Heaven on Earth forecast Dec 14th thru 20th

December 11, 2015

Heaven on Earth forecast Dec 14th to 20th

It's time to make a decision. Don't hold back anymore, just follow your intuition and make the change. Let Angels inspire you with this. Several things are going on at the same time in your life right now, but angels are confirming that you are alright and are finding balance with everything. Your energy level may be lower than usual so angels ask that you accept help from them and other people. You don't have to do everything by yourself. Angels are reminding you also, that you are a powerful being of light and your focus needs to be on the things that make you shine brighter!

Things are moving forward quickly now and you are beginning to see results of your labor. Luck is on your side so be open to receive! Archangel Michael is with you also asking you to shield yourself from fear or doubt that has been holding you back. Shielding also helps you stay in your own power as you now move forward at a great speed. If things move too fast for you, make sure to take time to meditate. Angels are suggesting loving kindness meditation. Close your eyes and say in your mind things like "May I be well and happy" "May I be healthy" "May I be prosperous". Then think of someone else and do the same for them "May ___ be happy and healthy" May ____ be loved and supported" etc This meditation will give you a lot of clarity, wisdom and new energy.

Towards the end of the week angels are showing miracles unfolding. Be open to receiving and have a mindset of expecting wonderful things to happen to you and your loved ones. Its also time to calm down and balance your energies. If you have been busy this week, then make sure to rest. Balance is the key of the weekend. Angels remind you also that if you feel overwhelmed or need help. Make sure to ask! Angels need your permission and they are waiting for it. They can't wait to help you. May you be blessed!




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