Diet to support my new Light Body and FASTING!

March 15, 2012

This year has been a very strange experience for me. It in fact, started already last year but has become more and more intense this year. First of all I want to tell you that I LOVE FOOD. I have always been like a true Italian at heart: I love red wine with some good pesto pasta.  In October, all of a sudden after having a glass of wine the night before, I woke up feeling sick. I couldn’t believe I had a hang over from one single glass of wine. But I did and I had the strangest feeling coming from within saying wine is no longer good for my body and I just needed to let it go. I’ve had cravings for red wine every now and then since October, especially when I walk by an Italian restaurant and see people enjoying romantic time together over a glass of wine. But other than that the transition has felt very good and natural for me and I’ve had no intentions of having even a sip of wine. The idea is beautiful and romantic but the thought of actually tasting wine makes me feel sick. Very strange indeed.

So, my body no longer likes wine, but little did I know this started a big process in me and suddenly I am not liking hardly anything. Now, I’m an Angel teacher and a healer and work with clients from all over the world daily.  I have been seeking change in my life style for years now, step by step cleansing more and more.  Years ago, after an experience in an Egyptian pyramid (I talk about my Egypt adventure in my show  ”Secrets of Ancient Egypt” , you can listen to it here: ) which finally lead me to stop eating any kind of meat. I had been on and off vegetarian before then but that was big life and death type of grand moment in my life.

Now this year I have been experiencing boredom in my existing diet. I am a mother of two teenage boys and I watch them eat pizza and pasta all the time. Although we all have a vegetarian diet, their needs and cravings are very different from mine. I haven’t really thought about that before and I have been eating same foods with them on a daily basis. Recently, I have noticed every day that I simply can’t eat the normal “homefood” anymore. The only thing I am really craving now is Thai food! Veggies and rice with some yummy peanut sauce!! Healthy and Light!  But, I have been eating lots of Ezekiel bread though because I have been a bread junkie all my life. Sometimes I live on that bread a whole day alone because I dont know what to eat. Yet I am becoming bored of that too.  I am having some sort of food crisis and I need time to think about what my body wants! I can’t simply look at recommendations on what is good for the body and what is not. I feel like I am a personal expert of food, I have been fasting, dieting so many times in my life that I know whats good for me and what is not, from a general healthy point of view. Now I need to figure out what is it that my body wants???

I have been getting the card “cleanse and detoxify” from Doreen Virtues Daily guidance from your angels cards and I have been wondering what that is all about. But now I realized this is it! This is exactly what it means! So I am listening to the guidance from my angels and I will do a 5-day juice fasting.  In the past I used to fast all the time, every year. Usually I fasted five to seven days but once I did 14 days and that was the best experience. Each time I received wonderful insight on what my body wants. Its really a very spiritual experience for me and a “mind of matter” experience that leads to freedom. In this case freedom from consuming food. Taking a break from eating and listening to what the silence in my body will tell me. I look forward to it, although it has been 5 years since my last fasting so I am slightly nervous about the success of this project. However, I will be fasting for as many days as needed whether it be 1 or 7. I acutally wanted to do a full week, seven days, but the angel cards insisted five days is enough at this time.  And I listen..

I will be writing this blog, while fasting, sharing my thoughts and experiences as well as giving information on exactly what I am drinking in case you get inspired to do the same! I am not a nutritionist or a doctor and you should consult a medical professional before fasting if you have any doubts about your health. I am simply sharing my own personal story here through the blog!

My FASTING is scheduled to start Monday 19th, 2012. Im having a busy weekend coming up so we’ll see if that will be the final starting day but next week is where my intention is at this time!! I will also keep a videoblog that Ill share with you here as well. Any thoughts or experiences you have to share here with me will be wonderful and Id love to hear from you!!

Angel Blessings,

Anu Shi Asta

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