Happy New Year 2013! Unicorns are here!

January 3, 2013

Happy New Year!

We are in 2013! Can you believe it? Wow, time flies and it almost feels like the time bends, and may it does, because some distant memories seem like yesterday and others feel like forever ago. Also, I just celebrated my 40th birthday yesterday and I honestly have to say I stopped feeling my age ever since I started working with the angels about a decade ago. It truly feels like there is no time and the only aging that occurs is what we believe to be happening because we are attached to this illusion of time. But I have noticed that just like we can manifest our dreams into reality, we can work with time! Time can be bent! But we have stepped into 2013 and this is the new world! I feel like anything is possible, always has been but even more so NOW!

Unicorns in the heart

When the new age began at night dec 21st for me I felt the worlds thoughts and feelings overwhelm my senses for a few hours. For a couple of hours I could not see my angels or my guides because of the thick intense layer of energy, (perhaps fear of groups of people?). I was surprised because I always see and hear my angels crystal clear. So that night it was different, and then a unicorn appeared to me as I was near sleep. I couldn't see angels, but wow, the unicorn was more clear and vivid than perhaps anything I have ever seen! The familiar unicorn, that I had seen before in meditations, appeared full of color and clear as a photograph. I jumped on top of the unicorn and she started riding away form the blurry earthy energies. She took me to the land of the Unicorns where there were many others waiting for me. It was all so incredibly vivid it is hard to explain. I think i can only explain it in a way like, if you are used to not wearing glasses, you see pretty well because you are used to the vision that isn't very sharp, then you put your new glasses on and all the edges just jump out and it feels almost unnaturally clear. This is what the unicorns looked like to me. I realized that they took me to their land to rest from the earthly fearful energies, some people fearing the end of the world. Mayans however, of course never implied that to happen. In fact, it was called the Creation day, a new era would begin. There were rainbows and abundant beautiful meadows with flowers. I know this is a place in my heart, so I wont have to travel far to go back! I believe the unicorns came to me to show that a new era has began. A time when we are vibrating at a higher frequency and can see unicorns better and more and more people can connect with these amazing beings that are purest of them all! I ask that you close your eyes and invite the Unicorns into your heart. Let them be-YOU-tify your heart with blessings, color, happiness and joy! Imagine seeing unicorns in your heart and listen to what they have to say.

My intention this year

I feel so grateful that I was invited to the "Unicornia", because I now have more faith than ever that we, in fact did enter New Earth. Heaven on Earth is closer than ever. I feel that my work is needed now more than ever and your positive intentions are needed more than ever! I dedicate this year to all of you and in making dreams come true, for you and for me. Your dreams are so important, big or small. My intention this year is to truly help us create a happier life and bring more healing to this world. And I am sending my blessings and wishes that you will have the courage and intention to make those dreams come true! And if you would like my help, I am more than happy to do so. It is my life purpose. I have a busy year ahead of me, lots of traveling, new book coming out, and of course I take calls on 12listen.com offering psychic guidance almost everyday. I also offer private angel light hypnosis sessions (wanna visit unicorn land?=))

I have also created more free ways to help you. My radio show Heaven on Earth airs thursdays on 12radio.com and my intention is to help lift your vibration so that manifesting becomes easier, I share tips and tools there and bring guests that are also experts on their fields helping us all move forward.


A new thing for this year is ABUNDANCE SCOPES! I am channelling the Angels and using various cards to offer abundance opportunity for each month according to horoscope sun sign. I am hoping this will help you stay focused in your manifesting!

I have just posted new AbundanceScopes on my website www.anushiasta.com! A longer version of them is found at www.12listen.com which I suggest you take a look at as it offers more details about Love, health and money/career opportunities this month.

I hope you enjoy the new Abundance Scopes!

I am wishing you an amazing NEW YEAR 2013! May all your dreams come true and may your dreams inspire us all to co-create a new golden age, a true HEAVEN ON EARTH!

Let the Unicorns Be-YOU-tify your heart! 

Angel Blessings!

Anu Shi Asta

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