Day 1 of Juice Fasting!

March 26, 2012

I had interesting dreams last night and I feel like the entire time I was either learning and teaching manifesting or energyhealing. The dreams were very vidid and real! I woke up to my morning affirmation wake up thing that I have made for myself. It goes something like this:  Good morning Life! Good morning new day! I feel so grateful waking up to this beautiful morning!“… it goes on about how wonderful this day is going to be and listening to a message for the day from the angels and of course clearing and shielding! =) I realized I have forgotten to add grounding to it so I try to remember that each day! Since I didnt have any clients this morning, its my day off!!! I stayed in bed until noon! I did a manifesting meditation that I also did and so my day really started off beautifully!

So this is what I “ate” today! Juiced of course! 

So, I made my morning juice, drank some of the delicious mean green juice and started working on my new compost and somethings in the garden! This day was such a beautiful sunny day too!! Ive felt very happy and relaxed most of the day. I havent felt hungry much, maybe just a little! Overall Ive been feeling great today! I am realizing though that Im going to be 10 days without my pop corn. Thats the only thing I was craving for today when I was watching Star Trek TNG on netflix. Im a  Trekker, and Im proud of it! =)

I did the colon cleanse routine in the morning and before that I had some flax seed that had been soaking with plums overnight. I didnt eat any plums today or anything.. just the flax seed that act also as laxative. I dont like to drink the glauber salt with water, Ive tried that in other fasts years ago but the taste of salt is just too much for me! Flax seed and plums are more gentle for the first day kick off!

I spent hours today painting with oils. Im working on a big painting of hawaiian type of scenery.

So overall Day One has been fantastic! I wish all the fasting days would be this fun!

My stomach hasnt growled even once!!

Love and Light!!


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