Heaven on Earth forecast Dec 8th through 14th

December 9, 2014

Advice from the Angels and the Ancients on How to live your best life this week:

Christmas time is a magical time and ideally we spend it with our loved ones with laughter and joy in our hearts. But angels understand that this isn’t always so living life on Earth. You may have lost a loved one this year or in the recent years and christmas time may bring up memories of that person. Know that your loved ones on the other side are feeling the love you have for them, and while they cannot be here physically with you..they are with you in spirit. They are sending their love for you and you can find yourself walking down the memory lane at this time and reflecting golden memories spent together. Angels want you to know that all is well and that time and space cannot separate you..you are always connected, united through the love you share.

Allow yourself to feel the sadness. It is time to let yourself feel it fully so that you can release it. All emotions offer us a gift of freedom and love. Nothing is ever truly lost and you are encouraged to focus on the unconditional love that surrounds you. The sorrow will turn to joy and happiness once you truly open your heart and let love flow freely through you and to you.

There is a beautiful promise of something wonderful!! True enchantment is in the air... Remember how excited you may have felt on christmas eve as a child... its time to see the christmas magic all around you once again... give to others and be fully open to receive. Let the child within play and have fun! Seeing the magic in your life will help raise your vibration and give you an incredible feeling!! Magic truly is everywhere...its in the beautiful blue sky, the trees, the birds, the snow, rays of light, in the eyes and spirit of your loved ones... slow down and breath in the magic!


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