How to connect with Light Beings

November 2, 2012

How to know you are connected with Beings of Light instead of Beings of Darkness?

I find this question to be very important and I hear it often from my clients when they first start channelling or communicating with their Angels. As we know so well there are many levels of existence, some are higher than us (Angels, Ascended Masters) and some are lower than us (astral level spirits that didn’t go into the light after death, false masters/”angels” etc.). This is true in our physical lives too. Some people are highly evolved (Mother Theresa, Gandhi) and some are in lower levels of spiritual growth, such as those attracted to hurting themselves or others, using/selling drugs etc. The steps I go through really are meant to help you not only to separate real angels from false ones but also separate people that are in the light from those that aren’t. Our thoughts create our reality in every level of existence, spiritual as well as physical so same rules apply. You can use these steps everyday. (If you would like to try automatic writing, you can do so anytime. Just take a few deeps breaths before you get started have a pen and paper ready, say your little prayer, write your question and then simply begin writing your reply. You might not realize you are channelling until you read what you wrote later and notice its different from what you usually write. Dont worry whether its from your Angel or from your own higher self. You are a wise being too. As long as the message is loving and positive, keep going!)

Step 1. DECLARE THE UNIVERSE THAT YOUR CHOICE IS THE LIGHT. When I first started working with angels, I felt the need to declare my choice to the Universe and that ASKED THAT I ONLY COMMUNICATE WITH BEINGS FROM THE LIGHT! So I said that out loud and felt safe with my decision. I work with the spirit world every single day and I extremely rarely ever get bothered by anything other than pure Light Beings. This decision is absolutely the first and most important step when beginning channeling or seeking connection to the other side. This decision also helps you attract people to your life whose souls already are in the Light. Its really up to you who you begin attracting. So if you are intrigued my the “darker beings” then you attract them with that fascination. Interest is a form of a choice. If you don’t want to be interested in dark beings, and you are at this time, you can ask the Angels to heal that part in your soul where that desire exists. However, I must say that some people are meant to look into the dark side just so they can help heal the world and bring more light. For example, there are so called ghosts, that can benefit from people helping send them to the light or warriors of light who want to fight the negative energies. They might require knowledge of them and that would serve the Light. However, most of us do not benefit from hanging out with darker energies. If you love horror movies then you most likely haven’t made your “ONLY THE LIGHT” contract with the Universe. I am not saying there is anything wrong with watching horror movies, but my point is that everything is a choice.

Step 2. KEEP YOUR OWN ENERGY CLEAR The more clear your energy is the less anything negativity can attach to you. There are many ways to clear your self. Clearing includes all parts of you. The healthier you eat, the clearer channel your body is. Drinking lots of water allows toxins to be washed out from your body. Sleeping enough, taking vacations, remembering to breath throughout the day and overall simply taking care of you is important. A very important level of clearing is also mind control. Try to avoid negative thoughts as much as possible. Like attracts like. So if you want your life to be happy, have happy thoughts. If you want to communicate with Angels, believe that you are magnet for these Light Beings. Also, remember that your home reflects your energy, so if its very cluttered then you are likely to have several unresolved feelings within you and those are a magnet for fearful thoughts, which then attracts more negativity.  

Step 3. ASK YOUR ANGELS TO PROTECT YOU. I work closely with Archangel Michael. Anytime I am introduced to a new Angel or a new person in my life, I ask Archangel Michael to check them out and protect me from getting too involved with them if their intentions are not good. This works wonderfully. We can still, however, attract negative people if its a part of our karmic lesson which ultimately leads to more Light. You can always ask the angels to hold a protective and loving space around you when you are connecting with the spirit world as well as in the physical. And the reason I am talking about both in this article is because I don’t personally separate spiritual and physical world anymore too much. Of course, they are a different experience, however same ideas and rules apply to both. We are the creators of our own experiences internally and externally. What you feel inside, what you experience in your inner spiritual world, manifests also in the your life one way or another. Also, don’t forget to shield your energy. Even if you would be completely pure, we live in a world where many type of energies are mixed so you will have impurities in your energy as long as you carry a physical body. Surround yourself with protective light of the Angels. You can imagine, see or simply ask that Angels put a shielding light energy bubble of deep blue, gold and purple light and ask that positivity and love can get through this shield but anything that does not serve your highest good stays out!

Step 4. YOUR INTUITION AND YOUR EMOTIONAL GUIDANCE SYSTEM. We have been given this incredible sophisticated and completely accurate navigating system that are our emotions. If you are channelling or let’s even say speaking with a new person. Trust your inner gut. If you feel tense, fear, uncomfortable energy  then you are most likely connecting with a false guide who doesn’t have anything wise to share with you. Always, learn from the best, the wisest and the highest beings possible. What if you are channelling your late aunt or grandfather and feel this way? Well, if they weren’t in the light, wise and loving while they were living, they are most likely not enlightened on the other side either. So even, if their intention is genuinely to help you and offer their advice, if they are not in the light they cannot help you. Then it would be best to simply send them your love, thank them and let them go. If you feel loved, words are positive and have not should or shouldn’t there then you can trust the information that you are channelling. Same rules apply with people you meet in physical world. Light Beings always make you feel good about yourself, they radiate light and their words are encouraging and loving.

Let your Light Shine!

Anu Shi Asta

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