One word that will supercharge your manifestations

February 24, 2021

Hello Goddess!

I just returned from a spontaneous trip to visit a friend in Tijuana, Mexico and it was absolutely beautiful there.

I felt so recharged by the beach, the sunshine, and the friendship shared there.

While I was in Mexico we also had a magical Full Moon. Traveling is wonderful for taking us out of our normal routines and environments to shake things up a bit, and the Full Moon added it’s own stir.

Something was coming to the surface for me. I could feel it, and to be honest I was a little surprised.

What I was shown was a pattern of fear and doubt that I’d been carrying around with me for months.

I thought it was ‘just confusion’ and had written it off as insignificant.

However, going back and forth in my mind and body had created an energetic ripple in my frequency that had me really wobbling about a particular dream of mine.

The crystal clarity that the moon brought was unlike what I normally experience around the full moon, so I was especially grateful for it! 

What I learned as I gained this clarity was that I was in the belief that I either had to:

  1.  wait around for this dream to happen, exerting no effort of my own or
  2.  that I was going to have to make it all happen out of sheer willpower myself

When we get into fear patterns, this is often the kind of belief that comes up around manifesting our dreams!

It’s certainly not a very Crystalline way of seeing things, is it?!

I asked myself, the angels, and the universe to reveal to me how to hold space for this dream without holding onto it so tight with such an attachment and need to control things. 

The answer I received was one word: TRUST.

As I relaxed into this divine vibration of trust, I felt held, supported, and as if my dreams desired me just as much as I desired them. 

Two days later, just yesterday, that dream came true!

Can you let yourself feel this too, Goddess? 

We are here to learn to trust in the universe. We are here to learn that what we desire is really here for us. 

You may have been looking for love for years and feel like giving can you trust more deeply? How can you FEEL love from your friends, children, or even as you read this email so that your vibration is in having instead of lacking?

Maybe you’re wanting to manifest money in your can you trust more deeply? How can you give gratitude for the abundance that you have already experienced or are currently experiencing?

When you focus on the feeling of having, you are in a vibration of trust.

It’s as if you’ve declared your dreams reality before you have physical proof of them, and this is what will open your energy to receive. 

Tap into the frequency of trust. Put your vibration first. Nourish yourself. 

So much Goddess love,


P.S. If you haven’t already joined my free Facebook group, come on over and share with us how you felt during this recent full moon, we’d love to hear and hold you! 

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