New Moon Cycle Mermaid Message

May 9, 2013

New Moon message from the Enchanting Mermaids


May 9th, 2o13:



So the card I picked from the beautiful Mermaid oracle deck for this New Moon cycle is THE UNSEEN ”It says that too much is hidden from you”. I love this because New Moon is generally a great time to start new projects and so on and so it is... however this message seems to show us that we may want to take a little more time during the next moon cycle to make sure we have all the information we need in order to move forward succesfully. Things are hidden and in the dark and it may be good or it may not be but until we know its good to be cautious about it. So look for hidden clauses in contracts... make sure whatever you are getting into actually FEELS right.. you can trust your inner guidance just be sure its not mixed with wishful thinking..So the mermaids are asking you to test the waters first before diving in too deep into the uknown.

Is GUIDE.. a guide, mentor a trutworthy ally.. So this energy brings a positive energy that is going to be very helpful for you in this cycle. The mermaids say that your growth this month comes from connecting with someone a mentor, it can be the mermaids or angels... that will offer you guidance. So when the message for the month is that there is something hidden from us and something we really need to be cautious about, there is someone coming in we can trust and rely on at this time. So this is the perfect time to get closer to your angels and talk to them. You can easily connect with the angels simply by asking them something or talking to them and listening to the answer.. and the message can come to you in your toughts, ideas or perhaps through another person... even a white feather can be a wonderful message from your angels that they are with you.

Coral wisdom.. Its says:colony, delicacy, fragility, works that are created over great periods of time.
Now this shows us that we dont need to rush into anything but with patience we can create magnificent results.. Coral has been used as a a magical talisman to enchance beauty and protection. If you are afraid this coral energy can help you release it and just surrender to the flow of life. The coral has magical healing powers and any situation in your life can be healed now. Perhaps working together as a team is something that you could try.. surely you dont have to do everything alone... you have your guides to help you and also people may be guided your way to help you.

This brings the message of Divination, prophecy, destiny and future fortune. I love it!! This cycle is filled with magic and seems like luck is on your side! The mermaids are saying that you have a gift of seeing possibilities and knowning and feeling your fate.. Mermaids are asking you to tune into your own psychic abilities.. and we all have that.. its time to train that skill.. and once again.. your angels can help you with this so just ask! Your spirit guides and angels are sending you messages, whispering into your ear now.. and you have the ability to hear them. Use oracle cards or meditate, SIT WITH YOUR SOUL, turn within to hear what your heart and intuion have to say now..

Before you can move on to the next cycle of New moon next month the mermaids are asking you remember your creative power. The card FERTILITY shows that you have are in a powerful initiation energy now. Whatever you have been working on this cycle make sure you plant the seeds this month before the next new moon. You dont want to miss this wonderful opportunity that is here for you now! Mermaids are powerful manifestors and creators and so are you!! you are the creator of your own experience so make it good... dont hold back.. make your dreams come true and have faith inyour self!! As very emotional beings mermaids ask you to remember that it is the emotions that CREATE so whatever you are now manifesting.. make sure you tune in to the EMOTION that is behind the dream... for example if you are starting a new business.. think about how it FEELS like to be free, creative and your own boss.. or if you want a relationship.... think about what it makes you FEEL.,.. is it romance? Companionship? Safety? Whatever your feeling behind a dream is find it and make it happen... by focusing on the emotion you can quickly manifest blessings into your life!


Anu Shi Asta


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