Heaven on Earth Forecast Jan 12th thru 19th

January 12, 2015

Angels want to acknowledge who you truly are and every act of kindness you have done recently. They look into your heart your inner beauty has not gone unnoticed. Also your positive thinking has lead you to this wonderful moment where it is your turn to receive. There is a divine gift that is being offered to you now. It's a true blessing and you so deserve it. Know that every positive thought and word you speak add something wonderful to this world and helps change the world for better. Mother Earth is here to support you so you may notice that this week some of your material needs will be provided unexpectedly. Perhaps you need money or something else that will help you in your life. Be open to receive. You are a blessing to the world and angels wish you shower you with blessings as well.

You are also encouraged to look deeper into your heart and soul and take a look at who you truly are. Events are unfolding and it may challenge you as you are breaking free more and more. Find this inner light that shines so beautifully within you and let is shine even brighter and heal your life and your body too. You have the power to heal yourself and anything that is unbalanced in your life. Ask your body what it needs and give freely. You will find yourself with more confidence and strength as you do this.

In fact, this week is a time to give birth to the new you. To the real, authentic you. Let go of the old and take this opportunity to start fresh. This birth may come to you as a spark of creativity or an idea that enlightens your mind. Follow your intuition and allow yourself to be guided into something wonderful and new! Sometimes new beginnings may feel uncomfortable because you don’t know whats coming.. But trust the Angels when they say that good things are really coming now! Its time for you to spread your wings and fly!



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