Crystalline Goddess Academy

Are you forever struggling to silence that mean little voice in your head that says you’re not enough?
Manifesting your dream life shouldn’t be so h-a-r-d
It’s time to own your sacred gifts, rule like a Goddess, and become the creator of your life story

Most of what we’ve been taught about “manifesting” is utterly useless

…but you already know that.

Because despite reading a-a-all the books on creating your dream life, someplace deep inside you still feels overwhelmed and scared, and about a million miles away from your dream life.
You are sooo not alone.
We’ve been taught a way of manifesting that doesn’t honor our divine gifts or allow for sovereign connection with Angels.

Open-heartedness, gratitude, meditation, and visualization, that’s all wonderful stuff.
But that’s only part of the process.

Maybe you have success and create a little magic, but here’s what happens next:

Your so-called “twin flame” turns out to have a few other “twin flames” on the side
You get an unexpected inheritance (sah-weet!), only to receive an unexpected tax bill 3 weeks later *facepalm*
You score the ultimate dream job, only to find your boss is a Class-A jerk
Truly embodying Divine Creative Energy elevates your frequency, so you don’t have to work so hard at manifesting.

When you bring creative flow into your life, you manifest with ease and grace. You fully step into the frequency you want to manifest and start seeing results effortlessly.

BOOM! Before you know it you’re manifesting like a Golden Atlantean.

You’ve heard the call to greatness and you’re ready for divine intervention

If you want to become a mistress of manifestation, you and your dna must become more crystalline.
When you do that, anything is possible.

Here’s how it works:

For a big chunk of human history, we’ve been mostly carbon-based beings (i.e. flesh and blood, coffee-slurping humans). But we’re moving away from that carbon-based structure to a crystalline structure.

Basically, we’re becoming light. And we use that light to create magic; literally anything you want.

I.e., you find your REAL twin flame, you double your monthly income, you stop craving Haagen-Dazs, and become enamored with kale salad.

Whatever you long for… the crystalline energy is how you get it.
So how does one go from carbon-based to crystalline?

Well, that’s what I’m here to teach.



The Crystalline Goddess Academy is a vortex that will transform your frequency from lack to fulfilment—in any area of your life!

You’ll step into your power like never before and learn to bring into existence anything your heart desires!

You’ll enter a rejuvenation process that will turn you into an ageless goddess! (yes, you’ll even see some wrinkles disappear)

You’ll activate your manifesting superpowers to create your ultimate dream life that is rich and fulfilling!

You’ll learn to communicate with your Angels, so you always have access to divine guidance when you need it.

It’s time to clear out anything that’s been holding you back and open up to a life filled with joy and purpose! You’re about to become thoroughly intoxicated by the deliciousness of your own life!

The Time Has Come To
Step Into Your Crystalline Power

If you want to manifest a life that grows with unstoppable flow and alignment, you must release all resistance, fear, and past pain that is blocking you from divine success.

If you want money and abundance and freedom to make dreams come true, you need a solid emotional and spiritual foundation.

The principles I will teach you can be applied to finding love, healing your soul, discovering your life purpose, and creating financial well-being.
There is more to life than pain and struggle. And I know that’s not always easy to believe.
I was poor growing up, and that poverty came with me into my adult life, and later as a single mom of two small children. Many times, I felt desperate to scrape together money for rent and food.

Angels helped me change my life completely.

They guided me to use the tools in this course and helped me remember my Atlantean past life and life in the Golden age of Atlantis.

For the past decade I have more and more stepped into my own power and created miracles in my life I could only dream about in the past.

I’ve shifted from poverty to abundance, from heartache to joy, from insecurity to owning my goddess gifts and living a life of fulfillment.
Divine woman, I get it!
I know exactly what it’s like to live life through struggle. But I also know exactly what it takes to lift yourself up and QUIT STRUGGLING!

This is a sacred invitation to rise above your fears, doubt, and frustrations

To raise your frequency and to create a dream life with the Angels and the Universe as your co-creators.

