Golden Atlantean Frequency to manifesting anything you desire

March 3, 2021

If I told you that I had the secret to the ONE thing you need to DO to have absolutely anything you dream of — a million dollars, a soul mate union, your dream business — would you want it?

Of course you would!

We are deeply programmed to want to know what we can DO to make things happen in our life.

There’s just one huge problem with this...true, instant, miraculous manifestation never comes from the DOING; it comes from your BEING.

Today I want to really dig into what it means for you to BE in the Crystalline vibration. How do you get there? How do you feel into that? How do you allow that to change the very DNA in the cells of your body?


The Crystalline vibration that I teach my students to embody and live in dates back to the times of Atlantis. Atlantis was a utopian society that had succeeded in shifting their vibration from the 3rd dimension where struggle, greed, hunger, war, and poverty prevailed. 

Heaven on earth — this is what the Atlanteans created. In this golden vibration, they experienced a 5th dimensional reality where life is abundant and endlessly fulfilling. 

Imagine living in a world where manifesting is instantaneous and just a natural part of life. This was the world of ancient Atlantis. 

This is actually the frequency ABOVE manifesting a true divine energy that results in life simply bringing to you all that you carry in your high vibrational thoughts and feelings. It changes your aura to magnetize all of your dreams and desires to you without the grinding work that we seem to think is required for us to receive. 

In the video below I’m sharing a special sacred meditation that will guide you in really feeling into this vibration and experiencing it for yourself. 

When you allow this frequency to vibrate every cell of your being you will find that you no longer have to DO so much manifesting, rather, your focus becomes BEING in this golden vibration and allowing the universe to take care of you in the most miraculous and incredible of ways. 

The Atlanteans managed to maintain this for thousands of years. I’d count that as a massive success, even though eventually the civilization came to an end twelve thousand years ago. 

Throughout those thousands of years in Atlantis people were thriving and doing exactly what they were meant to be doing with their lives. It wasn’t a rare luxury for them to follow their soul purpose and joyfully collaborate with others — it was just a fact of life!

Even if you look at Atlantis as a myth or a legend, it doesn’t take away the story of what is possible for us.

What we see in this physical reality is that people are awakening. Even though we may experience bad relationships, horrible bosses at work, and financial struggle in our lives, we can move through and transcend these human experiences through working in the golden Atlantean frequency. 


Let me tell you about a divine client of mine who has seen miraculous change in her life through working with me in the Crystalline Goddess Academy for several years now.

Vivian had experienced quite a traumatic life. Not only had she been physically abused herself, but had been forced to watch other women being hurt terribly in front of her. This kind of experience creates such a dense is an absolutely horrific experience.

Some people might just give up, and certainly Vivian had her struggles along the way. She was an alcoholic, used was really difficult for her to rise up.

But all the while there was a little voice within her urging her on to just crawl towards the light. And she was crawling indeed. Always grasping for just a little more light with each step. She had this desire to reach something higher in her life and even though she didn’t know how, she kept on going. 

Her life was a living hell, and how do you make a living hell into heaven?

Finding her Crystalline vibration is what really shifted life for her. She’s now writing a book about her story and has the vision of doing light work to help others.

Of course, this is an extreme example. I sincerely hope you haven’t had to go through anything like Vivian before, but I’m sure that you’ve suffered in your own ways. We’ve all suffered and struggled with this 3rd dimensional frequency!

Whether you feel stuck, constantly feel that there’s never enough time, or experience lack in love and relationships…you deserve fulfillment and a feeling of being sublimely rich from the inside!

That IS what you deserve; believe it, Goddess! It is right here for you!

Don’t let years go by before you allow yourself to shift. The answer you crave is in the Crystalline vibration.

Right now, we are all in an evolution. 

Right now we are awakening and the physical evolution follows.

While we are activating multiple strands of DNA, so much is changing within our bodies. We’ve been in this dense reality where our carbon beings are so heavy. Our emotions are heavy, and our experiences have been heavy, too. With the Crystalline vibration in our beings, we let in more bliss and become light!

Now that we are becoming crystalline again, it’s time to reclaim our god-given manifesting powers so that we can snap our fingers and manifest instantly. As we do this together, we will be filled with so much love that we’ll feel like BURSTING as we serve the world.  Life becomes full of vitality, and we will feel nourished in every possible way. Life becomes magical, fulfilling, and loving. 

Not only will I reveal how to tap into this vibration in today’s video, I’ll walk you through a sacred activation meditation so that you can begin to really FEEL into living and being in the Atlantean Crystalline way right now.

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