Heaven on Earth Forecast Nov 23rd to 29th

November 23, 2015

Heaven on Earth Forecast Nov 23rd to 29th

Angels are encouraging you to look into your soul ask yourself if you are living your truth. It may seem easier to live according to the expectations of other people and go along with everybody else's beliefs.  But if they are not your beliefs they will not fully resonate with you, and when you live a life out of resonance with your true self you attract things that don't make you happy. There is a new blessed change available for you but you need to stand your ground and have faith in yourself. Do what feels right to you. Listen to your heart an trust what you hear. What is right for another may not be right for you, so know that your true power and happiness comes from your inner wisdom.

This week pay attention to the people in your life. There is someone who wants to help you. Be open to confiding in a trusted friend or a counselor. You need to release some old feelings and talking to someone can be extremely helpful for this. Angels are always willing to listen and you can write your angel a letter to let them hear your troubles. Be kind and gentle with yourself and honor those feelings of sadness or loneliness inside of you. Allow your feelings to have space to breath and come out so they can be released. Know that you are not alone.

Have faith in your beliefs and know that your dreams are coming true! Don't give up, just continue on this course and even if you experience some setbacks it's okay, because you are moving forward. Stay positive and follow your guidance. There is so much help around in form of people and divine support. Someone from your past may show up in your life as well to help you release attachments to the past. Just do whats right for you and channel the inner warrior of light to trust your heart.

Thank you for reading this week's message. Comments and questions below. <3

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Anu Shi Asta

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