Fasting Plans

March 20, 2012

I’m getting quite excited about fasting and am really looking forward to not having to think about what to eat for a few days! That is a bit strange because I’m usually a big fan of good food. Of course, I still am but my body is asking for a break and so is my mind. I need time to reset my whole system so that I can figure out what my body wants and needs at this time. I used to fast every spring for many years, until I moved to the USA five years ago I stopped. I’ve fasted for a week a few times, and 4-5 days a few times and my longest fast was 14 days. A couple of times only I was juice fasting and my favorite way to fast was to mix maple and palm syrup with lemon and a little bit of cayenne pepper. That was so easy, so nutritious and very refreshing. I believe it is called as Master Cleanser Diet here in the US. I never got tired of that drink. I loved it and it was supereasy! However, I did have to learn to do a colon cleanse as it is always recommended during fasting. It was also surprisingly easy and refreshing. If I skipped it in the morning, Id get more easily a headache or feel dizzy that day. So I recommend doing that each day if you are about to start fasting as well!! I almost got tempted to buy that yummy maple and palm syrup this time as well but then recommended by two friends I watched the movie “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” and got inspired to do juicing. I have a juicer already and been doing very similar juice like in the movie also so I decided thats what I’ll do!

So I’m still creating my Fasting plan with a friend who will join me too but I intend to get started soon! Instead of 5 days I’m actually wanting to go for a bit longer so my plan at this time is to fast for 10 days. I have a fairly healthy diet already I eat a lot of vegetables and fruit so I don’t need too long time detoxing before the actual fast can begin.

I know my ANGELS are with me on this and as excited about this as I am. I put the Mean Green Juice ingredients (1 bunch kale, 4 stalks celery, 2 apples, half lemon, ginger root, 1 cucumber) into my calorie calculator and the amount I put in totaled to 444 calories!! 444 is a powerful Angel number and it really was a sign that this fasting is heavenly guided! I’m so excited to see how it will affect my physical and my spiritual well being! I got a physical check up a while ago and all the levels were perfect so I’m all ready and good to go!! My main purpose and intention for this fasting is to learn about what kind of food my body wants and what kind of changes it needs. Also Ill be happy losing a few of pounds but that is not my reason for fasting since fasting is not the best weight loss system at all especially for someone my size (38/40 European size, I believe that’s about 11 US?). I am also curious about the sensations of “silence” in my digestive system.

I definitely intend to meditate and listen to how my body is reacting to this processs.

It should be interesting!! Although, I am a little nervous about how strong Ill be this time.

So Id love to receive your comments and support during the fasting as well!! 

Im hoping to get started with the countdown to fasting at the end of this week and then the actual 10 day Juice Fast starting March 26th, 2012!!!!

Angel Blessings to you all!! Much love,


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