Days 9-11 Getting used to this

April 5, 2012

Hello everyone, 

I havent written my blog in a couple of days now because I dont really feel there has been too much to say. Everything is going great and I not eating is bothering me less and less everyday. I’m feeling great and have lots of energy. I do feel like if I had eaten something my energy level would be higher, but I’m still able to do everything I need to do and I have honestly been working looong days! I’ve worked with clients, worked on my Angel Light Newsletter and the Finnish equivalent and been writing many pages for my upcoming book about Creating Heaven on Earth. The book is entirely in Finnish language but perhaps later I will have it translated and will have it available for you all. It is going to be AMAZING!! I’m sharing so much about manifesting, ascension, love relationships and how to connect with Angels and Ascended Masters and so much more!  Also in the past could of days I created a new Angel workshop! So if you are interested in Angels then email me and Ill give you more info and please do sign up for my newsletter at, you will get a FREE 30 min Angel meditation journey!  The purpose of this blog is not to advertise! However, I’m so passionate about my work I cant wait to share what I create with everyone so I cant help myself but to advertise just a little=) I always create this much, its not about the fasting, although I do feel more focused now.


Today, day 11 I decided to have a water fasting day instead of having the green juice. Its 5pm now and this day is going great. In fact, I feel better today than I felt yesterday. I like the feeling of not worrying about what I have to eat next and did I remember to drink my juice today. I feel more free today so I think Ill have another water fasting day tomorrow. I read somewhere that having a few water fasting days within the juice fast intensifies the cleansing and is a good idea so Im going for it!! I want to be all clean, and fresh new born Anu!

I have started cleaning my refrigerator and my food shelves. I haven’t thrown out much, everything looks okay there but I am making things more organized and have a little more room for some new ingredients like carob and cacao powder! I am craving for coconut carob dessert balls! I will make them after my fasting!  I went to the grocery store today to buy food for my boys. I had no problems with seeing food around. I didn’t feel overly obsessed looking at yummy foods anymore and it felt simply natural buying as if it was any normal day! I’m actually quite surprised how I’m feeling. Yet, I don’t feel like I want to continue more than 14 days, i am looking forward to eating again. I have made a detailed list of what exactly I will be eating on day 1, day 2 and so on. Ill share that later with you. I know ending the fast right has been an issue for me before. I remember once I was on a 10 day fast few years ago. I was craving for food much more than I do now then. I dreamed of having baguette with cheese, tomatoes, lettuce and cucumber and butter of course!  So on day 10 I couldn’t resist anymore and bought one! And I thought Id just taste a tiny piece. But I ate the whole thing! It was like one third of an entire baguette so you can imagine how my stomach must have felt! This time, Ill start with fruit only the first day and go from there! I love my body and I want to be gentle and loving to it after its done such an amazing cleansing job to help me feel better during the fast.

I am sensing my body more. I am more present to my bodily functions. When I was lying down on my bed last night my stomach felt really skinny and all that and I could feel the heartbeat on my stomach so clearly. I had my hands on my tummy and let golden light fill my body and entire being and I was experiencing a very beautiful moment in my physical self realization. wow.. I am a physical being!!   I have this body, these organs, this skin to protect me.. I think its easier to realize that we are pure spirit and light and sometimes the physical aspect is not acknowledged as much. What a loving body I have, it is allowing me to do so much on this physical plane. I can walk, I can dance, I can eat, I can sing, I can touch, I can feel ….so much. I feel so much gratitude and have a 100% trust that this fasting is right for me and so I dont experience side effects much at all.. Im in the flow! I wish everyone who is fasting could enjoy it as much!

Angel Blessings!


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