How to manifest the year of your dreams... The new year anti-resolution

December 26, 2018

Hello Beautiful Soul!

Gyms offering discounted memberships, every goal planner under the sun, and weight loss deals galore...are your social media feeds bombarded with news years resolution ads, too? 

The new year is fast approaching, and it’s so easy to fall into the trap of impulse buys and new year’s resolutions when everyone’s selling you solutions to make 2019 better than 2018. 

As I’m sure you know, though, new year’s resolutions almost never last or create real change. Why? Because the inner work needed for transformation doesn’t magically happen from external action.

Today I have an opportunity for you to skyrocket your vibration and allow in the 2019 that the universe truly wants you to experience. 

No gimmicks, no sale, no temptations here!

In fact, you can use these tips *any* time during the year to hit ‘RESTART’ and bring a fresh perspective to the next day, week, month, or year!

These four foundational tips will make a powerful difference in shiting your 2019 out of the hyper-goal focused overworking and burnout cycle. Manifesting your most glorious year should be fun and light!

NEW YEAR TIP #1: Get crystal clear on what you want to see happen in 2019.

Imagine yourself sitting here, reading this email in December of 2019. Feel into the vibration of having completed a lucious, divine year full of abundance. 

Now ask yourself:

What did I accomplish that made 2019 so amazing?

What dreams did I have that are now a reality?

Is 2019 a year for…

💎A new relationship?
💎A new business?
💎A new home?
💎New material things?
💎More spiritual goddess power?
💎Spiritual ascension?
💎Taking your power back?

When you gain clarity on these questions, you can focus your energy on your dreams and use other manifesting tools to really fuel your manifestations. 

There’s no right or wrong to manifest what you desire, goddess. Let yourself be really honest about what you want!

NEW YEAR TIP #2: Dive into the emotion of your manifestations. 

The nuances of how it feels to be abundant, in love, and fulfilled are different for everyone! Just knowing the details of your vision or being able to name your dream aren’t enough.

The most potent way for you to manifest in 2019 is to take the clarity of what you want into an emotional vibration.

How do you feel when you have that new home, when you’re with your beloved, when you’re doing healing work with new clients, when your income is increasing?

What is the emotion of the dreams you want to bring into reality?

What is the emotional frequency of what you’re wanting to create? 

What does it feel like in your body when you imagine having what you desire? 

Tapping into the emotion is what allows your dreams to manifest in a way that truly resonates with you. 

Without emotional manifesting, you’ll tend to get hung up on very specific outcomes such as, “I want a relationship!” but then when the relationship shows up it won’t inspire you to feel loved, cherished, and deeply respected in your goddess power! 

With emotional manifesting, you receive what you want and more. Your creations become accurate based on how you want to feel with them in your life.

When you start manifesting in this way and understand that you are manifesting an emotion and a vibration not people or things, it will be a game changer for you! Vibrational manifesting is the Crystalline way. 

Your mind, heart, and soul are awakening to a wisdom you didn’t even know existed and this frequency will guide you into a very powerful year. 

NEW YEAR TIP #3: Put your vision and emotion into words. 

I want to let you in on the secret to why affirmations often don’t work.  

Most affirmations are just words...usually words that you’ve picked up from someone else’s inspirational post on Instagram or a set of oracle cards you keep on hand.

The problem with adopting these affirmations as a part of your manifestation practice is that they don’t sound or feel like you. The writers of these affirmations don’t know your specific dreams!

Create your own affirmations and tweak the ones you’re currently using to be as energetically clear as possible. Make sure that your affirmations evoke your emotions and arouse the sensations in your body that feel good to you. 

Don’t use affirmations that are just meaningless words on a page!

When you’ve landed on your authentic manifestation affirmations, repeat them to reprogram your subconsciousness to that frequency. This is such a powerful shift to give you a quantum leap into your new reality. 

NEW YEAR TIP #4: Give gratitude...even if your manifestation isn’t here yet!

Just a little spark of gratitude can light a fire of abundance that spreads quickly!

When you focus on things in this present moment that make you happy and make life richer and more fulfilling right now, you create a vibration that says, “I am abundant! Yes! More please! I’m open to receive!”

You don’t have to wait for your dreams to come true.

You don’t have to wait for external things to trigger your gratitude.

You can look at your life right now and start to give thanks for the blessings that already exist in your reality. 

The more you pay attention to them, the more they will grow!

You can even practice gratitude for things that haven’t physically manifested for you yet

Give thanks for the soulmate that you know is coming into your life!

Give thanks for how your income is increasing and flowing in with abundance!

Give thanks for the healing that is occuring in your life and more that is already on the way!

Following these four tips will help you maintain a more positive and joyful vibration in your life where things fall into place effortlessly and with divine ease.

You deserve to live your best life in 2019! Here’s to your most magical, dream-filled year yet, goddess!

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