This is a journey for the woman who is ready to own her sacred gifts

It’s for the woman who has been yearning to belong to a sacred sisterhood where she can bring her magical gifts to the world.
…for the woman who is 100% ready and fully committed to welcoming positive change into her life.
…for the woman who is ready to RELEASE HER LIMITS AND SOAR.

It’s for the shamans, the lightworkers & the priestesses – any woman who feels her inherent magic, and wants to see it expressed.
The Divine Femme is rising on this planet and she is urging each of us to release our blocks and own our divine feminine power.

Imagine what the world would be like if…

You shifted from feeling that you’re not enough to having rock solid, unbreakable confidence
You could overcome procrastination and confusion, become aligned and focused, and get things done with deliberate ease
You could detox and release your family drama and pain to fully become a wealthy and empowered woman
You released all shame and opened up to receiving more love, money, and intimacy
That’s what you’ll achieve when you join The Crystalline Goddess Academy and fully step into your light.


Here’s a module-by-module breakdown of The Crystalline Goddess Academy

Each module is designed to raise your frequency and rewire your DNA into crystalline vibration, where manifesting is easy and effortless.

Together, we’ll connect with Angels and Atlantean Light over 90 divine days together.


There is a 5th dimensional Goddess within you, and we’re going to let her out! She is eternally loving, powerful, and wise. new chapter of your life starts with shedding the old paradigm and loving yourself more deeply. We will look at beliefs that have been holding you back and keeping you in scarcity and crush them, for good! You’ll adopt simple habits to reshape your reality, and take your first steps out of the 3rd dimension into the 5th dimensional reality.
Unleash the Goddess within and begin your crystalline transformation
Transition from the lower dimension to your dreamlife frequency
Get practices for loving yourself through high-vibration food, self-care, and spiritual practices like meditation, grounding, and clearing
Quick and easy routines for morning and evening that will awaken your creative power and restore joy to your everyday life!


You are not alone. The entire Universe and the Angels are here to help you on your journey. Cultivate powerful angelic experiences as you journey to the world of Angels, Archangels, Star Beings, the Atlantean Council and other pure light beings from the Angelic, Unicorn, and Crystal Kingdoms.
Get to know your guardian angels and our divine dream team
Learn about the Atlantean council and the Angels, and how they can change your life
Learn to tap into the divine guidance from 5th dimensional beings anytime and anywhere
Develop Angelic qualities within yourself to create a heavenly life


During Golden Atlantis, people lived a high vibrational life where everyone thrived and manifested soul’s desires easily and effortlessly. Looking more deeply at the legend of Atlantis you begin remembering on a deeper level what is truly possible for you. Whether you believe Atlantis actually existed or not doesn’t take away valuable lessons we can learn from the myth of Golden Atlantis as we follow the blueprint of creating a high vibrational lifestyle.
Access the ancient wisdom of your soul, your Atlantean past life, and remember who you truly are
Learn about why the legend of Atlantis is so relevant for us today, 12 000 years after its destruction.
Discover what Atlantis was like. Learn about the city of Atlantis, Poseidon the Sea God, and the Kings and Queens of Atlantis and the spiritual lifestyle of the Golden Atlanteans.
Tap into the 5th dimensional Golden Age of of Atlantis, and reach that dimension in your everyday life


Here’s where you’ll let go of the old paradigm from your relationships. You’ll be gently guided to release fears, unworthiness and heavy energies, and step into your relationship heaven. Manifest nourishing relationships and attract your Twin Flame to create a sacred union. You’ll open up to love, abundance and miracles
Release relationship patterns and soul contracts that are dimming your light
Attract your Divine Partner and create a spiritual based sacred love union
Clear your energy and karma using ancient sacred techniques
Ascend all your relationships with family and friends into a higher vibration


