Heaven on Earth reading Nov 3rd thru Nov 9th

November 3, 2014

Heaven on Earth forecast for this week Nov 3rd-Nov 9th

Advice form the angels and the ancients on how to live your best life this week

Angels are encouraging you to continue following the path that you have been felt guided to recently. This has been a time when this path has been testing you and you may have expereinced challenges along the way that have made you doubt youself. However, this is not the time to give up. In fact, this is the time for you to trust, have faith and know that your determination will lead to something wonderful. You are creating a brighter future for yourself. Just keep listening to your guidance, dont give up and continue following your golden path.

This week you are also asked to go within and look at who you need to forgive. A situation, a relationship, in your life requires healing. Forgiveness is essential here and remember that by forgiving someone who has hurt you doesn't mean you condone their actions, but it simply frees you from your negative attachment and , lifts your vibration so that you can experience more love in your life.

Angels will also be coming to you with a very special message this week. Especially towards the end of the week is when you will be hearing your angels more clearly. They will be delivering a message to you that will help you clarify and bring light to somehting important to you. Over the coming days just relax and listen to your inner guidance. You may want to meditate, have a healing session, or simply take a walk in nature and let the angels speak to you. You might hear their message as a feeling, and idea, a thought, or it may come through someone else. Just pay attention and you will get this divine message that will help you get more confidence and clarity for your golden path.


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