Heaven on Earth forecast Dec 15th thru 21st

December 16, 2014

Heaven on Earth forecast for this week

Getting ready for the holidays can be exhausting, as we run around buying gifts for our loved ones, baking cookies and decorating the home. Archangel Raphael, the healing angel is asking you to slow down and take a few deep breaths. As you inhale, imagine breathing in healing light from the Universe and as you exhale, release all your worries. Give yourself this moment to relax and connect with the peace within. Raphael is also here to offer healing for you and your loved ones, simply ask and he will be there. 

There is a new opportunity coming your way this week. This opportunity will be felt in the heart center so perhaps it may come to you as improvement in your love life or anything that will feel wonderful in the heart. However, in order for you to fully embrace this opportunity for love and joy you are asked to accept yourself fully and be open to receive. Take a look at who you truly are and learn to appreciate all aspects of you. You are worthy and precious just as you are.

Half way during the week angels ask you to slow down, christmas time is busy time for most people but you need to take a little break and breathe in deeply and consciously before moving forward. Remember why you are doing all that you do. Be present, connect with the truth. Don't just get busy for the sake of being busy. Take breaks and enjoy the moment. Clear your mind and meditation is a wonderful practice for you always but the busier you get the more you need it.

You are on the right path, my dear, continue moving forward with confidence and positive attitude even if some challenges may come to you during the weekend and the end of the week. All is well and you are making progress. Have faith and you cant go wrong. There is something wonderful in the making and even if you cant see it yet...it is there... trust that and keep moving forward and following your dream path.

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