “I have an abundance of tasty and  fulfilling veggie juice to drink now”  Feeling better already! I haven’t any headaches or other symptoms luckily, just feeling hungry.  That should pass after tomorrow.

My Past Life Regression today

I was regressed today to Atlantis to a life where I was a High Priestess in a Temple in one of the islands.  At first I arrived with some kind of an aircraft to a meadow on top of a mountain where the temple was. There were 12 Priests all who wore white robes and had very long white straight hair. They all looked the same almost! I wore a purple gown with a hood and a belt. My shoes were full of glittering crystals. I was feeling like we were in a hurry and had to only focus on work. There were two men also greeting us at the door, they were more decorated with crystals than the men arrived with. We went to the most sacred part of the temple, the walls were covered with huge crystals. The energy was magnificent. The men in white robes and white long hair created a circle and sat on the ground in lotus position and held each others hands to form a closed ring. I stood in the middle of the circle and I prayed and invoked all kinds of forces of Light from the Universe, Angels, Archangels, galactic masters, ascended beings, GOD! I demanded help for the Atlantean people. I prayed from all of my heart and soul that Atlanteans be saved. But the message I received was “surrender”. I realized there was nothing that could have been done to save Atlantis anymore.  I felt guilty for nothing having done more to help. I did all I could of course. My job had been to oversea the people in the island. I helped make sure the weather was beautiful and it rained when it needed. All this in collaboration and complete respect for Gaia.  The fall happened more quickly that I had expected. I had heard that some people are descending but I didn’t realize how fast it was happening and felt that perhaps I didn’t react fast enough. The guidance from the Angels however was very clear: I needed to forgive myself and send light to all the souls and also to realize that I am not in charge or in control of other peoples choices. It is a choice of each individual whether they want to ascend or descend.  I couldn’t have done anything. It only took a couple of hundred years for everything to fall apart. I went to Egypt along with a lot of other people who realized whats going on before the very end. (I was over 400 years old).  I learned from this experience that I had taken on guilt and responsibility of this event, the Fall of Atlantis even though it was not my fault. This guilt and worry for the Altantean people also led me to descension but now  I let the guilt go completely! I set myself free!  I saw that the people who lost their light or became more dim in Atlantis are starting to wake up and we are soon, in a couple hundred years or so, getting back to where Atlantis was and better! 

I learned a lot about myself today and this made sense in so many ways about this life!

Blessings!! I love you all!!


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