Magical Solar Eclipse

May 22, 2012

Hello Amazing Being!

Wow, I have no idea where to start really! 2012 has been both challenging and absolutely amazing so far. Its truly been bringing new opportunities abundantly and yet, forced me to look at things that no longer serve a Higher purpose. Now more than ever I am witnessing every single day how our thoughts truly create our reality and in these magical 2012 energies this happens almost instantly. This can of course be challenging for us people who have gotten used to believing we are getting away with negative thinking in the past. But this is no longer the case. More and more we begin to see the almost immediate manifestation of our thoughts and this really allows us to become more aware of our power to change our world and becoming more of who we truly are. It is time to reach for the stars! Time to start believing in dreams and creating a magnificent life, a Heaven on Earth! Thought by thought, step by step this becomes possible for us all. Solar Eclipse opens up powerful energies for us this Sunday and this is the perfect time to check your vision board and make sure your thoughts are positive and that you DREAM BIG! Buckle up your seat belt because we are flying high!

I am so excited to tell you about the changes in my life! I recently have had the wonderful opportunity to join the amazing 12Family! I am a 12Listen Advisor on this HayHouse endorsed prestigious 12Listen site founded by Mark Husson. Mark is the Author of LoveScopes and Hay House show host. Also, I am bringing you a whole new magical Radio Show called HEAVEN ON EARTH, premiering June 7th, AND I offer wonderful and very offerdable Angel Light Hypnosis series classes at 12Academy. The next one is this Sunday and together we will get to know your Angels! Please take a moment to visit my website for more information about this and other services.

But really, dear friend, this Sunday is truly magical! This astrological mega event occurs 4.47pm Pacific time. I will there at 12Listen all morning PST to help you with whatever questions you may have for your Angels! I look forward to talking with you! I am wishing you the BEST SOLAR ECLIPSE EVER! Watch your thoughts, expect the unexpected, focus on love and enjoy the ride!

I love and appreciate you! Angel Blessings!

Anu Shi Asta

Written: May 20th, 2012

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