In this module we will look at your everyday life and how to maintain high frequency at home. Your home is an extension of your soul, you can even call it the physical manifestation of your aura and a co-creation of energies of people living in the same home. You’ll get to raise the frequency in your home by designing using Atlantean “Feng Shui” methods and crystals. Create uplifting and protective force fields and healing grids in your living space.
Learn to use Atlantean Feng Shui to bring harmony and peace into your home
Use Crystals for healing and uplifting your energy
Learn about how Atlantean city and home design can change your life
Creating peace and security in your home using Sacred crystal grids
Make your home a high-vibing sacred space where you can rest and rejuvenate


In this module you’ll discover why you’re here and what you’re meant to do with your life. There is no dream life without purpose. Purpose fills you with passion and focus in achieving more you ever thought possible. This is where you will find yours. Are you meant to be a spiritual entrepreneur and create your own “job”? You will get tools for helping others as you open up to a channel and a healer. Imagine never having to feel confused about what direction to take in your life. While you always have free will to make any choice you desire, you can learn to channel the answers that serve your highest good at all times.
Discover your life purpose and whether you are meant to share your gifts with the world and be an entrepreneur
Get courage and support in becoming an influencer in this world!
Develop your intuition to instantly turn to the Angels for guidance easily and effortlessly at anytime
Channel written and verbal messages and get guidance through oracle cards
Tune into Atlantean healing energy, so you can give energy healings for yourself and others


In this module you’ll discover ancient Atlantean manifesting technique that will level up your manifesting like you have never imagined! It is time to rise up and create a life that is rich, joyful and fulfilling. You will step into your Crystalline Goddess Manifesting superpower and start creating magic!
Unleash your manifesting superpower to design your ultimate dream life!
Design your dream life and learn exactly how to step by step make it happen!
Awaken the Divine Creatrix within and transform your life to its highest potential
Use sacred geometry to level up your crystalline power


Can imagine living in a vibrant healthy youthful body for another 100 years? Crystalline evolution is offering longevity and vitality like never before and you are now in a process of becoming an ageless Crystalline Goddess. This module will give you the tools to reach infinity, to grow beyond any physical limitation of what we thought is possible in the past. The veil is lifted as you activate your Crystalline cells, 12 chakras, 12 strand DNA and your lightbody. By doing so, nothing can stop you from living the ultimate goddess dream life!
Experience rejuvenation and slow down or even reverse aging into an ageless Crystalline Goddess
Experience a powerful spiritual facelift, a beauty treatment. See noticeable results as this beauty treatment will take years off your face!
Begin your transformation from carbon based 3D human to crystalline superhuman like a Golden Atlanteans
Activate your 12 Chakras and 12 DNA strands and start ascending spiritually as well as physically
Activate your mystical lightbody and set yourself FREE from all earthly limitations

When you enroll in the Crystalline Goddess Academy, you’ll also get…

Exclusive Bonus #1

Divine Money Manifesting LIVE Training

A 2-Hour Live Training and Guided Meditation
Valued at $497
Money can be deeply spiritual and divine, or it can be a tool used for greed and power. In this bonus course, we’ll unravel how to reach your financial goals with deep ease and grace.
Change the way you think and feel about money
Let go of beliefs that are keeping you in scarcity
Use my guided meditation to embody luxury and set your path to wealth
Updgrade your life to divine luxury
Whether it’s paying off loans, making an extra $1000/month, or becoming a true Goddess Millionista, this training will get you there faster.
Exclusive Bonus #2

Millionista Goddess – Hypnosis (Valued at $197)

This audio designed for divine entrepreneurs who are here to make a difference while having an intention to creating an Empire on a solid foundation of Love and Service. Shift your mindset around money and start attracting more high paying clients with this powerful money activation.
Co-create your spiritual Empire with the Universe
Shift into a millionista mindset
Attract more ready-to-buy dream clients
Visualize your 6 to 7-figure business
Connect deeply to your clients needs and desires to serve them better
Claim your divine riches an be a powerful influencer in the world through this potent money activating hypnosis.

Are you ready to claim your divine riches and Serve your clients at the level they truly deserve?

