Days 7 and 8 of Juice Fasting!

April 2, 2012

Hi everyone,

I’m getting quite used to this fasting now. today my stomach has been growling again for some reason which is very odd. But it doesnt really bother me that much, its not like I want to eat something. In fact, I feel fine without it and intend to keep going a little longer than 10 days. So Yesterday I decided that I will do 4 more days to complete the fast. I mean why not? I feel great, I have lots of energy, my mood is great although a little more emotional than usual, and Im looking better! (I lost 9 pounds so far)

Yesterday My dear dear friend Lizzy (her website: ShineAwayHealing ), who is an amazing Theta healer and also a radio show host like me came over to visit and we traded healing. First I gave her a beautiful Angel Light Hypnosis session and she felt transformed after that. We were both in tears and I felt so blessed to have witnessed such a beautiful moment with her and the angels. Then she gave me a Theta Healing session. We trade often but this time, the experience was even more amazing and even more clear than before. This fasting is really taking things to a whole new level and I LOVE IT! I feel so alive! Of course I always do, but its more intense now! So the session was very long and there were many stages so Im not going to get into any of the details but I expereinced a major release as my chakras cleansing. As soon as I opened my eyes I said to Lizzy that I I felt like my Moon just started! I had had absolutely no symptoms before and was not really expecting it to happen anyway. But I felt like my sacral was moving fast and we did a lot of sacral chakra related cleansing in the healing session. Anyway today that has been causing a little bit of issues in my body and maybe that’s the reason my stomach started growling again, maybe. I feel present, I feel happy and serene though. It’s all good.

I’ve taken walks and learned more about raw foods. I try not to be consumed by thinking about food now though. However, since my intention during this fasting was to figure out my diet and now that I have kind of figured that out, I think it supports my new lifestyle in the future. I want to have a clear mind with no hesitation once I stop my fast. I don’t want to do a raw food diet, I want to add raw food long term and bring more rainbow colors into my everyday life! I love Rainbow Food, its so healing for the chakras! I have done a show about Atlantean Rainbow food Diet if you’d like to listen. Its not about fasting or or changing to raw food but it will definitely give you some great ideas about food also so here is the link to the show archive:

I so completely recommend fasting if your situation allows that. I love it and remember its not like I love to be hungry, I LOVE food, but this feels like another way of loving food too!! And most importantly loving myself <3



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