Day 3 – Slowly but surely!

March 29, 2012

Ok, The past two days went pretty well on my fast and then this morning I woke up feel so nauseous and dizzy! I started reading through other peoples blogs and watching you tube videos while still laying on my bed. I couldn’t get up from bed. Finally I did after drinking half liter of water. I made my juice for the day and after drinking it I started feeling better but still I looked like I had fever and was very weak. It surprised me completely! Luckily it only lasted morning and after I did colon cleanse I felt much better! I went for an hour walk with my son, gently hiked a beautiful trail!

After 2pm or so I havent felt hungry or nausea or dizziness. I have had full energy and really felt amazing again!! I even played with the idea of doing more than 10 day fast! lol

I was recording also my show Atlantean Angels and it will be available at–manifesting-abundance  from tomorrow morning 10amPST.  The show is about MAGIC OF MANIFESTING! I guide also a powerful manifesting meditation there so if you are into making your dreams come true, which Im sure you are, we all are!!! =))) so tune in.

Ok, Ive had a long day but I just wanted to write this update here! So overall, third day as expected, challenging but fasting is getting better and better everyday! <3

Love you all!! Blessings!


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