8 Atlantean Healing Integration and DNA rewiring sessions

Exclusive Bonus #3

Personalised Atlantean energy healing group session

(valued at $1997)

And to make sure you’re supported during the course, you’ll also get access to:
Exclusively for Goddesses

Private Crystalline Goddess Facebook Group

($997 value)
This is a virtual group of divine Goddesses at every stage of their spiritual development, committed to caring for themselves on the deepest level, nurturing a deeper self-worth, and raising their sisters to new heights
Watch your energy + abundance soar as we manifest our deeply held desires together! Includes:
Get support from Anu and her goddess team during your entire 90 day journey
Get support from the divine sisterhood
Make lasting deep friendships
Goddess community Facebook Group
Connect deeply to your clients needs and desires to serve them better


  • “It has been amazing to see how my relationship with money has shifted during the program. I’m in a flow of abundance!! I am an energetic millionaire or even a billionaire with all this happening. It feels like I’m flying first class with a glass of champagne!

    The biggest gift I have manifested is the love of my life! I am so grateful that everything is happening right here and now! I can give and receive unconditional love and have the love of the Universe mirrored back from my beloved 100x. Without this course, I couldn’t have imagined being able to receive all this love. I used to be clumsy expressing my emotions, but now I am in tears of joy and gratitude to be sharing so much love.”
    Marina Belinda
  • “At first, I was nervous at the thought of investing in Crystalline Goddess Academy with my humble income. The vibration in this program is unique—my whole relationship with money has changed and money now flows and I am on my way to becoming a Crystalline Millionista!

    The income I receive from energy healing sessions has increased 600%! I also moved to a millionaire neighborhood, and I am ready to receive more and maintain this energy vibration!”
    Riina Maria
  • “I have always been passionate about life but something kept me stuck and my dreams just wouldn’t manifest! I was feeling so small. Since this course though, my dreams have started to come true! I now have the tools and courage to make my dreams come true and started my own business helping women to tap into their sensual creative powers. My transformation in Crystalline Goddess Academy has been worth every dollar, hundred-fold.”
  • “Before working with Anu my life felt “small” and routine. I looked up to other people who were succeeding, thinking they have something I don’t. But working with Anu has opened a brand new doorway for me, and I finally feel valuable and capable to make my dreams come true. I have realized that there are no limitations in life other than in my own head, but of those I AM FREE. I would never have made it this far without Crystalline Goddess academy!”
    Heidi Tulonen
  • “I have found love with my husband again, and it was possible because of the Crystalline Goddess Academy! I was so sure it was completely over between us, but I used the clearing and manifesting practices that we learned in the course on myself and suddenly I realized how much love is still there between us! We have entered into a new beautiful sacred union.”
    Vivianne Allens



Easy and Generous 12-Month Payment Plan Option

What you will receive:

8 Modules, including Workbook, Audio lessons, and Meditation
8 Live Training Sessions with Anu
2 Live Q&A Session with Anu
Access to Private Facebook Group
BONUS: Divine Money Manifesting LIVE Training
BONUS: Millionista Goddess 30min hypnosis
BONUS: 8 Atlantean Energy Healing Integrations
Lifetime Access to All Content

Pay in Full:

Yes, I want to enroll now and pay in full for $1888 and nearly $500 by making a single payment.

Payment Plan:

Yes, I want to enroll now and pay 12 monthly payments of $197!

Need Help Ordering or Have Questions?

WARNING: Because this is the first time The Crystalline Goddess Academy is offered in English it will only be offered ONCE at this price, and you must enroll before February 18, 2019 to get access at this price and bonuses.


