Heaven on Earth forecast with Angels Jan 5th - 11th

January 5, 2015

Heaven on Earth forecast - Angel Reading for Jan 5th thru 11th

Angels want you to know that you have been working so hard on your healing and your transformation and you have prayed for help form the Universe and the Angels. The year begins with a flow of signs that your prayers have been heard. This will come in a way that is most helpful to you, not always in the form you requested it. So please be open to receiving the manifestation of your prayer. Angels are with you and they are bringing you a message of Hope. Keep praying and asking your Angels for help and this will become a beautiful way of communicating back and forth with your heavenly friends.

There is a sense of grief in the air as we move through the week. However, this sadness is not a negative energy. In fact, what you are feeling is your soul aligning to the new energies that are here. There is a sense of relief in your soul and that may very well be experienced through sadness. Please know that your energies are balancing right now and by the end of the week you will already be towards greater freedom. Find inspiration in meditation and quiet moments with yourself. Listen to your inner guidance and have the courage to follow your intuitive guidance.

We all want to be free and it really is time to stretch your wings and fly. You were born to soar and fly like an eagle.. you were born to be free. If you don't feel free at this time, let the angels inspire you and help you achieve freedom. This is a particularly miraculous time and anything is possible. Believe in miracles and believe that you can be free.
Thank you for reading and most of all Thank you for being YOU

OM Love and Light,



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