How to Make Crystalline Connections Online

May 26, 2021

In the last year we have all learned the value of connection. As the pandemic isolated us from each other, we began to see just how crucial community, conversations, and relationships are in our lives.

Creating and maintaining bonds online can be a challenge, though.

With social media tools like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok content is a one-way street. Even with the ability to leave comments, it’s just not the same as face to face interaction or live chats.

That’s why I’ve been so excited to dive into a new way to connect with colleagues, friends, and my followers on a new social media platform that’s unlike any other. 

Out of my Crystalline Goddess oracle deck this week comes the card Crystalline Connections. The wisdom this card shares with us is that our connections are ascending. It is time for us to realize that what we see in others is a reflection of what is already within ourselves. Cultivating love and forgiveness will bring out the highest potential in our relationships.

This is exactly what I believe is possible on this new conversational social media platform. I’m talking about Clubhouse.

Last year, this app was for iPhone users only. Recently, Clubhouse was launched for all Android users as well.

With Clubhouse, we can have intimate two-way conversations and build a much deeper connection with each other. Simply the vibrational power of our voices joining is sure to create a high-vibrational vortex where magic can manifest!

I’ll be hosting a Clubhouse room every Monday that you can join in on, simply follow me on Clubhouse here.

My Crystalline Clubhouse rooms will be hosted immediately after I finish pulling oracle cards for you all inside of the Crystalline Goddess Facebook group. This way, we can keep the conversation flowing and go even deeper into the topics of the day.

Join me on Monday at:

2:00pm PST → FACEBOOK Crystalline Goddess Oracle Readings LIVE

2:30pm PST → CLUBHOUSE Crystalline Connection & Conversation Room 

Here’s what I’m looking forward to on this new platform:

  • No more monologues! I can’t wait to hear what’s coming up for you and what questions you have about manifesting, Lightwork, angels, and Atlantis!
  • Time to just hang out and have uplifting, inspirational conversations that we often miss out on in everyday life
  • Being surrounded by like-minded Crystalline Goddesses who want to activate their highest potential in every area of their lives
  • Giving LIVE direct feedback and deeper insights to your money manifesting and business building challenges
  • Getting you tapped in, tuned in, and receiving support from others who have walked the spiritual path that’s before you. 

Need an invite to join Clubhouse? 

Hop on over to the Crystalline Goddess Facebook group and post to ask if someone has an invite to spare. Each person gets several invites to give away when they join, so it’s usually not hard to find someone willing to share!

I’m so excited to have this opportunity to hear from you and learn more about how I can help you on your Crystalline journey. We need each other now more than ever. 

See — or rather hear — you soon!


P.S. What would you like to have a conversation about on Clubhouse with me? Comment below and let me know!

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