Day 5 and 6 of Juice Fasting!

March 31, 2012

Hello amazing beings,

Day 5 

Yesterday, on day 5 I simply forgot and didn’t have a lot of time to write my blog so I’m going to start by how my day 5 was like on Juice Fast. First of all, I woke up feel just fine and as I started making my morning juice I thought Id try juicing the apples separately just to get a little variety. I had an orange in the frigde too so I juiced two apples and an orange. I dont know what I was thinking but I just put the whole orange in the juicer and so the drink was very bitter. It wasnt too bad but it wasnt the nice variety I had hoped.

More Past Lives….

I worked with some clients in the morning, did a regression therapy session via Skype that really hit home for me too, like they often do in a wonderful way. My client went to a past life as a Native American man. The young Indian man helped the medicine man and was his apprentice.  She felt really strong and good in the beautiful strong body with long black hair. There were many spiritual lessons learned. It was a very fascinating life.  I remembered my past life as a young Native American man also where I remember having this gorgeous body!! hahah I know it sounds funny but I was HOT! lol I was going on some kind of a quest to find myself. So my mom gave me some dried meat or something to go and I took my horse and rode to the desert. I found a creek where I left my horse and continue on foot and climbed on a on a mountain on at least a very high rock not sure. So I went to sit by the egde and I kind of meditated I guess.. I just sat there for hours. I watched the Sun go down it looked beautiful. And then I saw an Eagle fly right over me and I felt so incredibly good about that. There are no words. Almost like an enlightenment. I was so ONE with everything, the sand, rocks, the Eagle, the setting SUN, the smell of the dry air. That story continues but that is the part of the regression I thought about today. What a moment in time! 

Veggie shopping

After working in the morning I did the rest of my juice Bunch of Kale, 4 stalks of celery, half a lemon, piece of ginger, one cucumber (it was a half cucumber only that day..) . That juice tasted a little bitter also because it didn’t have the sweetness of the apple. So it wasn’t a good idea. But the juice was still great I had no problems of enjoying it. I went to the Moonlight Beach in Encinitas with my dear friend Lizzy for a long walk. I didnt have as much energy as I usually do but we still probably walked an hour altogether although I did want to just sit and watch the ocean too.  Had a wonderful time! We went to the WholeFoods store later and I got the rest of the veggies for the next 5 days of my fasting. The Kale I got and the cucumbers were HUGE compared to veggies Trader Joes had. So my amount of daily juice will rise from about 500ml to perhaps 600ml=) yay!!!

Later in the evening I felt like watching a movie and something fun with my two teenage boys!! And we were watching Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure !! I love that movie, I’ve seen it many times and I still laugh so much!  Ive always been a fan of Keanu Reeves too he is just so cute=) Matrix was amazing when I first saw it! So I was watching a comedy smelling the pop corn. But to my surprise its really not hard to resist eating during fasting. But its been nice thinking about food a lot.

Cleansing and Detoxing

So..before sleep I took a shower and I had done my colon cleanse earlier. I’ve noticed that my skin is peeling and looks my more now because its detoxing shedding old skin. It doesn’t bother me but its not as smooth and shiny=) I brush my skin in the shower. I’ve heard that dry brushing is better but I don’t know, I like brushing in the shower more and its a lot warmer there too! I haven’t had any other issues with my skin, breakouts or anything like that. I feel hunger constantly a little bit but I’m not sure if its physical or just emotional and it doesn’t bother me much, I’m getting used to that too. My breath might smell bad, I taste detox in my mouth a little bit and my tongue is collecting more white on top which is normal during fasting as well.

Day 6

Did a lot of work today, did a reading, and did some recording. I recorded a meditation journey and a part of an online class.  Enjoyed my Green juice today. But I notice I have to remind myself to drink water and drink juice because Im so used to not consuming much.

Deep thoughts about food and spirituality

So, I was thinking about food… and how we people kind of feel more complete when we eat. I am going about  my days   very well without food… everything else is the same in my days, basically, except that I don’t eat. I do help my boys prepare food. We did lasagna, kids favorite today! It smells good but is way too heavy for me to even dream about eating.  I dream about rainbow food mostly. Colorful veggies and fruit!  But realizing that I feel like FOOD IS MISSING is actually quite a deep feeling if you start looking at it from a more spiritual perspective. Of course the physical body supposedly requires food to keep going, however our Light Body doesn’t, when ascended.  So not being ascended right now, just yet=), makes me feel addicted to food. I was thinking about how there was a time in my life when I thought a man could complete me. So I desperately wanted to fall in love and have a man to complete me, make me happy. Until I realized that no one can make me happy other than me. Happiness comes from the inside. Feeling complete comes from the inside. But what about food. Now an Ascended Master Paramahansa Yogananda said while he was near ascension still in his physical incarnation, something that food is the last thing that is keeping him grounded in the physical body.  He felt that food is the last thing of the addictions and the least harmful to the world (on a conscious food diet of course, cruelty+animal free).  So I guess what I am kind of trying to say is that we always look for things to make us feel more alive, and more complete. We often look for them in other people, or life circumstances instead of within. But what about food? Food is really another thing exactly like that, isnt it? I mean there are yogis and aboriginals that live without food and water for years and still exist in physical body. Its really mind over matter.  What happens to people when they die and go to the other side and realize they cant eat anymore, or eating doesn’t feel the same way as it did here on the heavier more physical plane of existence. I have no intention of not enjoying the pleasures of eating. That is why Im still here and not ascended…hahah Oh Im sure there are more reasons, of course I have a lot of light work to do and some personal things to work on still too=) But food…keeps me loving Earth Plane Existence, a lot!! =) As long as it is pure, clean, vibrant, organic and full of color and taste!! Im not going completely raw at all.. but I will increase the amount of salads or smoothies in my daily diet!

I am feeling great without food too and love this opportunity to take distance from eating but still think and smell the food. I think I smell food better now. I bet I will taste food much better too in about 4 days when Ill start with organic peach baby food!=) 

Thank you for reading!!  Love and Light!!


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