Final Fasting Days! Day 14!

April 8, 2012

Wow!! Finally I am on my last day of fasting. Ive been on this Juice Fast for 14 days now and day 11 and 12 were water days only, no juice! Day 11 was easy and I wasnt missing the juice at all but then day 12 I was feeling weak and bored. I think the second water fasting day was a bit much for me, although it went alright, but it wasn’t no where near as enjoyable as the other days have been!

So yesterday, day 13, my spiritual strength and my will power was put to test! But I made it through alright!  I went to the Discovery Science Center in Santa Ana to see a Star Wars exhibition with a dear friend of mine and my two teenage boys! It was a lot of fun and I was most excited to see Princess Leias clothes and R2 D2! I mean who doesn’t just LOVE R2D2??

As soon as we got there everyone was feeling ready for a snack so I sat in the restaurant watching everyone eat! I was feeling alright since I had just had my green juice. It felt strange watching people there eat pizza with thick white crust or not very high quality taco bell tacos. I had no desire eating any of that so it wasnt too much of a temptation there. We spent hours at the Science Center and somehow time just flew by. I was tired from all the people and the noise. During fasting I have felt even more sensitive to the energies of other people but I did shield myself so it wasn’t too bad. Kind of a heavy day though with lots of walking and standing.  As we were driving back home we stopped by at California Pizza Kitchen! Now that was tough! And my friend was asking if Im okay going and all but yes, I was okay going there but, oh.  was I dreaming about their spinach artichoke dip and tricolore salad pizza and the spinach artichoke pizza and just about anything on their menu. I was not craving the deserts at all! Even with all this cravings, I had so strongly made my mind that food can wait, knowing, that food really isn’t going anywhere from this world and that CPK is still going to be there in the future.  So I was very calm watching others eat. But I can tell you that it was a strange feeling. I don’t think I have ever been in a restaurant before not having anything to eat! So I had some chamomile tea while my boys (in the pic) had pizzas! Overall, it was a fantastic day and resisting temptation made me feel good about myself. I can do anything!!! hahah I really loved watching others eat and smelling the good food. Its almost like eating the food physically, that’s why it wasnt too bad resisting. But I had to keep asking, is it good, is it good?? hoping they’d say oh yes!! its really good!! Telepathic eating! YUM!!!


So, this morning I woke up feeling so happy and so joyful!! Its Easter! Its my last day! I’ve accomplished so much fasting 14 days! I am aware there are people who do 30 or 60 day fasts, those really aren’t for me. I loved giving this break for my digestive system and allowing my body to cleanse from the toxins. A couple of days ago, after the water fasting days I felt like my fasting was complete and that I had cleansed what needed to be cleansed. It just felt like that. But of course I kept going for the rest of the two days, its just allowing me a little more time to adjust to the changes coming up in my diet. This morning, I arranged Easter egg hunt for the boys and made them their favorite breakfast food: rice porridge for breakfast.  This was my breakfast today:

Just the juice though!  But tomorrow, I will eat apples too! yay!  So I went to the beach for a walk and talk with my dear friend and it was really nice time. This was a fantastic Easter and I didn’t gain weight by eating all that chocolate! =)

So My plans for the coming week is to start eating really slowly. Tomorrow I will start with the baby food, and move to eating and apple and I bought some grapes too. So just some easily digestible fruit, no veggies yet because they are a bit harder to digest. Tuesday Ill add veggies to my diet and perhaps eat some avocado salad and of course fruits too. Then on wednesday, same thing basically, Ill add some seeds into my salad as well. Thursday Ill start transitioning and Ill probably eat some rice along with the veggies and fruit, maybe some veggies soup. And Friday!!! My favorite, favorite favorite food at my favorite restaurant: THAI FOOD rice and veggies with the most amazing peanut sauce. With raw spring rolls dipped in the peanut sauce. Oh my, that is going to be heaven.  When I eat that, I know I will be so extremely filled with gratitude for food and it will simply feel like heaven on earth. I already always feel like that in that restaurant everytime but it will be more intense this time!

Its been a very positive experience.. Ill end the day with a colon cleanse and a nice long hot bath! I lost about 15 lbs altogether during these 14 days! I expect some of it to come back naturally but most of it will stay off and I will continue eating light raw vegan food, with some cooked food of course too because I love cooked food also. As long as its healthy and I eat with gratitude my body will love it too!!

Angel Blessings!!


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