Day 4 – Raw Food Diet

March 29, 2012

Today has been a GREAT day! I have felt a little bit of hunger but Im getting used to the feeling more and its not bothering me anymore. There has been no nausea no dizziness or anything like that today! I have had a lot of energy and been in fantastic spirit too!  I had a great time in the morning broadcasting my show ATLANTEAN ANGELS – Magic of Manifesting and talking to so many listeners and doing some free mini readings and overall this has been a day of connecting with people and I LOVE CONNECTING! It feels so wonderful being able to bring a little bit of joy and happiness into someone’s life. So many angels all around today!! Of course Angels are all around everyday but somehow today I’ve felt like celebrating, internally, by feeling expansive gratitude and love! Whether I eat food or not I get those kind of emotions all the time but Im glad Im feeling this way today because of my fasting!

I notice that I need to keep reminding myself to drink my juice and drink my water because Im not feeling thirst either. Its strange..I did make some chamomile tea today with a little bit of lemon and just a tiny bit of agave nectar. When I put the agave nectar on my tea I thought I maybe should check it out if that’s encouraged during fasting. I know that its okay to put maybe a teaspoon of honey in tea daily if needed. I have raw agave. I did a little search an found a video and explained its not good for you although all health food stores encourage using it as a sweetener!  I found this video that said its NOT good for you. I drank my tea anyway..=) However, watching that video lead me to suddenly spend hours on youtube. I never do that!! But I was so intrigued. I also wasn’t supposed to think about food today or start planning my new diet just yet but I couldn’t resist. If you are interested in raw recipes then this is your youtube channel: I wrote down so many amazing recipes like raw cacao dessert balls and how to make yummy kale chips! Oh, I so need a dehydrator! I need to manifest one right now! “A FANTASTIC DEHYDRATOR IS HERE FOR ME NOW!!” “I AM A MAGNET FOR AN EXCALIBUR DEHYDRATOR” “I AM SO EXCITED NOW THAT I HAVE MY DEHYDRATOR AND CAN MAKE HEALTHY RAW YUMMY FOODS TO MAINTAIN OPTIMAL HEALTH!” =))) I should say the same about a new more powerful blender. Mine is getting old, but it works!

Im so excited to start making all kinds of good raw foods. many of the recipes don’t require a dehydrator though which is great so I wont have to worry if I don’t have that immediately. I also downloaded a starter kit full of great raw recipes from her site:  I’m not going to go fully Raw. I love baked food too much but I would like to be more raw that I have been.. but maybe about 75%? We’ll see how that goes when I get to the planning part!

I have a lot of energy today as you can see/read! Fasting is going well and there is 6 more days to go. Had my juice today as usual and a colon cleanse with lukewarm filtered water. All is well!

I love you all!! Many Blessings! Good luck with fasting if you are doing it too!!


btw: I dont edit my texts or check them for errors.. I just post it AS IS! =) hope thats okay with you!! <3

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