Got a Problem? ‘Fix’ Your Frequency First

January 27, 2021

When we come up against a problem in life, our first instinct goes something like this:


In order to ‘fix’ our problems, though, we have to go into a very masculine energy that usually leads to imbalance, overgiving, and overcompensating.

We hyper analyze our issue, wrack our brains for solutions, and try to figure out what we did wrong or could have done better.

Fixing our problems this way always leaves us feeling like a failure.

And our frequency takes a major hit.

Instead of looking within ourselves to create a new vibration and elevate ourselves, we beat ourselves down, judge others, and create more strife than shifts in the process.

Whether there’s something wrong in a relationship, you feel like you don’t have enough money, or your business has taken a blow from the pandemic — more control, fixing, and effort is not the answer. 

Stop looking for action steps and plans for doing more. If you want to create lasting change, you’ll need to embody more, first.

Here’s what this embodiment really looks like:

You see a pair of smitten lovers ogling each other in the corner booth at your favorite cafe. 

YOU DON’T go into woe-is my and wondering why you can’t have that kind of love.

YOU DO tune in to that divine love, the vibration of security, and the fun of being with someone who enjoys you deeply. You become those lovers as you feel that romance being yours right now.

You see a successful entrepreneur celebrate their recent six-figure launch.

YOU DON’T compare yourself, feel like a total failure, and secretly loathe that healer for being greedy.

YOU DO step into the vibration of wealth and limitless possibilities for yourself and your business. You let it inspire you and you become that entrepreneur in every cell of your being. 

Of course, you can apply this to anything that you desire and instantly create a feeling of abundance and having exactly what you desire. 

We’ve been living in a patriarchal society and world and paradigm for so long that we have forgotten the inside-out way of moving through our problems. When we feel that we always have enough, that we are always divinely loved, and that we can have all that we desire and require to live our most divine dream life...then soon enough it will manifest on the outside. 

This isn’t a wishy-washy way of creation, it is LAW — the LAW of attraction — and it operates just like the LAW of gravity...without fail!  

Creation with the LAW doesn’t have to take a lifetime, or even six months. Rapid transformation can happen for you. When you really take your power back and embody what you desire, you will have it — whether that is a physical ‘having’ or not.

One last little twist on this whole idea of embodying your dream life that I couldn’t end this post without sharing: I embody more desires than I have in the physical world, just for fun.

If I see a crystal crown I love in a jewelry store...I become that crown, feel that crown, and have that crown — without bringing it home with me. 

When I’m scrolling Amazon and see items that are shiny, flashy, and magnetic...I become them, feel them, and have them — without handing over my credit card for them. 

I don’t buy everything I impulsively want at a glance because tuning into the vibration and energy of them brings me embodied riches that the outer ‘thing’ could never create.

We are never lacking anything. 

We are not failures if we do not have something in the physical plane right now.

At the right time, everything will be unleashed from the inside out and pour out Crystalline riches on our lives. 

There is nothing too small, too wild, or too difficult for the Universe to bring to you or through you, so dream bigger!

You can embody your biggest, most elevated life without ‘fixing’ or controlling anything in your physical world. Trust that and allow the Universe to help you.

If you are ready to take this work deeper, stay tuned because I have just the thing to help you coming up soon. It’s a deeply immersive experience where we’ll conjure your dreams and reprogram your entire body, being, and vibrational field to attune you to and attract all that you desire with this embodied feminine ease. 

With Grace, 

Anu x

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