  • “Ooooh what an amazing transformation has happened in me. Tears of happiness arise when I think about how much stronger I have become under your guidance, Anu. I shifted from insecure to confidence. I now know how to trust! I stand strongly on my own feet, head in the clouds but feet firmly on the ground. Anu you are so full of light and your energy is so beautiful and inspiring, loving and warm. Live meetings were best thing I have ever experienced! They completely changed the direction of my life. I’m so happy. I am more intuitive and know how to speak my truth now.. so amazing!! Thank you Anu!! And of course the meditations offered experiences of fulfillment and I always go back to listen to them again when I need to remind myself how to stay strong and in high vibration.”
    Sirpa Kontinen
  • “I’m so happy that I decided to join this program. It has given me so much clarity to my life purpose and build courage and confidence for this sensitive and a little shy person to fulfill my life purpose. Academy was truly comprehensive with materials, powerful meditations and live calls. Every moment the genuine, professional, wisdom and experience that Anu carries shined through strongly. Anu has such a wonderful presence!”
    Terhi Saarinen
  • “My life has completely transformed while attending the academy. I have sold my old house, moved to a new home, changed my career, found a connecting with my angels and so much sharing and support in the group. I have learned to let go, set boundaries, and love myself more deeply. Anu you are such a sweet teacher, it was such a joy getting to know you. Our live group meetings were also so wonderful. Thank you, Anu!”
    Marika Saari
Even though you’re connected to your spirituality, you struggle a lot in everyday life
You loathe the subject of money and finances, because it brings up so many icky feelings
You’re open to connecting with higher beings, even if the idea of it makes you a bit uncomfortable
You’re a pretty decent manifestor, but it always feels like a lot of work, and requires constantly policing your thoughts
You have relationship drama of any kind
You believe that hard work is the only way to riches, and you’re not willing to question that belief
You’ve never done any kind of spiritual work before, and Atlantis, and the idea of communicating with Angels is totally new to you
You believe that suffering is essential to the human experience
Your stomach turns when you hear people talk about unicorns and star beings
The bottom line?
Energetically, you must be ready to do the work. You have to believe there’s more to life, and be willing to do what it takes to get there.
It’s YOUR time to receive what is offered, and open yourself to expansion, deep self-confidence, and radiant love!

Hello, Crystalline one! I’m Anu.

When I remembered my past life in Golden Atlantis, absolutely everything changed!
I started using this period of high vibrational living as a blue print to raising my vibration and manifesting a joyful, rich and fulfilling life.

As I felt the crystalline high vibrational energy filling me up and I saw another way of living my life. It was time for me to let go of the constant struggle and anxiety I had lived in for too long. I started raising my frequency and activating my manifesting superpowers. I moved from Finland to California (my dream location) with my two boys , I went from being a broke single mom to running a multiple 6- figure spiritual business and creating a sacred love union with the man of my dreams! Now I enjoy freedom to travel around the world and do what I love…
It is now YOUR TIME to awaken into a Crystalline Goddess and create the life you’ve always dreamed of…

I’ve made it my mission in life to help women surrender the unconscious resistance that blocks them from attracting what they truly desire + deserve.

Before you work with me, you should know…

When you decide to work with me, your life will start shifting immediately. Consider yourself warned. Massive shifts. Beautiful shifts.
Be ready.
I’m loving and compassionate; I will shine the light of truth in a gentle, safe, and transformative way. And I’ll hold you accountable—I expect you to follow through on your action steps and be 100% committed.

My work is potent and life changing, and moves at the speed of light. And it’s FUN! Your experience will be filled with laughter and divine manifestation as you claim your Goddess power.

If you want to tap into the creatrix within and to unleash golden abundance, and sacred crystalline living… voila! This is the front door.

Questions Other Goddesses Asked

Before Saying “Yes!” To The Crystalline Goddess Academy

How much time do I need to commit?

You’ll get as much from this course as you put into it. I’m asking you to commit to attending the weekly livestreams and doing your homework assignments, which may include a 20-minute daily ritual and Angel connection time.

How long do I have access to the materials?

All of the materials are available to download in the members area, and you can download them to your computer if you want to ensure you have lifetime access.

What if I want to cancel?

We have a 14 day money back guarantee. If you don’t find what you need inside the Crystalline Goddess Academy you’re free to cancel during the 14 day trial period. We just want to know that you have give this program a real chance to make a difference in your life so all we ask is that you complete your journal and send us the workbook, and attend live training, other than that, no questions asked.

We only want committed, light-seeking Goddesses in this group. So if that’s not you, you’re free to leave.

If your cancellation comes late, you will be responsible to pay for the full fee of the program. No refunds..
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