Gratitude in my heart

June 22, 2012

Hello everyone,

I had a great show today!! I had a very special guest on my show Heaven on Earth on today as the amazing Psychic Katt joined me for the hour! Psychic Katt is truly an inspirational person her energy is very magnetic and fascinating so her presence on my show really felt good! Last week she was on Marks Power Peek Hour on HayHouse radio,  and now she was my guest. Very honored to have her. So we talked about psychic development and also gave some tips for the listeners on how to follow the inner guidance and see the signs from the Spirit. We also had great callers and I always LOVE to talk to people, so that was nice!

After the show I went to get a facial treatment! Its been so long since I have really given myself anything like that. Im usually so caught up with my work and creating something new like writing a book or planning a new show or working with clients. And don’t get me wrong. My work is the best in the world. I would do it for free if I had absolutely no need for an income!) =) Right now the trade of time and money works best. however, my point is that I put in so many hours to my work because it feels so important to me. I love all the people I work with and I love working with the angels. Everyday is different and always inspirational. But I did go out and give myself a treat today and i feel great! I should probably do that more often! I took the evening off and spent it with my two teenage sons watching three final episodes of Stargate SG1 season 10. We love that series! But, its 1.37am and here i am back feeling inspired, writing my blog!! =)

I had an amazing moment in my car today driving back home from downtown San Diego. I was there in the traffic and felt the busy and impatient thoughts of people. Suddenly my awareness expanded right there in the middle of the traffic and I just felt so much gratitude and love. I started tearing up from simply feeling so blessed to share that moment with all those people.. I felt so much compassion and love for everyone and everything. It was really something.. I thanked God for being the Creation that we all are.. and I was just crying…lol what a blissful moment there… Ive actually had several of those in the past few days.. one exactly like that just couple of days ago at the beach where I also started crying because I loved everyone and everything so much! Feeling such intense, overwhelming, beautiful sense of gratitude for being! Life is so beautiful.. so precious…sighs… I love you my dear reader, I want you to know that.

On Tuesday, next week I will fly off to Europe to spend the entire summer there, we won’t be back until August. More specifically I am spending the summer in Finland. I grew up in Finland and my family lives there so I am very excited to go back to see the people I love so much. I haven’t been there for 3 years so its been too long. Luckily my mother and my brothers have visited me here in California over the years though! So this trip is not only for meeting family, I will also be doing several Angel Workshops around the country and a Past Life Regression Healer Certification class also in Oulu. There’s so many things I need to do… making sure I have the course materials and informing everyone about the courses and so many organizational things to prepare.

My new book CREATING HEAVEN ON EARTH is also close to being ready and Ive already gotten lots of pre-orders for the book. Im very happy about that. This is the Finnish version but I will definitely keep you updated once I will start working with an editor here in the US to bring the book to you! I believe its a wonderful book and I will share stories from the book and wisdom here in my blog as well in the future. I wanted to give you a sort of an update on where this blog will be going. I haven’t really been writing recently because of all my time has really gone to launching my new Radio show, my new book AND the Finland journey!

Thank you for reading and unfortunately it looks like you cant leave comments. I have tried everything and have no idea how to do it so please let me know how to do that. I have all the settings “enabled” so its a big mystery =) Also, please make sure you come to my FB page and click like! I share daily affirmations there and offer opportunities for free readings and thats how you and I can communicate better!

Angel Blessings!

Anu Shi Asta


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