Heaven on Earth forecast - Nov 17th thru 23rd

November 17, 2014

Advice from the Angels and the Ancients on How to live your best life this week:

So that you can truly live fully and authentically, you need to embrace all that you are. Your purpose in life is to tap into your very own power of creativity and use that to create something from your soul. The more you realize who you truly are and begin using your god given ability to create the more peace and happiness you will experience. Being in this flow of creativity is the most natural way of being. All it takes is for you to look inside and pay attention to how you truly feel. Be true to yourself and let your inner light and creativity shine through freely ..

Angels want to remind you that only you can limit yourself with what you can create. Universe is limitless and your power to create is amazing. You are an amazing being and everything is possible for you. Do you remember when you were a child and felt the wealth of curiosity and creativity within you. As a child you may not have yet had all the opportunities to transform your life, since as children we choose to live as co creators with our parents and follow much of their dreams or lack of. But now, as you remember what a visionary you may have been as a child, its time once again to see that anything is possible and that the world is a magical place. You are reminded now of the infinite creativity and the endless possibility in you.

This is the week of manifesting your hearts desires. The enchantment is everywhere. But do slow down this week and take few deep breaths every now and then...Gather your manifesting energy, the mana or chi from this world around you. By connecting to it it will be easier for you to channel your dreams and have more clarity. Gratitude is powerful fuel for your dreams so when you do create this week and imagine your dreams coming true, keep counting your blessings and let all that you already have expand your heart. This week angels are also showing a powerful connection to soul mates so this is the time to magnetize yourself to attract love or strengthen your current relationships. Ask the love angels to help you and feel the love in your heart and soul. www.anushiasta.com

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