Quantum Manifestation Demystified: How Your Internal Vibration Becomes External Reality

June 1, 2021

Manifestation is not a mystery. 

No matter how many spiritual teachers or guru’s you’ve heard speak on the subject that have made you think it is something impractical, intangible, or out of your reach...it simply isn’t. 

The process of manifestation is a spiritual science, a magic you can literally see happening before your very eyes.

I want to break manifestation down for you today so that you can really understand how accessible the magic of manifestation is to you. It’s time to release the misunderstandings you may have, allow those insecurities to melt away, and embrace the truth of manifestation. 

No matter what you’re desiring right now — money, more clients in your business, a new love, a new home — hold that in mind as you continue reading. 

Manifestation is physical evidence of existing vibration.

And the latin roots of the word manifestation confirm this as manifestation literally means to bring something forth into your hand. The modern definition of manifestation is to make something visible or perceptive in an outward expression.

You see, there has to be an outward expression...of what’s already happening within.

Manifestation is all about something becoming clear, opening up, and coming into focus from a place where it was unclear, closed off, or obscured in some way. Where is this place that manifestations come from? It’s your inner microcosm.

You can see, feel, and experience your inner microcosm in meditation or in everyday moments when you focus on your future reality. This is where we create our desired external world first, before it is visible and tangible.

Over the years I’ve learned a lot about quantum physics and how it relates to this inner microcosm and our outer world. There’s one phenomenon I find especially fascinating called the observer effect. 

To understand this effect and apply it to your manifestation practice, you first need to know that there are two distinct states of matter. One is the particle state. This state is one of material matter, something you can see in an electron microscope. 

The second is the wave state. This state is one of pure potentiality, it is energy that is invisible even under the best microscopes. It would be more accurate to say that what we see in our lives and under the microscopes are particles affected by waves, we don’t actually see the waves themselves. I know this is a bit technical, but stay with me as it’s worth gaining this wisdom!

The observer effect occurs when scientists look at particles through a microscope. The only particles that are visible are the ones within their field of vision, while the others remain unmaterialized. 

This is why when you aren’t focused in your manifestation practice, you don’t see your manifestations coming into existence! You’ve got to bring what you desire into your field of vision and focus every fiber of your being on them. When you become crystal clear in this way, you become accountable to your own alignment. 

You can stop settling for the occasional little lucky trick from the universe.

You can shift your energy and choose to perpetuate magic in the quantum realms.

You can create a future vision that is so believable it appears in your external reality.

Begin to practice gratitude now for the money that is coming your way, the love that is coming your way, and the dreams that are coming true. Elevate the vibration of your thoughts to match those wave electrons so that they move literal particles of matter in your external world.

I suggest you don’t get distracted by tiny breadcrumbs of success — those tiny manifestations that give you a dopamine hit and then leave you doubting whether more is really possible. You’ll find those little surprises along the way to your most aligned life, anyway. Instead, keep your vision and vibration set high. 

From visions of pure potentiality, you can birth your dreams into the world. 

It happens in your DNA constantly. Those cellular instructions create waves of vibration and those waves move matter together and pull it apart to create the processes in your body. 

In the same beautiful way your inner visions and intentions become reality in the external world. When you actively participate in this creation, you shift into a full understanding of the power within you. You can really tap into your power by bringing your focus and intention to your biggest and brightest dreams. 

You may have tried doing this before with something like the 555 method where you write an affirmation 55 times for 5 days in a row to manifest something. While this and other methods can be great tools the necessary changes really happen at a deeper internal level, within your inner microcosm. 

Manifesting like a Crystalline Goddess isn’t a crash diet. You can’t just activate your manifesting power once in a while and expect incredible results. This is something you can’t just do once in a while, manifestation must become a daily habit and a consistent choice 

This is a lifestyle. 

When you are fully immersed in this Crystalline lifestyle, you can keep adding your desires into the mixing pot of your microcosm. This vibrant vibration is one that will collapse time, space, and matter.

If you want this for decades to come…

If you want your life to continuously and efforlessly unfold…

If you want to experience the wonderful life you know you were meant to live…

The best way to do that is by going within, raising your quantum frequency, and joining with other goddesses who are vibrating in that same vortex.

No more limitations.

No more lack.

No more taking the back seat in life. 

You get the front row seat to watch your dream life become reality. 

Come on over and join my free Facebook community today and find those sister goddesses who are doing this Crystalline inner work in their lives today, we’d love to have you. 

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