How to Shift Out of These 3 Sneaky Money Blocks That You Might Be Missing

June 29, 2021

Money blocks.

No one wants them...yet everyone has them!

And, they’re tricky to spot. 

I’ve noticed that there are three money blocks that get missed the most often, so today I’m going to pull back the curtain and help become aware of them so you can shift your energy into wealth and abundance.

MONEY BLOCK #1: You hate being sold to.

Why you’re missing this money block: An aversion to sales is baked into our culture. You might hear people talking about ‘sleazy used car salesmen’ or complaining about advertisements on social media. This energy creates a block between you and the energy of selling.

This block looks like judgement, annoyance, and a general negative reaction to someone offering you a product or service for sale.

Usually, we develop this aversion and hate for sales because we’ve experienced pressure to buy or a feeling that we’re being taken advantage of. In these situations we lost our power while being sold something we didn’t really want or need.

We get to reclaim the power of money to connect us with things we do want and need as well as money’s mission to bring people together for good. In other words, the power of sales and selling. 

Not every item you’re offered is one you’ll want to buy. That’s totally okay! You can still see those offers as possibilities and opportunities the universe is putting in your path.

The more possibilities and opportunities you open yourself to and have a positive response to (even if you don’t say yes), the more likely it is that the things you do desire will come your way!

This money block has a ‘flip side’ as well. When you hate other people selling to’ll be extremely hesitant to sell to other people.

You won’t want to sell your talents and gifts to an employer.

You won’t want to sell your brilliant Lightwork services as an entrepreneur.

You won’t want to sell your amazing personality to a potential mate.

It’s all selling energy!

I have decided to LOVE being sold to.

I love buying courses that help me. I love buying beautiful clothes. I love spending money on the things that I need. 

Money is a divine entity, a guide, and something beautiful to bless your life. Let it leave you and come back to you through the exchange of being sold to and selling yourself as well. 

MONEY BLOCK #2: You say, “I can’t afford it,” a lot!

Why you’re missing this money block: This is a money block that seems factual. If you don’t have the money available the moment you have a desire or see something you want...then you simply can’t afford it, right? 

Not so!

Goddess, money is timeless. Just because you don’t have the cash in your wallet or bank account right now doesn’t mean that you can’t create that money and come back another time. 

You can afford it!

When you affirm this, you stop the scarcity cycle that ‘not affording’ gets you caught up in! 

The more you affirm you can afford, the more you will be able to afford. 

This is a process that requires faith, magical manifestation, and determined intention. When you can’t see exactly how you’ll buy the blouse, the house, or the vacation, remember that money is an unlimited and spiritual resource here on earth. Tap into this frequency when it comes to handling your money.

You may not be able to buy that thing today…

And may not be able to afford it tomorrow either…

But when you aren’t falling into the, “I can’t afford it,” trap all of the time, you’ll be able to afford it soon enough.

I decided to eliminate this phrase from my vocabulary. I am either choosing to buy something or choosing not to buy it and that is that.

MONEY BLOCK #3: You’re afraid to be greedy, so you resist receiving MORE.

Why you’re missing this money block: We are taught to be humble and thankful for having enough. While gratitude is a practice I promote enthusiastically, it is important that you don’t use it to shame yourself for wanting more.

The nature of the universe is expansion, and this is not the same thing as greed.

It is a divine code within us to want more life, not just more ‘stuff.’

It’s a sacred desire to want to learn more, to become more of ourselves, and to shine our light more abundantly. Our souls want more, they want to reach higher. True luxury is about this spaciousness and abundance...not greed and materialism. 

When we resist this expansion, we enter a state of suffering and encounter difficult challenges. Everything seems to be going wrong. Obstacles in our path become overwhelming.

When we fully allow this expansion, we see the truth:

Money is a massive ascension tool.

Money is divine.

Money is a force for good.

Money is more than just cash or numbers in our bank account.

Money is a frequency and energy.

Money is here to change the world for the better.

Money wants to help your soul expand into who you are destined to be in this life.

The negative judgements about money must be released.

The blocks must be gently, lovingly obliterated.

Anytime there’s money involved in your thoughts, catch them. Examine them. Release them. Choose a new way.

Shifting out of these sneaky blocks starts with awareness...and ends with more abundance than you can imagine in every moment.

Many blessings,


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