Heal The Fears, Resentments &
Blocks That Are
Holding Back Your Money Flow

Feeling like there’s never enough money left at the end of the month? Like debt is a hole you’ll never dig yourself out of?

If the whole subject of money sends you into a tailspin, or you’re not being nourished (spiritually AND financially) by the work you do…
…then it’s time to create your change.
It’s time to activate your truth and get in alignment with your purpose and passions. Time to reclaim your zest for life!

In this 4 week workshop series, you will…

Shift from feeling panicked and overwhelmed about money, to feeling deeply connected to your earning power
Make space to live out a divine life story that completely lights you up!
Develop stellar communication habits around money, deep love and truth in your romantic and family relationships
Create a new level of spiritual connection that is deeply fulfilling
Release any toxic relationships that aren’t serving you
End blame and victimhood and rise into your power, so you can begin to live in a heaven-on-earth state

The Curriculum


During our first week together, you’ll connect with Money Angels & Golden Dragons, so heaven can work with you to draw in opportunities.
Dive into the money karma and scarcity beliefs that you are holding onto on a cellular level
Identify and heal patterns that hold you in scarcity
Release past life and childhood related money beliefs that no longer serve you
Detox your energy field, including past life vows, debt, childhood trauma and other toxic programming
This is the time to set intentions. You will begin transforming into a Golden Money Goddess who is magnetic to money and abundant in every way.


Is money spiritual? Of course it is! This week you’ll start to shift your thoughts about money so you see it from an entirely new perspective.
Shift your thoughts and beliefs around money
Discover the divine, crystalline energy of money, and how to become an open channel for it
Upgrade your life to first class all the way up to divinity
Step into financial freedom like never before!
We’ll use affirmations, tapping, meditation and visualization, as well as other manifesting techniques to call in deep abundance.


This is your week to integrate what you’ve learned in the last two weeks.
Live Q&A call with Anu this week
See what shifts others are experiencing, get inspired, and hear your questions answered
Experiment with the new techniques you’ve been given, so your inner Money Goddess can RISE, RISE, RISE!
If by week 3 you’re STILL feeling blocked or like it’s not working, this is where we clear those feelings, so you can continue your transformation.


In our final week together, you’re going to reclaim yourself, heal your heart and open your life to unlimited abundance.
Use your sexual energy to generate and receive money and abundance (no, you don’t need to marry into money!)
Find your passion and life purpose by letting your love guide you to your source of higher income
Begin drawing in opportunities to fulfill your destiny
This is about BECOMING a Money Goddess. Feeling it. Allowing it. Tapping into your own power to attract financial riches and feel the millionista within.
  • “It has been amazing to see how my relationship with money has shifted during the program. I’m in a flow of abundance!! I am an energetic millionaire or even a billionaire with all this happening. It feels like I’m flying first class with a glass of champagne!”
    Marina Belinda
  • “The income I receive from energy healing sessions has raised up to 600%! I also moved to a high end neighborhood and I am ready to receive more and maintain this energy vibration! My whole relationship with money has changed and money now flows and I am on my way to becoming a crystalline millionista!”
    Riina Maria
  • “I can now have complete faith that I always have enough money!”
    Satu Jurvanen
Here’s everything you get when you

enroll in The Golden Money Goddess 

Workshop Series
3 x 90-minute LIVE trainings with Anu Grace (valued at $1491)
1 x 60-minute Q&A group session during integration week (valued at $297)
3 x Money Goddess Healing Meditations (valued at $297)
Prayers, Affirmations, Invocations for each of the MONEY GODDESS healing phases (valued at $297)
28 days of online group support to speed up your money ascension process (valued at $997)
Lifetime access to our VIP group (valued priceless)

The true value of this offer is priceless. End your money story forever!

Pay Monthly
6 payments of $88 USD
Pay Upfront
Single payment of $488 USD
Save $40
Need help ordering or got questions?

Hello Goddess!

My name is Anu Grace,

I’m a transformational teacher, author and founder of Crystalline Goddess Academy.

I used to be a struggling single mom suffering from a severe scarcity mentality.. I as I started raising my frequency and activating my manifesting superpowers everything changed. I moved from Finland to California (my dream location) with my two boys , I went from being a broke single mom to running a multiple 6- figure spiritual business doing what I love, having the freedom to travel and experience many wonderful things life has to offer when you are in a mindset of Abundance!
It is now YOUR TIME to awaken the Golden Money Goddess within and create the life you’ve always dreamed of…

I’ve made it my mission in life to help women surrender the unconscious resistance that blocks them from attracting what they truly desire + deserve.

Before you work with me, you should know…

When you decide to work with me, your life will start shifting immediately. Consider yourself warned. Massive shifts. Beautiful shifts.

I can’t wait to work with you and see miracles unfold!

Abundance Blessings,

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