Crystalline Goddess Oracle Deck

Crystalline Goddess Oracle Deck

Inside the Crystalline Goddess deck, you'll find joyful, uplifting, and hopeful wisdom to support you in raising your vibration and bringing heaven to earth — no matter what you're going through in life.

The Perfect Addition to Your Ascension Toolbox

Whether you have a collection of oracle cards on your coffee table or this is your first oracle deck, the Crystalline Goddess deck is a must-have. As you receive divine messages from the angels, you'll see positive opportunities and miracles on the horizon more clearly than ever before. Believing in abundance and blessings will become second nature as your mind, emotions, and thoughts are showered with angelic light.

Elevate Your Experience

Prepare for an elevating experience that will activate your goddess power and align you with your highest potential! This deck is designed for women who know there is a golden, crystalline goddess within them and want to communicate with her every day. In this time of massive ascension, this tool will help you turn your 5D dreams into reality.

Navigate Astrological Shifts

From mercury retrogrades and astrological portals to full moons and planetary shifts, the Crystalline Goddess Oracle deck is your ascension tool. Clear, actionable messages will guide you, helping you trust in the divine, the angels, and the universe to provide, protect, and support you in your day-to-day life while creating your Crystalline dream life.




★ A deeper understanding of your Crystalline path 

★ Crystal clear guidance and answers

★ Wisdom on how to make the most of your


★ Vision activations of the opportunities in store for


★ Support in raising yourself to a higher frequency

★ A tool to maintain your Crystalline vibration

X  Scary messages of doom and gloom

X  Vague messages that you can’t apply to a real,

     human life

X  Negative forecasts that discourage you about

     your future

Stay Connected and Raise Your Vibration

Staying focused on your dreams requires high sights and even higher vibrations. As a goddess in a woman’s body, that’s not always easy. Having this deck on your nightstand for setting intentions before bed and energy forecasting in the morning will keep you connected to your angels and help you raise your vibration with ease.

A New Level of Communication

This card deck offers a new line and level of communication with spirit, the angels, and your higher self. It's a divine meeting of your most sacred support system, all packaged into a deck you can carry anywhere to elevate your vibration anytime.

DECK SPECS (Your order will include):

  • 44 x Crystalline-Charged Message Cards, each card complete with a Visual Crystalline Code Activation
  • 1 x Deep dive booklet with expanded card messages

Don't miss out on this opportunity to transform your life and elevate your vibration. Order now and start your journey with the Crystalline Goddess Oracle Deck today!

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